RWW News: Lance Wallnau Says That Prayer Changed The Path Of Hurricane Irma

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rloomis3 : _"It's an amazing intervention of god."_ Why didn't god just have the storm fizzle out before it made landfall?  _Then_ everyone could say, "Boy, we really dodged a bullet."

rloomis3 : _"If you have to have a hurricane, it was probably the best scenario."_ Tell that to the people in the Keys.  Oh wait, you won't be able to, because their communication is totally cut off.

Dexerion : So, he prayed for it to be stopped, it destroyed Florida and he called it a success because it moved some? Wow. How delusional can you be? If this is what an answered prayer looks like I'd hate to see an unanswered prayer.

RadAntelope : Right, it pushed it onto other people. Good job, Lance.

Miles Weaver : 'It went from a 5 down to a 4, down to a 3, down to a 2, down to a 1!' You do understand how counting works, right?

Steadno : Simpleton

Adam Langfelder : The only way I could believe him is if he was LITERALLY in the hurricane's path.

Tim Snead : Perhaps God is punishing 2 big states that voted for Trump. I wonder if he has ever thought about this!

cjgt77 : Thank you! Yes, thank you God for lessening the damage of the hurricane...... you sent....ummm.... thank you?

Ricardo Davila : I don't understand. If you have this much power, why don't you ask for hair on your head? That rug is looking tired.

The Fluffy Gentleman : "Prayer changed the path of the hurricane..." *_AFTER_* causing shit-tons of damage and suffering. Fail.

Tim Snead : Yes sir, you ARE TRULY CRAZY!!!

Vernon Tyer : You are crazy. First god and I mean any god is a myth. Second if there is a god you prayed to the wrong one. You should have prayed to Poseidon, and not the invisible man in the sky.

Adam Fitzgerald : In other words my make believe communication skills to the make believe god in my mind cannot work in the actual real world i live in, BUT i will make believe it did and tell my awfully gullible, drooling followers that it did anyway.

Richard Larson : Two hurricane videos. Same God. Different messages. Strange…

dsimpki : Quoting Harris, "Your god is either evil or impotent." I believe the latter, since he's nothing but a product of your imagination.

freethinker52 : if god is all powerful and all knowing he sent the hurricane.

BohemienneBrigitte : "They may say we're crazy!" Yes, because you are crazy.

Jon McClellan : This is blasphemy. He and the scamgelicals like him are destroying religion. They are mocking the lord they claim to honor, blaming everything they disagree with on the wrath of the god they claim to serve. If there is an afterlife, I wouldn't want to share it with any of them.

grant50 : Hahahaha! Right.

John O : You don't have to have a hurricane like that or one that does that much damage if you believe in science instead of wild myths.

Marc Parrish : This fool had to do his sermon in a public library?

Phillip Barlow : No. No it didn't.

Miles Weaver : Two massive hurricanes in a row make devastating landfall in the south of the United States. How is this not a sign that God is punishing America for electing Donald Trump? Just using their logic.

John Haute : How this idiot looks at himself in the mirror with out feeling shame, disgust and self loathing is beyond me.

Mrdead Inmypocket : He was praying to jesus for it to miss Florida. I was praying to Wotan for it to hit. Guess whose god is real? Nobodies.

gusbaker4u : It's a shame he couldn't use his magic powers to push the storm completely away from the land, but maybe he ran out of mana or his "Counter Hurricane" spell only has so much range to it, lol.

rloomis3 : 🎵 "Clap along if you feel like a loon without a clue..." 🎵

Justin Shim : Hey Lance, did you miss the FACT that Harvey and Irma hit Texas, Louisiana, and Miami, two of the REDDEST of Red States and probably THE reddest part of Florida? Just imagine what these damn fools would say if it had been California and New York that got hit.

Justin Shim : Did somebody forget to tell this IMBECILE the VAST majority of Irma's victims are/were (R.I.P.) CHRISTIAN? Same goes for Harvey (duh). Or did the voices in his head tell him the storm somehow made landfall in Saudi Arabia or the countries covered by Our Dear and Beloved Leader Mr. Donald J. Drumpf's not-a-Muslim-ban Muslim ban or Japan (fun fact: only about 1% of Japanese are Christian, a figure that has NOT significantly budged in decades, if not CENTURIES)? If God is using people like this human trash pile as his messengers, it's no wonder Christianity is in SERIOUS decline ALL across the West.

Justin Shim : OR maybe the storm shifted it's path suddenly because THAT'S WHAT MOTHER NATURE DOES, you IMBECILE! Also, weather forecasting is an INCREDIBLY inexact science. Trying to ACCURATELY predict the weather more than 4-5 days in advance is a HUGE challenge even for the very best current supercomputers.

as hotch : Why didn't prayer just stop the hurricane, or better yet, not make it even happen? Oh... that's right...prayer is a scam...

mrpayne123 : A child dies a long painful death from starvation every 6 seconds, there are countless unbelievable tragedies every second yet people think God is always tinkering with events they care about. People who believe in prayer are often self centered & delusional, not to mention brainwashed since birth into a religion.

It's Bizbuz : Religious nutbars... They creep me out...

Dave Mills : What an arrogant wind bag

Roger Rabbid : Major loon this guy is... stupid is strong with this one.

ourhandsaretied : Mentally ill lunatic

Frank Kelley : He should have prayed for Barbuda.

Justin Shim : Lance: "I'm happy." Me: "No, you're a psychopathic, amoral con man. You better HOPE God does NOT actually know who you are, 'cause I don't really think he's down with the 'Screw morals. All we REALLY care about is winning' attitude that the VAST majority of the so-called Moral Majority has been exposed as ACTUALLY living by."

XaurreauX : What is truly pathetic is that hundreds, if not thousands of people take this lightweight seriously.

Jordan Wendt : Keep driving liberals MAD Lance! They can't handle that Trump won and that he favors Christianity over Islam!