Ouya, failure, regret, death

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WonderCreek : *t e l e v i s i o n*

Just a Spicy meme : I didn’t even know this existed

fallingbed : Why can’t she be straight forward? So cringe

Godot : Ouya? More like *Ouno*

The Throwing Channel : She probably said "Television" more times than people have bought Ouya.

SovietWomble : 0:26 - Oh man...I winced in my seat. I have never seen a CEO fudge an answer that badly. Ouch!

EverDownward : ...what the hell am I supposed to think when you promote your product to me as "a game console for the television?" Literally every game console ever hooks up to a tv. Why would you promote your product like it has a feature that makes it unique from the rest, when it's a standard for the industry? It's so redundant it makes my head spin.

Aesen1 : “More and more people are moving away from the television, so lets make a console for the television.” That should have been an early warning sign.

Ry Ry The Science Guy : She must like the television

DDR Kyle : Ouya but every time she says television it gets 5% faster

Damien Wayne : "You cant find that anywhere" "The new PS controller has a touchpad *"thats true they could build it for that"*

Shadow Shroud : Ouya? More like screw ya!

sam teh edeot : She says television 6 times in under 20 seconds

IronSalmon7 : 4:36 that guy wasn’t kidding.

Jomali : They reset the game industry, unfortunately they went directly to the Atari crash.

Barfing Chicken Studios : She was right about one thing: there's *nothing* special about it.

Shadow Slayer : Poor people. I couldn't stop laughing at this, but now I kinda feel bad for the employees, getting all this hate after making their dream console And also, you know, the 60 000 backers who gave money for this crap

Bingo Flamingo : I did not have... sexual relations with that television

Jarvisゴ ゴ ゴ : She just took a raspberry pi and stuck it in a small box. She even said there wasnt anything special, its just a pi in a box. But hey, that fan is pretty sweet.

lukenemec11 : This chick was talking about her console like a grandma would talk about technology

King Grim : She says television so damn much

Luuk van Heugten : (Sees porn-app) What are you doing? What is happening?! (Mumbling and people talking at the same time) *WHAT'S GOING ON?!*

B10K PlaysGames : T Te Tel Tele Telev Televi Televis Televisi Televisio Television Televisio Televisi Televis Televi Telev Tele Tel Te T

XxHarounXx : Why waste $60 when you could waste $99 😂

BanyMany ! : Is Black Ops 4 comin to OUYA

Famhje : Drinking game: Take a shot everytime she says "television"

What are you looking at : 3:26 that game actually is pretty awesome

B U N G I E : Designed by a lesbian, what were people expecting?

Relax just be more tea : These are flash games 😂

Jelly Supreme : 0:06, 0:08, 0:10, 0:13, 0:14, 0:16, 0:18.

Nexus 。 : She probably named the Intellivision

AlexanderTheGr8 : Oh... so that's why she wouldn't reveal the sales for the ouya.

HouseoftheDead Channel : The nuttiest woman ever thrown onto planet earth.

Jadon Lucas : When you let a woman make a gaming console😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

NickiG : 4:07 BURN THE PORN

Joyfilled : "The controller has a touchpad where are you going to find that anywhere else?" *cough* *cough* *PS4*

PottyGirlEndo : If she had a sale for every time she said TELEVISION

Deez Nuts : "The PS4 has a touchpad." "Yes. They could make it for that." They already did

Symen Stoel : The ouya sucks

SyazTYT : Ouya = *Oh yeah* = *O H N O ! ! !*

CaptainAlliance : They should put No Man's Sky on the Ouya.

LigmaSucks BigTime : 3:39 when you buy Mass Effect Andromeda

JactusCack : “Ouya is made for the television” really.. you don’t say

T Firk41 : Fun drinking game. Take a shot every time she says television

TheBlackSheep : Well its time...... (PUTS ON GLASSES) to think outside the box... OOOOOOOOOOOOHYEAAA!!!

Cho Gael : "more and more people are moving away from the television" Ye they going to PC

Playery : “You won’t find a touchpad anywhere else on a controller” Hey woman, ever heard of steam?


gavril bonilla : Had one of those the only game I remember playing on that was some paint ball game since then I've sold it but I still have the controllers.

Oblivion : *tHE TeLEvISION*