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Music by Blanks : Woah guys, thanks for the amazing response! It's so cool to see you like the 80s as much as I do (and did you hear the key change?!) By the way, if you want the limited edition BLANKS 80s shirt, you can get it here: https://musicbyblanks.com/ Thank you for everything! x Simon // Blanks

Isabel Valentine : Africa by toto but it’s made in the 21st century (also good yes love all the 80’s stuff also the one hour song challenge also your original music... keep ‘em coming.) x

Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato : I was praying for an electric guitar to come in. but I got that AND a key change. damn!!!

Leonard Fair : I remember , the year was 1987 , I was crying alone in my room listening to this song on the radio ... good old days ...

Petrus : Lekker bezig Simon, prachtig om van je talent te genieten🐸❤️

jass . amtx : What if you turned it around? Took an 80s song and gave it a modern flavor? Like what if you took Break My Stride by Matthew Wilder and turned it into a trap song.

Araceli Mendoza : If you want a more upbeat dance jam to this playback speed to 1.25 🔥


Lilian Moonchild : Who ever disliked, where u located, I JUST WANNA TALK

Shah-Rae Weaver : Oh i love this so much. You should put all these of spotify!!!!

TomFoolery : I Really Want His Coat.

tracy tran man : you should make a collab with conan gray

TYLER G : Please do Shake it by metro station in 80s style

the daydreamer : Zedd is definitely going to feature him in his next song if Zedd somehow makes to this video!!!

Jer : Listen this to 1.25x speed. I swear im ready to party rn lol

Marko574 : I was born after the 80's, Im more of 90's kid but please continue this series its the best music coming out these days. The 80's music should never have died or at least why can't, we just meet in the middle. :)

Mark Allen Margallo : I like what you did with the song. Can you make an 80's version of Closer? Thanks in advance...

goodbye weekend : make TROYE SIVAN - WILD PLEASEEE


GarryMrvn : I think you and TRONICBOX can make a great 80's Version (Styleswap)

Liv Thistleton : How don’t u have millions of subscribers? I don’t understand ...

Roy Daniël : Is this guy dutch?

Morgan Sumner : I want to send this song back in time just to see how popular I gets.

Kate Cowling : Maybe you could do a style swap where you make an 80's song sound 'modern'

KhoaiTae : x0.75 and play the guitar solo part for ultimate earporn

Elias Shamoon : there was 666 comments so i had to change that by commenting again sorry

Ivan Renz Ramos : we need this on spotify

Danae Goliath : I instantly love you after finding your 80s style swaps. MOrE PleAse!

Linda Thao : MY BOY BACK AT IT AGAIN!! 💖😍

Nia Kochek : Thank u, next? Send it

aria thompson : You should do happier by marshmallow

Barry G : For the next one, you need to go for some double denim.

DisplayName : I really can't stand the original song but this is like a completely different song and I love it so much 😍

salvatore stampone : This makes me feel nostalgic for something I haven't experienced lmao

Joanne Antoni : I live for these videos and his coats <3

Sabrina Alexandra : The BEST. Keep em' coming!

Vharun Siva : Do Juice World's Lucid Dreams :)

sub to me plz : I love how you add your own touch to all the covers you sing love you💖

Dolphine Requim : Endebā, shōri ni mukatte watashi no michi o moyasu

Ainoa wild : dude it made me cry wtf!!! it turned out soooo BEAUTIFUL gosh im forever listening to this version 😀

Amy Mahase : Why am I now discovering this? It’s so amazing, not just the song😉💕

Lunix : Wow!!! You have a big talent!! Thanks for this songs you have a new suscriber!

osdrog : You should definitely do a “reverse” style swap, 80’s songs into modern. Songs like ‘Take on me’ or ‘Never gonna give you up’

:EvilNun: :EvilNun: : You're actually going to be an legit artist making 80's song from hip hop songs I'm telling u make hits of this stuff please I know what everyone's thinking DO IT I LOVE 80'S

Caroline Knopes : High key gave me some Air Supply vibes

Concept Creator : is it bad that in the past I might have had a jacket similar to that... (87 kid)

Phoebe Daltrey : This is actually a bop

Maren : Love it! So no biker this time huh😂 Edit: Never mind I just watched the end

Marley Adams : Your videos are always the coolest 🔥

Melanie : Loads better than the original, my god its fantastic!!!!