British Guy Attempts American Accent for a Day

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Cycling through rural Japan attempting to sound American for a day takes its toll on Day 9 of Journey Across Japan. ► FOLLOW our journey across Japan: ► WEEKLY Podcast: ► BEHIND the scenes Patreon: **FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE** ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: @abroadinjapan **EQUIPMENT I USE** ► MAIN Camera: ► INDOOR Lens: ► OUTDOOR Lens: ► FAVOURITE Lens: ► BACKUP Camera: ► STABILISED Camera: Business Enquiries: #journeyacrossjapan

Comments from Youtube

Spicy Boi : Chris sounds like a gay Californian

The Lone Photographer : This whole episode is sorta scary with his American accent. It's as if he's been faking a British accent this whole time

A Spidermonster : American accent? "Kilometers"? Nice try.

Stardust Sam : your british accent is actually good keep it up American man

Van Stockholm : Hey Chris who are you kidding we all know you're actually fake and just a vlogger from Seattle

FoodforThought : Chris, your Irish accent is really good!

Syongkwarn : Jonathan: What's your goal? Chris: I wanna have the best goddamn travel series across Japan. WOW McDonalds! Job done. All Clear Missions.

Rabbit Potato : As an American, I think your American accent is almost perfect 👌🏻 You almost seem like a different person with it.

William Chiang : this has been the most unusual episode yet, i feel like Chris got replaced by a cheap knockoff android and they didn't download the right language pack please never do this again

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : a british guy prentending to be an american in japan confusing

chiwar7178 : It wasn't a horrible American accent; however, I do notice the R-sound when you finish a word with a vowel and start another word with a vowel. That's a British English thing, so you may not notice it yourself.

Leonard Rymer : Chris, have you serviced your bike so far? On minute 2:28 it looks like your front tire is wobbling. It'd be a good idea to visit a bike shop along the way just to make sure everything is running well. Stay safe out there!

Denise Wirsing : I think you did very well with your American Accent—much better than I could manage trying to sound British. But I find you much sexier with your British accent.

Rafael Junqueira Santos : It has been 3 days, I think he was ran over by a truck, or worse, by a magnetic train!

hermimione : Your american accent make you sound like Johnny Depp trying to sound British. That's pretty awesome actually!

Anthony Armstrong : Your American accent was better than you thought.

Sycopathy : Chris turns into Elon Musk when he tries to do an American accent, amazing!

Brian Hack : As an American, I believe Chad has lived in Seattle all his life and would be excited to see him every now and then in your videos, Chris. Chad nailed "earlier", btw. Also, his pre-freak out was legitimately American.

Kris Valle : All the sarcasm in your voice is gone with the American accent lol

Chris Collins : The vowels were a bit off and the “R’s”, but better than my British accent

Phil Nolan : So weird hearing that voice coming out of your face. I don't think most Americans say "fucking" nearly as much as you do.

DM16G12SOTON : why are you up til 5am editing if you have the Tokyo Creative guys there to make videos for you?

TheFranticgamer : There were moments where I legitimately took a double take cause it sounded legit.

Tinej 150 : Pretty good accent switch. I thought it’d be worse with how heavy the British accent is. The only thing is that the regions kept changing. It’s like a mashup of California, southern, midwestern and Canadian

OmegaErkz : Today I learned that a British chap trying to sound like an American ends up sounding vaguely Canadian instead.

Neda : Last video uploaded 3 days ago... Are you okay, Chris?

BVtok26 : I find it strange that I feel like your personality changed with the accent. In british you seem more outgoing, sarcastic, and happy-go-lucky. In american you sound more reserved and retrospective. I know that it's possible to have your personality change when you speak a different language but now I wonder if it works with accents too. Did you feel a change Chris or is it just my perspective?

Milkman : Is this Tony Stark?

TJ : I had no idea how much I associated Chris with his accent until how unsettled I was by this video 😂 still love it though!

Neurotic Sos : Man seeing you speaking with an American accent is eerie

Connor Holt : it sounds a little odd, but I probably wouldn't bat an eye at the accent. It's rather good. The only thing I really noticed was that you said banana ban(aw)na instead of ban(an)a like we would.

Valerie Naylor : I quite like your American accent, sounds great to me!

MrVpassenheim : Not perfect. Your British accent keeps trying to break through. However, you are far better than me trying to fake a British accent as an American. Also, I love your videos and your British accent is totally cool.

Stephanie Berry : I never want to meet Chad from Seattle, sounds like a major douche lol. But seriously, this series is really admirable and inspiring. Thanks for doing it!

Rainbow_Inkspot : that accent was amazing, for some reason I get a "Chad" vibe from the way you do it. it's amazing. (I posted that before the end of the video, hearing you agree with the chad thing was awesome)

Azure Andaryu : Wow, I never realized how much I enjoy your normal accent all this time. XD

Mike Shoults : Damn Chris, check out them guns. Flexing. Looking good bro

Suzette Calleja : I think you were Brilliant with the American accent. Pitch perfect. and yes I am an American.

Gaston Létourneau : Your accent was so very good and congrats! You sometimes slipped into a, somewhat, Irish accent from time to time but you did such a great job! Why do I have the feeling that you may have, even a little bit, enjoyed speaking like an American!! hahaha Thank you for all your videos and, please, keep up the wonderful work!! Stay safe during the rest of your trip! :)

Ma An : Hope everything's alright. Suddenly not getting a new video for 2 days makes me worried. Maybe you had no time editing?

Alex Enache : You should do a video with Japanese only, even though it would have no substance whatsoever

Isaiah Mitchell : Accent on point. Also i love your channel its probably my favorite. I hope you have as little complications as possible. And i love your message. Work hard and be safe🙏❤❤

Kawaii_ aries_15 : Your American accent is very good actually 😂👍🏻

Ohayou Ashley : To my South Carolinian ass, this sounded nothing like an "American" accent 😂😂😂 but then again, I can't say I've ever met anyone from Seattle, so as far as I know, you've got their accent spot on!

hewhoisthere : Some of this accent seemed to have hints of Irish. That being said, well done. If I didn't know you were from England, I'd have believed that you were from the states.

Therese Francis : I can't 😂. He sounds like a rich guy from California. I even hear a hint of Irish...

Bluefire Games : His American accent wasn't actually that bad

MrTerminallyunique : HOLY SHIT! That's a pretty good accent! You really should try to put a southern draw on your accent next time! HAHAHA Just imagining you doing that is funny!

Sherlaya : I was pretty surprised realizing that you seem like a whole different person using american accent!! X'DD