Breaking Story So New Reporter Literally Has No Information

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On "Raw Story," O'Brady Shaw Investigates what may have been a shooting at a local mall, or may have been something else altogether. (Aired 11/1/11) Subscribe to The Onion on YouTube: Like The Onion on Facebook: Follow The Onion on Twitter:


Alisha G : sadly onion news as more educational then mainstream news

Man from Nantucket : Suspect is hatless! I repeat, suspect is hatless!

I hate google : Is this satire ?! Or just very honest reporting ?!

Thomas Urech : A story so raw, it’s still mooing

Juanita Dudley : "The shooter, if there is one..."

The Inept Gamers : "She had NO information"

VM6 : At least they didn't just start assuming things and making up shit like some reporters would do today

The Buffalo. : Sadly this is more believable than what the media dish up today😯

Carla the Destructor : The woman playing Mindy Jones made this with her reaction.

metamorphicorder : This is footage of when the onion tried reporting actual news, for one day and immediately went back to the more lucrative business of making shit up.

Dave McGann : 00:40 Why does he run like Ron Swanson?

a crusty krab : Mindy Jones is a nice lady

DuchAmagi : "I see the helicopter" XD

Mariana Paredes : "Did you see the shooter?" "There's a shooter?" I died

Chisala Jnr : If Micheal Scott was a reporter

Smitty : i'd like to see more of mindy jones

abu hassan : This is a VERY accurate depiction of the news. The only thing missing was him saying "You saw it first here"

Quiet Corner : I like the satire as this is exactly the way 24 hour news is in the US.

brian lash : this is so much nicer to watch and listen to than listening to a news station who have no clue what they're talking about but they talk about it anyway

Holly Totallyarealname : Should have been longer....we need MORE

paul thomas : why do i get this feeling this guy spent 20 years at CNN

Lin Sproul : god dammit i keep clicking on these without knowing its the onion

CassiTheNerd : *"And now for Jared Kushner joining us here at The Onion in an attempt to be more relatable."*

Brandon Bauer : " i can still feel the residual heat" lolololol

STOP : The boy has a thicc A$$

STOP OH YEAH YEAH Steal My Beats : Legend has it the shooter is still at large

Chaos Commando : Its been so long and yet no details

Skippy the Magnificent : Thoughts and prayers.

Random Guy : This my answer during tests XD

Wade 10 : Caucasian or Latino or something like that lmao

physcoticweirdo : 0:59 TIG OL BITTIES

Clive Nyathi : Lol this reporter should go to Iraq

Visible Confusion : some say the heat is still in the parking spot

NameNotAlreadyTaken2 : This is barely even a parody

Blue Steel : "I can still feel the residual heat" lol

Joeys Father : Mindy is hawwt

ArcanumV : I wish this was satire, but I've watched a local reporter interview someone who got to the scene AFTER the reporter.

Jimmy Bean : This is me every day.

Petitio Principii : "I can still feel the residual heat". Man, that's so raw.

B Dutta : that was intense

reina619 : I can still feel the residual heat.

Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes : I want raw stories to be real thing on news shows

AFFE NOWU : Mindy hella thicc though.

Super 🐧 : Hes a determined reporter

John Smith : "and I wrote something else here but it got smudged." hahaha

Asjad Shaikh : So the breaking news is actually *broken news*

Ordonity : Mindy Jones has tig ol bitties

tonkaslim : 24/7 cable news is the worst thing to happen to our country. Social media is second...... by a hair.

NJGuy1973 : "More on this as it develops...assuming something does develop."