Max Normal - Hazel's Joint (live) (Ninja from Die Antwoord)

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Classic Max Normal line up live at the Long Street Carnival 2001, performing tracks from their album 'Songs From the Mall'. Waddy went on to become Nnja of Die Antwoord. Here's the whole playlist:

Comments from Youtube

Dappa2097 : Please upload the rest.

aiedyn : Hey, are there any more videos you may have ready to upload? It appears you've been spacing out uploads years at a time!

#RhymingOverBeats : Watkin inspires me.

Pebble 'ndashoe : why choose one and vote? I think I can say in the name of all : we want the entire show please sir please ♥

J4YVSJ4Y : Did they do "Punch my Teeth out" ? That would be awesome.

Chris Krugel : More More More!! WTJ is an absolute legend!

Julian Emdon : Ok fixed, thanks.

HypeNsight : 05. The Long Street Carnival! Please dude! This stuff is mint.

evergreens : Please please please, The Evil Body Snatchers!

twiztidrox1 : Add 5, 8, and 9.

2canetteman : C'mon tubething, we want ALL of your video about that show please <3 !!! This is too much epic !

John Prophet : Awesome. But the track is actually called "Hazel's Joint" Thanks for uploading!

Jonathan Bock : I am deeply fascinated with this video about this young Waddy Tutor Jones rapping in this video back in 2001. Wow, 14 years ago. I am curious, why wasn't Yolandi in this video? Let me get this straight: Waddy didn't meet Yolandi until 2005, correct? Or were they a lifelong friend since childhood? There were multiple sources with different side of the story.