Ouya, failure, regret, death

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WonderCreek : *t e l e v i s i o n*

|| Co-Kane || : Geez IGN gave it a 6.0?! I mean I know it's IGN but still!

Taylor Irving : Soon souja boy is gonna buy these and resell them

Samuel Degardin : "dO yOu gUyS noT hAvE tEleVisIoN ?"

Satan : She got wrecked so hard when he told her a ps4 has a touchpad

Barfing Chicken : She was right about one thing: there's *nothing* special about it.

RCG Playz : Ouya? more like *SCREWYA*

Jacob Metzner : This video has probably made more money than ouya

Smalls : *Xbox and PlayStation fighting *Sees Ouya *Shakes hands

K F : I just googled Julie Uhrman and now she's some manager at playboy, wtf lol

FikaMedBasse : Drinking game: Take a shot everytime she says "television"

Jacklyn Thomas : “How many have you sold?” “A lot.” “Can you give me a range?” “A lot.” “You’re not gonna give me a number—“ “No.”

Adam Goodman : I feel like the OUYA was intentionally a scam. From how she acted to what she said about it being nothing special and proud of it in a smug way. There were so many red flags about this when it came out. I'm glad I never bought it.

MizWoodStudios : The woman looks like someone who I wouldn't want to start an argument with. Like one of those crazy hotel or restaurant owners in Hotel Hell or Kitchen Nightmares.

BenSultanMusic : The guy urinating on his Ouya had to eventually retrieve it. Think about that.

SovietWomble : 0:26 - Oh man...I winced in my seat. I have never seen a CEO fudge an answer that badly. Ouch!

Geor Geo : I don't understand how so many people could have believe in that shit in the first place

Your Neighbour : Ouya sounds like a sound some mental patient would yell when they sit on a toilet brush.

Tyler's world : Shes like an Aldi brand Todd Howard.

SnipeGhost : television gaming....so.......you mean plugging in my Xbox to the tv....like it is.......right now...

Damien Wayne : "You cant find that anywhere" "The new PS controller has a touchpad *"thats true they could build it for that"*

Blue Tigah : Large parts of this physically hurt me, out of touch people being in leadership roles is just..

DecimusYna : Ouya? More like Ouch

Razor Hawk : Oofya

Shane Skull : At least they delivered something. There are plenty of Kickstarters with nothing to show for it.

King Grim : She says television so damn much

James Barnett : And so ended the revolution

HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR RIPOFF : Which one is the worst though? Ouya or the Soulja Boy Game Console?

Lord Videogames : 0:05 - 0:17 I have never heard a single person in my life say the word "television" so many times in a small amount of time

Max Duran : I don't know why, but the voice of the guy at 1:56 just pisses me off

fallingbed : Why can’t she be straight forward? So cringe

Frankyyy : 1 min of silence for those who bought the ouya to play quality games

blecor : "we believe that every game you should try before you buy " uh.. d e m o ?

Cyberpooper 2077 : It has a touchpad no other console has it! *_tHe NeW pLaYsTaTiOn HaS iT_*

EmoTi.on.s : uoısıʌǝlǝʇ

pp Nexus : She probably named the Intellivision

Theincsupport : I am a *t e l e v i s i o n*

Wolf K1ng : The Ouya was a mistake, and a money grab

TheNinJustice : Ooooofya

jay kush : It's a 100$ glorified flashgame player

F for Cayde-6 : I didn’t even know this existed

Toool : 5:11 so basically what happened was.. razor, bought ouya ohhh yeah... yeah.. BEST JOKE OF THE YEAR AHAAAHAHAHA

Logan Van Gorder : Ouya more like Screwya

TheKNIGHTELFMOHAWK : Take a shot everytime they say televison

10,000 subs with no video : So much *_t e l e v i s i o n_*

Cho Gael : "more and more people are moving away from the television" Ye they going to PC

Jake Hayes : Ouno

SOLRACHIGH : Take a shot when ever she says television

CYNID : Meanwhile, at Valve: Let’s make some systems that broadcast PC games to a TV display without an HDMI with a controller that feels comfortable for only half of our platform’s games and then make people wait years for miniature consoles that basically act as Steam extensions with higher specs and memory capacity for half the price of the average console. Gaming community: PS and XBox are still better platforms cuz exclusives Also gaming community: Microsoft are bastards and Sony are too weak in the public eye Moral of the story: the gaming industry is screwed anyway so the fact that this scam worked isn’t all that surprising

Random person in the internet : Even the Wii U was better than THIS (Actually, there were some really decent games on the Wii U)