detective pikachu
detective pikachu

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nixnoodles : wow how did you manage to upload the entire movie before it even released

GuardianDronGaming : *who’s that Pokémon?!* IT’S PIKACHU! *it’s- the murder* FUUUU-

Joe Joe : Cop: "What kind of monster would do such a thing?" Me: "To protect the world from devastat-"

Quicksilver6 : Jesus, Rookie, you think this is bad? My first call was a family of Voltorbs. Father couldn't take the pressure any more and Self-Destructed. They say the chief's heart was made of steel but on that day... even self-destruct was super effective.

Dio Drando : that deadpool pikachu fanart predicted the movie, i swear

Captain Abs : It's crazy how advanced technology has gotten. The cgi on pickachu looks so real!

Amelia Thompson : WHOSE THAT POKEMON? Me "TANGA-" "The Murderer" "Oh"

19thHour : I mean, this is basically Anime Crimes Division.

The Orange Guy : WHO'S THAT POKEMON? IT'S the fainter (How did he know?)

HummingBruk : We're all monsters in the pocket of God...damn. Detective Pikachu is a dark type.

Justin Montana : I mean... I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't watch an entire show that was Pokemon murder mysteries

The Shpee : I thought the title said Defective Pikachu

Mike-Daddy : Should have just used leech seed

linux750 : "We're all monsters in the pocket of God" That's so very... poetic, esoteric, and *_cryptic_* .

Theodore Pinnock : "We're all monsters. Monsters in the pocket of God." Film Noir Pikachu! Perfection.

Nicholas Luck : Forget it Jake, it's Pallet Town.

Sorenmine : More like Strangela!

GayBae : Its already got a netflix adaptation? Whoa.

Ryan Chili flakes : A sneak peak of the new episode of law and order

ChaosRayZero : **Pikachu pulls out a Pocky stick and takes a bite** *Police chief: "I thought you quit Pocky."* *Pikachu: "I thought you shut the heck up."*

Thrasherisforposers s : *everyday we stray further from ash*

Christopher Koep : Okay but that monsters in the pocket of God line was actually pretty Badass

Tami Otani : Someone: I wish Pokemon are real Me: *show this video*

First Name Last Name : *How did you get leaked footage from the movie?!?*

A Random tomato : Pikachu prof layton crossover pls

Danieru00 : I looked and I didn't see anyone who had already said this.. It is the Tangela Strangla..

N/A ___ : Anime crimes division: Season 3 confirmed

timburtonlover369 : Pikachu should’ve been voiced by ProZD

Spidey Nerd : Tangela, that was Tentacruel, not Tentacool bro!

Lunar Universe : Who's that Pokemon? ITS PIKACHU!!! *its a murderer* ...?

Farhan Siddiqui : If the movie is anything like this it’ll be amazing

maxmoefoePokemon : Tangela is going to Poké-prison for a very long time

Tony Stark : What a roller coaster yesterday was, toy story then pikachu then Stan lee 💔

Iron Revenant : From now on when I catch a Tangela I will call it "The Murderer"

Kamari Z : "Whos that pokemon? It's-" "The murderer..."😂🤣🤣

Casper de Vos : It’s not that it’s detective pikachu, it’s the fact he’s played by Ryan Reynolds

Mariana Mora : Honestly i wish you could've been the voice actor for detective pikachu.

Jennifer Cottrill : Once Terry got left with Kevin Punt, he went down a pretty deep spiral it seems.

Vegadra : A sneak peak of Anime Crime Division part 3.

KingDemomidas : Who's that Pokemon?!? It's *NOT DANNY DEVITO*

Breezy Air : The CGI is just phenomenal Who knew it could be this good

ForbiddenQTip : Terry, how could you!?

spacesbytheneedle : *This should've been the real trailer*

Don’t comment about my profile picture : Who’s that Pokémon... *It’s the Murderer*

Rorohd Fleet : Can you do Toy Story 4 next?

harizotoh7 : This is what Youtube should be about: people making creative videos. Not just talking over video games.

BranJohn98 : The idea of Pokemon moves being identifiable in forensic investigation is amazing

Alexander : The delivery on the end always gets me! XD

Jimmny Castle : The brand new drama CSI: Pallet Town