Breaking Story So New Reporter Literally Has No Information

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Kim Jong Un : *Gordon Ramsay bursts through door* The fokin story is fokin raw!!!!!

Conor Tierney : To our foreign friends, this is exactly how our actual news networks respond to breaking stories.

Diane Semele : That looks fun. I want to run around and yell random questions at people and act overly serious

Rob Mckennie : the news so raw it comes out before the events even happen

Mr. Butterworth : There was an ambulance parked here, I can still feel the residual heat... I see a helicopter.

Blackfalk : _"I can still feel the residual heat"_ now _that's_ professionalism

Annette Jensen : It's been six years.... Did they get any more details?

Alisha G : sadly onion news as more educational then mainstream news

The Buffalo. : Sadly this is more believable than what the media dish up today😯

Man from Nantucket : Suspect is hatless! I repeat, suspect is hatless!

Frostbite76 : Thoughts and prayers to anyone affected if there were any.

Garth Murray : I know it's been many years since this story was reported but I had a dream last night about a man running. I'll be happy to talk to the Onion if it will help solve this case.

Mildly Amusing Channel : "One thing was clear - this story was yet to unfold" hahaha

Thomas Urech : A story so raw, it’s still mooing

Juanita Dudley : "The shooter, if there is one..."

GWS : Still better investigative journalism than CNN.

Carla the Destructor : The woman playing Mindy Jones made this with her reaction.

physcoticweirdo : 0:59 TIG OL BITTIES

DuchAmagi : "I see the helicopter" XD

I hate google : Is this satire ?! Or just very honest reporting ?!

Holly Totallyarealname : Should have been longer....we need MORE

Mr. Papageorgio : Still about 90x more informed than CNN.

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : some say the heat is still in the parking spot

The Inept Gamers : "She had NO information"

a crusty krab : Mindy Jones is a nice lady

6 Piece Chicken McNuggets : CNN in a nutshell.

Ping Pong : From the days when The Onion was actually funny.

Smitty : i'd like to see more of mindy jones

brian lash : this is so much nicer to watch and listen to than listening to a news station who have no clue what they're talking about but they talk about it anyway

Robert Montoya : Add a million "trump bad"s in between coverage and it's basically CNN

Okay, This Is Epic : Caucasian or Latino or something like that lmao

tonkaslim : 24/7 cable news is the worst thing to happen to our country. Social media is second...... by a hair.

NJGuy1973 : "More on this as it develops...assuming something does develop."

Mario1611 : CNN gives me my news hours before it happens.

Chisala Jnr : If Micheal Scott was a reporter

J Bass : This is the f.b.i looking for emails and Russian collusion

Gee Mann : CNN news breaking news. Obamacare toke it up the ass. Omg it's true

Clive Nyathi : Lol this reporter should go to Iraq

Mariana Paredes : "Did you see the shooter?" "There's a shooter?" I died

Skippy the Magnificent : Thoughts and prayers.

Joeys Father : Mindy is hawwt

The Entity : that was intense

John Smith : "and I wrote something else here but it got smudged." hahaha

Vincent Garcia : @0:50 queue Zapp Brannigan

Jim Scobie : This is quite accurate.

TrollinForTrumpCuh : CNN sure used to look different back in the day

Ordonity : Mindy Jones has tig ol bitties

Two Buffalos Making Noise : Still better than CNN.

Luis Hernandez : It should be call CNN.

zagyex : OMG are people okay?