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Music by Blanks : Woah guys, thanks for the amazing response! It's so cool to see you like the 80s as much as I do (and did you hear the key change?!) By the way, if you want the limited edition BLANKS 80s shirt, you can get it here: https://musicbyblanks.com/ Thank you for everything! x Simon // Blanks

Kate Cowling : Maybe you could do a style swap where you make an 80's song sound 'modern'

Shah-Rae Weaver : Oh i love this so much. You should put all these of spotify!!!!

osdrog : You should definitely do a “reverse” style swap, 80’s songs into modern. Songs like ‘Take on me’ or ‘Never gonna give you up’

Petrus : Lekker bezig Simon, prachtig om van je talent te genieten🐸❤️


John Smith : Next style swap should be Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd done in the style of the Beatles.

Isabel Valentine : Africa by toto but it’s made in the 21st century (also good yes love all the 80’s stuff also the one hour song challenge also your original music... keep ‘em coming.) x


salvatore stampone : This makes me feel nostalgic for something I haven't experienced lmao

Timo Schmied : That's definitely your best one yet! The synth-drums, tom-tom-break with gated reverb, the epic guitar solo, the key change, the cliche background choir, the DX-7 keys, the accompanying vocal melody, everything spot on straight up 80s!

Leonard Fair : I remember , the year was 1987 , I was crying alone in my room listening to this song on the radio ... good old days ...

Lilian Moonchild : Who ever disliked, where u located, I JUST WANNA TALK

Kyle Olaes : Put this on Spotify as well as your version of In My Feelings. Please!!

interstellarity : I was literally rewatching your Post Malone style swap video for the sixth time this week when I saw that you posted this video thirty minutes ago. Never felt more excited in my life.

pradabaw : Can’t lie I like this style better than the original haha

Laura x : ❤ TO EVERYONE WHO'S LOVING SIMON ATM: please support him by buying his merch!! the tshirt isn't expensive and it really helps him out. if you're broke then please listen to his music on your fave streaming platform and watch some more of his youtube videos! help him out so that he can continue doing this ✌❤


MichellezzLife : THAT KEY CHANGE THO!!


Why?! not?! Awesomeness?! : If “lucid dreams” by Juicewrld was an 80s hit💯🔥

Marko574 : I was born after the 80's, Im more of 90's kid but please continue this series its the best music coming out these days. The 80's music should never have died or at least why can't, we just meet in the middle. :)

Linda Thao : MY BOY BACK AT IT AGAIN!! 💖😍

SnivCast. : Blanks meets us into the middle of our hearts with these styleswaps 😍

Croftger. : I thought it was recorded with '80s audio equipment so had not too great sound quality. Turned out my headphones weren't plugged in properly...

Danae Goliath : I instantly love you after finding your 80s style swaps. MOrE PleAse!

Requeza Reyes : I have such a soft spot in my heart for 80's music and I have loved all three 80's versions of these songs! Please keep this going!

Danny RAWner : How many bikers and walkers gave you a weird look filming this ?

PATY PREX : The only thing I can say: ARTIST

Sophie Ousri : i cried

Holly G : Pleaseeeee upload this to Spotify!! 💕💕

Oofus : Be DrDisResepct’s music production man! He is all about the 80’s feel.

Moiz Tayyab : Simon deserves more views than Jake Paul..

Mark Allen Margallo : I like what you did with the song. Can you make an 80's version of Closer? Thanks in advance...

Keek19 : Ohmygod! I LIVE for STYLESWAP! 😍🙌🏻 Glad you didn’t lose your cool shades this time! 😉😂

Purple Gypsy : Please continue this series!!! You nail the 80's, it's beautiful and refreshing! Looking forward to more.

Taylor : This is seriously so good!! Pure natural talent! Keep them coming!! “Better now” is still my favorite! But this is my second fav🙌🏼☺️❤️

Kalina C : Can you please do I still see your shadows in my room so g next in 80s style next !!

Kletskous : Doe een FEFE styleswap!

GarryMrvn : I think you and TRONICBOX can make a great 80's Version (Styleswap)

Amy Macmillan : I LOVE IT! When we posted the first I was into it! The 2nd one I was in LOVE with this channel! YESSSS

Emaan Ansari : He deserves more recognition

Eve Bennett : OMG these just keep getting better

Ainoa wild : dude it made me cry wtf!!! it turned out soooo BEAUTIFUL gosh im forever listening to this version 😀

Leah Klooster : Dit is zó fantastisch goed!!!!! En die modulatie kon natuurlijk niet ontbreken<3

Astray Gold Amatsu : Endebā, shōri ni mukatte watashi no michi o moyasu

Jusstin : Can you make an 80’s styles wrap with an sort of beat like the power of love by the Huey Lewis and the news

TheTylerChannel : Please do Shake it by metro station in 80s style

Taylah Schrader : The key change at 1:03 gives me such life <3 loving the vibes man, please keep it up!

Maren In Den Nieuwenkamp : Please do Miss you- Louise Tomlinsen i really like that song