Ouya, failure, regret, death

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WonderCreek : *t e l e v i s i o n*

Godot : Ouya? More like *Ouno*

F for Cayde-6 : I didn’t even know this existed

Cicada : “I want games for the television, I love the television, and I want my games on the television!” Heard of a HDMI cable?

Theo Stadick : The biggest issue is just the concept; no one wants to play mobile games on a big screen. You don't buy a phone to play mobile games, you play mobile games because you bought a phone.

Damien Wayne : "You cant find that anywhere" "The new PS controller has a touchpad *"thats true they could build it for that"*

Bingo Flamingo : I did not have... sexual relations with that television

lukenemec11 : This chick was talking about her console like a grandma would talk about technology

XxHarounXx : Why waste $60 when you could waste $99 😂

ankith m : Who else had never heard of this and came here from penguinz0's new video?

Barfing Chicken : She was right about one thing: there's *nothing* special about it.

Ross Frenette : Dang, that's a nice ice tray.

GERMINAITOR : 2:48 The controller isn't half the price of the console. $50 for a controller or $100 for console with controller. Its actualky the same price as the system. Lol.

Luuk van Heugten : (Sees porn-app) What are you doing? What is happening?! (Mumbling and people talking at the same time) *WHAT'S GOING ON?!*

Hilarious Comic : The OUYA was a dream console: a crowdfunded indie console made by gamers, for gamers. What it lacked in horsepower it could make up for in sheer creativity and freedom that isn't present in the mainstream game development culture, where straying from the norm is a great way to go under. That was the dream, at least. That's why people donated to the Kickstarter, that's why people worked hard to develop games for it and that's what all the topic of conversation was surrounding the console: a new frontier for aspiring game developers to pitch their idea. What everyone didn't notice or chose to ignore was the fine print. From the start, the OUYA was just the Android store in a box with a shoddy controller. The people in charge didn't actually have any intention of it being anything more than that. Not only were buyers misled, but so were developers. There were some good games created for that system. Clarc and Ittle Dew really stand out to me, and they should have stood out to her. Both those characters could have been mascots or faces for the console that would have given it an answer to Master Chief and Mario. Not like they were ever going to surpass those characters, don't get me wrong, but at least they could have given OUYA and identity of its own. Everyone, myself included, wanted the OUYA to be something that it wasn't intended to be. It's a shame. I hope it didn't hurt the market for a new player to enter the console market.

SovietWomble : 0:26 - Oh man...I winced in my seat. I have never seen a CEO fudge an answer that badly. Ouch!

That_ Deadeyegamer79 : She straight up...took people money and ran, damn.

Jelly Supreme : *0:18**, **0:16**, **0:06**, **0:10**, **0:08**, **0:14**, **0:13**, **4:48**.*

RCG Playz : Ouya? more like *SCREWYA*

B10K PlaysGames : T Te Tel Tele Telev Televi Televis Televisi Televisio Television Televisio Televisi Televis Televi Telev Tele Tel Te T

King Grim : She says television so damn much

Satan : She got wrecked so hard when he told her a ps4 has a touchpad

Giygas X : Ouya is a new game console for the television More and more people are moving away from the television Anybody that wanna develop a game for the television There's a lot of hurdles for developers to get games on the t e l e v i s i o n I love the t e l e v i s i o n , and I want those games on the t e l e v i s i o n You have a relationship with the t e l e v i s i o n and what's coming at you

Adam Goodman : I feel like the OUYA was intentionally a scam. From how she acted to what she said about it being nothing special and proud of it in a smug way. There were so many red flags about this when it came out. I'm glad I never bought it.

Playery : “You won’t find a touchpad anywhere else on a controller” Hey woman, ever heard of steam?

fallingbed : Why can’t she be straight forward? So cringe

O K : Didn’t Nintendo figure this out already in the 1980’s?

Master Ruseman : founder is a woman that looks like she's from HR. there's your first red flag

WF4L : Who tf says “television”

JactusCack : “Ouya is made for the television” really.. you don’t say

。 Nexus : She probably named the Intellivision

BastenTheMaker : Why are these video's so addictive to watch?

Michael Maier : She talks like it will compete with the XBOX One PS4....

Daddy Daniel : I I l I lo I lov I love I love t I love th I love the I love the t I love the te I love the tel I love the tele I love the telev I love the televi I love the televis I love the televisi I love the televisio I love the television I love the televisio I love the televisi I love the televis I love the telev I love the tele I love the tel I love the te I love the t I love the I love th I love t I love I lov I lo I l I

Oblivion : *tHE TeLEvISION*

PLVS VLTRA : newground games on console ! cant wait.

Slakkmichael : Man, this lady is pure cringe.

DecimusYna : Ouya? More like Ouch

J_ : The television

Garry Pebbles : The touch screen comment was halarious

RisingJericho : I'm not sure who that guy pissing on the Ouya was, but he needs to drink more water

SnipeGhost : television gaming....so.......you mean plugging in my Xbox to the tv....like it is.......right now...

Marstuber : Never heard of this console.

Famhje : Drinking game: Take a shot everytime she says "television"

good night moon : ouya? more like *booyah*

MVPdetSTRIKE 110 : He pissed on it LMAO

SOLRACHIGH : Take a shot when ever she says television

Architect of Gods : The Ouya, the snake oil of video game consoles.

Cho Gael : "more and more people are moving away from the television" Ye they going to PC

sbtopjosh : The problem: 1) When a game console idea goes through a Venture Capital type funding process (it was funded by Venture Capital money and at the end when she said she's off to the next thing/project like its no big deal); and 2) the founder is a woman....who has NO CLUE what gamers want (if you understand male gaming habits, you'd understand the industry) She and everyone who gave her money are idiots