detective pikachu

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Spicy Puffin : Well damn, the movies not even out yet and it already got a Netflix adaptation.

nacho : wow how did you manage to upload the entire movie before it even released

Wild_ Rush123 : "we're all monsters in the pocket of god" me: *reevaluates my life*

Jimmny Castle : The brand new drama CSI: Pallet Town

GuardianDronGaming : *who’s that Pokémon?!* IT’S PIKACHU! *it’s- the murder* FUUUU-

Theodore Pinnock : "We're all monsters. Monsters in the pocket of God." Film Noir Pikachu! Perfection.

Moshi : The moment the broad walked in, you could feel every eye in the room focus on her — strawberry blonde and legs for hours. No dame her age could afford a coat like that, and the kinda makeup she had on gave me a good idea how she got it. I knew she was trouble alright, but little did I know she’d be puttin’ a Jynx on me...

Joe Joe : Cop: "What kind of monster would do such a thing?" Me: "To protect the world from devastat-"

Quicksilver6 : Jesus, Rookie, you think this is bad? My first call was a family of Voltorbs. Father couldn't take the pressure any more and Self-Destructed. They say the chief's heart was made of steel but on that day... even self-destruct was super effective.

Captain Abs : It's crazy how advanced technology has gotten. The cgi on pickachu looks so real!

Not A Pikachu : Man, Ryan Reynolds looks great in this movie.

19thHour : I mean, this is basically Anime Crimes Division.

lIkE If yOu aGrEe : WHO'S THAT POKEMON? IT'S the fainter (How did he know?)

The Shpee : I thought the title said Defective Pikachu

Nicholas Luck : Forget it Jake, it's Pallet Town.

Dio Drando : that deadpool pikachu fanart predicted the movie, i swear

Amelia Thompson : WHOSE THAT POKEMON? Me "TANGA-" "The Murderer" "Oh"

Mike-Daddy : Should have just used leech seed

Sorenmine : More like Strangela!

GayBae : Its already got a netflix adaptation? Whoa.

Natalie Alfera : We’re all monsters in the pocket of god **theme music** WHOS THAT POKÉMON??!?!!

linux750 : "We're all monsters in the pocket of God" That's so very... poetic, esoteric, and *_cryptic_* .

ツacoustic : *everyday we stray further from ash*

Fire Nation Files : **when you laugh before the video starts**

Ryan Chili flakes : A sneak peak of the new episode of law and order

Don’t comment about my profile picture : Who’s that Pokémon... *It’s the Murderer*

A Random tomato : Pikachu prof layton crossover pls

N/A ___ : Anime crimes division: Season 3 confirmed

Mia Hansen : I'm skeptical to say the very least. This may sound cringey and overly dramatic to some people, but. As a Pokemon fan who grew up with Pokemon since its beginnings...I have high standards as there are many well-rooted emotions attached to this franchise. Pokemon has been a part of my life. It was my escape, it was something I was isolated for and defensive of as a kid. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Anything different, like Pokemon, is going to isolate people to an extent. That's only touching the surface of how much Pokemon impacted my life. Granted, I did go through the phase of wishing Pokemon was more mainstream, that it could be adapted into a live action film. But I was young. As I grew older I obviously began to appreciate Pokemon for what it is. Pokemon is not purely innocent, but the innocent, happy-go-lucky feel is part of what makes Pokemon, Pokemon. It's not your run of the mill, typical dark Hollywood action comedy. The lack of the Pokemon feel and the idea of people potentially associating Pokemon with this movie alone, bothers me. I want to be open-minded, but I'll be honest. I really can't stomach the idea of Pikachu beng voiced by Deadpool like something resembling Ted of all things. No matter how hard I try to like it, it goes back to sounding like a complete nightmare every time. Which has led me to this rant in the hopes that others understand the emotions behind this franchise, why some people are sounding "harsh" towards this movie. It just looks like someone made the rash decision of, "This is not good enough. It needs to be what everything else is." Don't get me wrong, I understand why they went with the route that they did. Because what Pokemon actually IS, is probably not all that appealing for a mainstream audience. But that's why I eventually decided a live action movie is probably a bad idea to begin with. Because Pokemon is a unique series, it's not for everyone. If you were to truly make a series for *everyone*, it becomes diluted and loses its originality. I'm not against change in the sense of limiting something entirely, I'm only against it to the extent that it loses its original, special touch that made it successful and what it means to so many fans today. I get and accept the need for change, change is often crucial in order to keep things moving. That's how life works. But change can backfire when it's unnecessary and takes away the original foundations. Positive change builds upon what was already successful, it does not take away and restart the entire process. This isn't about gatekeeping. I approve of anything that brings more fans into the series. But only for the "right reasons," for what Pokemon is and not for what it thinks it needs to be in order to appeal to every single person.

Lunar Universe : Who's that Pokemon? ITS PIKACHU!!! *its a murderer* ...?

YeetGod : I love the detail they put in the scene

Wolf. : Detective Pikachu X Professor Layton X LA Noire

Tony Stark : What a roller coaster yesterday was, toy story then pikachu then Stan lee 💔

LightningBlaze100 : Only good thing about that damn trailer was the Mr Mime scene... Which wouldn't even happen cause Mr Mime can actually speak like all the other pokemon.

Casper de Vos : It’s not that it’s detective pikachu, it’s the fact he’s played by Ryan Reynolds

Vegadra : A sneak peak of Anime Crime Division part 3.

Farhan Siddiqui : If the movie is anything like this it’ll be amazing

KingDemomidas : Who's that Pokemon?!? It's *NOT DANNY DEVITO*

chococatchristi : *This should've been the real trailer*

alonelylonelyhuman : wonderful.

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : they'll take a peek-achu of the evidence that is officially the worst pun ever made

Rorohd Fleet : Can you do Toy Story 4 next?

rocio : This is got more approvals than the original movie lol

Sip Tea : Well, puberty hit em hard.

Justin Montana : I mean... I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't watch an entire show that was Pokemon murder mysteries

Rick Hoover : WHOS THAT POKEMON ITS THE *murderer*

timburtonlover369 : Pikachu should’ve been voiced by ProZD

Ray Bayne - Pranks & Vlogs : Da muhdahwah

Matko 060 : That's enough internet for today... *Plays an offline game*

harizotoh7 : This is what Youtube should be about: people making creative videos. Not just talking over video games.