Max Normal - Hazel's Joint (live) (Ninja from Die Antwoord)

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TheRmbleTV : Waddy looks so much like CM Punk, the wrestler !

Jonathan Bock : I am deeply fascinated with this video about this young Waddy Tutor Jones rapping in this video back in 2001. Wow, 14 years ago. I am curious, why wasn't Yolandi in this video? Let me get this straight: Waddy didn't meet Yolandi until 2005, correct? Or were they a lifelong friend since childhood? There were multiple sources with different side of the story. 

Dappa2097 : Please upload the rest.

aiedyn : Hey, are there any more videos you may have ready to upload? It appears you've been spacing out uploads years at a time!

#RhymingOverBeats : Watkin inspires me.

Pebble 'ndashoe : why choose one and vote? I think I can say in the name of all : we want the entire show please sir please ♥

J4YVSJ4Y : Did they do "Punch my Teeth out" ? That would be awesome.

Chris Krugel : More More More!! WTJ is an absolute legend!

Julian Emdon : Ok fixed, thanks.

HypeNsight : 05. The Long Street Carnival! Please dude! This stuff is mint.

evergreens : Please please please, The Evil Body Snatchers!

twiztidrox1 : Add 5, 8, and 9.

2canetteman : C'mon tubething, we want ALL of your video about that show please <3 !!! This is too much epic !

John Prophet : Awesome. But the track is actually called "Hazel's Joint" Thanks for uploading!