Ouya, failure, regret, death

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63,416 backers pledged $8.5 million to Ouya on Kickstarter. The official website is still up but doesn't have a store anymore. Josh Topolsky keynote interview is great if you're looking for further understanding on Ouya damage control. ------- Credits ------- Adam Gerety https://youtu.be/Zlam8YJJJYg Austin Evans https://youtu.be/dIn3ffulnCE bitluni's lab https://youtu.be/S8NONPw86Is Blunty https://youtu.be/AOhv0G288FY Carl Nunavut https://youtu.be/ibfCbGTTUB8 CoreGamerzInc https://youtu.be/ssG-bzfm3FQ ddiddy171 https://youtu.be/KUnZgq1lMjk Dodger The Rare https://youtu.be/m6Tq-XzRvBM Game Informer https://youtu.be/h9K4Uuq3PkE HiFolksImAdam https://youtu.be/0MKjKDcIBXU Jeremy Cupp https://youtu.be/RJXvPL1XFvs MassiveScore https://youtu.be/QY5yG2KyQfM Mega64 https://youtu.be/97D5TFi-ctA Mega64 https://youtu.be/jLIIbkxjlcU MrMario2011 https://youtu.be/fgh9cycEJjk MundaneMatt https://youtu.be/_iloXSf5LQE otakupunk https://youtu.be/rckeCWuzEh0 PeVB0285 https://youtu.be/Mr_kSEAMUOk PsycoRevolution https://youtu.be/zAZ4w8ElXmM Rev3Games https://youtu.be/sclxVc1OVFY ScrewAttack! https://youtu.be/qQiba6oqouk ScrewAttack! https://youtu.be/qYuvx0MsUts The D-Pad https://youtu.be/0IERkaOdEV8 The Verge https://youtu.be/IJ-_ypOOMvY TheSneezingMonkey https://youtu.be/BvmYarfDwWM TigerClawTV https://youtu.be/LlWaa-yNf4U TigerClawTV https://youtu.be/rvzVLz5ryvU TrueTriz https://youtu.be/bb4HtG3L3Vk Vectra Gaming https://youtu.be/8JI4HDyqyZA ------- Sources ------- CNET - Ouya game console launch pushed back https://youtu.be/-6xzBguAKlg D.I.C.E. SUMMIT 2013 - OUYA's Julie Uhrman Keynote https://youtu.be/_hi9lZCv6Co DweebCast - OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman Interview https://youtu.be/-tivAfoxPXM Game Fans - Julie Uhrman's OUYA pre-launch speech https://youtu.be/ll5551Yysdg GameTrailers - Razer Buys Ouya https://youtu.be/TQ6WePdOVh8 IGN - Cops Called to Shut Down Ouya https://youtu.be/-SzXpo8VjYs IGN - Ouya CEO Leaves Company https://youtu.be/w3BUAva4N2c IGN - Ouya Founder 'Pissed' About Delayed Shipments https://youtu.be/-9wRER7aJyE IGN - Ouya Kickstarter Ends Big https://youtu.be/s80z4jOgMek IGN - Ouya Review https://youtu.be/M5gccrFPUsw NCIX Tech Tips https://youtu.be/7TjPtLm_WpM OUYA - Ad (Tantrum) https://youtu.be/t-0lY_x5reU OUYA - Live from E3 https://youtu.be/bZ48Pjlj_Ks OUYA - Official Kickstarter Video https://youtu.be/U39L4mEyIRc OUYA - PAX PRIME https://youtu.be/va1XxDSYNes OUYA - The OUYA Story https://youtu.be/kUI0smiApYY OUYA - TV Commercial https://youtu.be/P0-V2uxz_4o PlanetOuya - OUYA Developer Console Unboxing https://youtu.be/wMTNhpw7cZE Polygon - OUYA Funding https://youtu.be/hBtvM5zdlJg Polygon - OUYA Review https://youtu.be/zJUvYr0QyFA SXSW - Julie Uhrman & Josh Topolsky Keynote https://youtu.be/PwbpBwyZCdY XOXO Festival 2013 https://youtu.be/JZfSNYq3mhs


agentgingerman : How many have you sold "Lots" Biggest red flag I've seen in years

n1xio : "it has a touch pad, your not going to find that anywhere else" **laughs in ps4**

Porcupine thing : JK Rowling reveals that the Ouya Founder had an *intense* sexual relationship with her television edit: spelling

gloom : "you're not gonna find that somewhere else" "the new playstation 4 controller has a touchpad" *DESTROYED IN SECONDS*

Brenan Desch : She looks like a mass effect andromeda character

Robert Gaffney : ''Do you think the ouya is a good console?'' ''Television.''

Pepperoni Playboy : The CEO seems like that one mom that calls EVERYTHING a Nintendo. As well as someone who tells someone to pause an online game even though you explained it to them a million times.

Nahiyan Muzaffar : Me: "Mom can I get a new game console?" Mom: "We have a game console at home." Game console at home:

Barfing Chicken : She was right about one thing: there's *nothing* special about it.

Daniël Huisman : You know the best thing to come out of the Ouya? This video

Smoothie : "There's nOtHiNg special about this"; this is the best marketing of a product I've ever seen

cucky cuckcuck : "The Controller has a touchpad. You are not going to find this somewhere else." PS4: "Am I a joke to you?"

Sundaydish1 : "How many have you sold?" "Lots" "It's 3 isn't it?"

aussieknuckles : "say television one more motherfkin time I dare you" Samuel L Jackson.

signoaspire : 0:47 any smart person hearing a CEO say that would've said "I'm out"

Ark : I never heard of Ouya Shows how much of a failure it was

Second Account : "What if you could push a button?" *video ends*

Nomad : The big red flag should've been that she calls it "television gaming"

WonderCreek : *t e l e v i s i o n*

Ean Scott Westridge : 1:08 The same type of response I give to my mom everytime she asks for my exam results. *"How many A's do you get?"* *"A lot"*

Scubs : Nobody: Julie Uhrman: *T E L E V I S I O N*

lolblitz gaming : "The controller has a touchpad, you're not gonna find that anywhere else" PS4, Wii U, and the entire DS/3DS family: Am I a joke to you?

Maliq Daseuq : Now I see where Soulja boy got his idea for the Soulja game from 😂

Samuel Degardin : "dO yOu gUyS noT hAvE tEleVisIoN ?"

Akshay rao : I smell next video being about Stadia Mr. Crowbcat

Apexion : “with the best controller” *controller has more input lag than sfv*

Ali Ekber Korkmaz : *she tried to pull a carlos matos but failed miserably like soulja's game industry*

Trinity 99 : Its fail is satisfying just because how arrogant that ceo was

Reapra : This chick was talking about her console like a grandma would talk about technology

Michaeliosgamer5 : CEO: “This controller has a touchpad on it and you can’t find another controller that has it” Man: “The new PS4 controller has a touchpad on it” CEO: *I’m gonna pretend that never existed*

Andres Hernandez : “And so begins the revolution.” Vladimir Lenin would like to know your location

Jirujan : i came here after i heard that OUYA will end its service on june 25th 2019

ImpishCreations : Glad to see Rocco pissing on the Ouya immortalized.

Malick Ouattara : failure, regret, death. Did you just summarize my existence?

Twatical : "Another great addition is the fan" Yeah I lost it here, how anyone could sink money into such a shitty product with a clearly clueless CEO is beyond me.

MightySparkle : i use the television to play my playstation 4..... so im good

Cyber One : Imagine if you press a button and break your toilet

MibbGibbs : I didn't even know this existed till this video

Pepperoni Playboy : *T E L E V I S I O N*

ValleyoftheKings64 : Take a drink of alcohol every time she says "television".

Shannon Hill : I've Never Heard Of Anyone Except Her Who Is Very Addicted To The Work "Television"

Jack The Lad : I'm looking forward to the video on the Stadia when it inevitable crashes and burns to the ground.

Venom Snake : It's like if Hillary Clinton decided to go into gaming

OfficialmONEy : Our controller has a touch pad, you're not going to find that anywhere else. Um the PS4 controller has a touch pad. You're right. They could build it for that. What the hell kind of response was that. What do you think he said?

Whiterun Guard : New Account - *Payment* *MISSION FAILED!*

TheFonz 285 : How many did you sell? Founder of OUYA *A LOT*

Legit Plays : Interviewer: So what does your company specialize in exactly? Ouya CEO: Television

F for Cayde-6 : I didn’t even know this existed

Matt - Scout of Honor : "There's nothing special about it" Good marketing.