British Guy Attempts American Accent for a Day

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Abroad in Japan : Sorry to my American viewers for butchering your accent. HOW CAN I IMPROVE? Tell me the secrets. If there are certain words in the video I really screwed up on let me know below!

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : a british guy prentending to be an american in japan confusing

The Lone Photographer : This whole episode is sorta scary with his American accent. It's as if he's been faking a British accent this whole time

96 : Hey Chris who are you kidding we all know you're actually fake and just a vlogger from Seattle

A Spidermonster : American accent? "Kilometers"? Nice try.

Stardust Sam : your british accent is actually good keep it up American man

K'eyush The Stunt Dog : Your accent was pretty convincing, it was odd watching the whole video with you not sounding like you! Q: Can you do any other accents? #askabroad

Ben : That accent was a journey across America. Stopping for long periods of time in Wisconsin and California.

ajhf1 : You did a really good American accent just like Tom Holland does for Spider-Man/Peter Parker. I was watching the video during class and one of my friends looked over and said "I thought he was British." I explained to him the challenge and he also approved of the accent. So overall good job! You got 10/10! Also love your videos, keep up the great work!

Syongkwarn : Jonathan: What's your goal? Chris: I wanna have the best goddamn travel series across Japan. WOW McDonalds! Job done. All Clear Missions.

Edgydrifter1 : For what it's worth, my brother came over while this vid was on tv. He asked "who's this guy"? I said a Brit who lives in Japan and is currently bicycling across the country. My brother said you sure he's British? Doesn't sound like it. Best part...we live in Seattle, you fooled a local, your Chad plan is shaping up nicely..

FANTAVISION : I like that in the "American accent" you swear more. Same thing I do when I do my "british accent" lol

Rafael Junqueira Santos : It has been 3 days, I think he was ran over by a truck, or worse, by a magnetic train!

FoodforThought : Chris, your Irish accent is really good!

TheFancifulFish : Your voice sounds a bit higher pitch when you use an American accent, probably because of those nasally "ah" sounds we use so much. By the way, the American accent was done quite well, Chris, (uh, I mean Chad). And you can't butcher the American English accent; it's already been butchered. Our pronunciation makes us sound like dying goats.

DM16G12SOTON : why are you up til 5am editing if you have the Tokyo Creative guys there to make videos for you?

Leonard Rymer : Chris, have you serviced your bike so far? On minute 2:28 it looks like your front tire is wobbling. It'd be a good idea to visit a bike shop along the way just to make sure everything is running well. Stay safe out there!

Misses Witch : no new videos yet...-turns into ashes and fades away-

Dunduckuty : Hey Chris, I really appreciate the huge effort you put into getting these videos up each day. Please be careful not to burn yourself out for us. We're not worth it 😂

Neda : Last video uploaded 3 days ago... Are you okay, Chris?

Kabuto Zombie : here's a real challenge, after you reach your destination, cycle all the way back.

x9x9x9x9x9 : Accents are so weird. I forget that Americans have an accent. Then you have dialects. I think of my "accent" more of the neutral dialect but I could be completely wrong and sound hick as fuck to someone in England.

kolmenoitaa : ok, but why do you hate The Killers??

Rabbit Potato : As an American, I think your American accent is almost perfect 👌🏻 You almost seem like a different person with it.

Denise Wirsing : I think you did very well with your American Accent—much better than I could manage trying to sound British. But I find you much sexier with your British accent.

青鬼TV : Total respect for your consistency and commitment 👍🏼Love the gay American accent too!😂

William Chiang : this has been the most unusual episode yet, i feel like Chris got replaced by a cheap knockoff android and they didn't download the right language pack please never do this again

JealousConjurer : Chris listen. Its cool if you wanna take a few days of. But are you alive though? You were basically running on no sleep, and im getting kind of worried over here.

Ma An : Hope everything's alright. Suddenly not getting a new video for 2 days makes me worried. Maybe you had no time editing?

drake ramoray : wheres the daily video you muffin on wheels???

Eric Timmer : I don't know your America accent was pretty dam good!!

Sébastien Lemarquis : This tour is OK. You now have realized doing 50 km a day is easy. But you are still missing a lot. The next level is to say goodbye to your supporting team, buy a tent, a sleeping bag and sleep in the wild every night until you reach your destination. You will have the best time of your life and will make your best videos ever. Just do it.

John Berenskey : Where is the new vid?

Engel : Missded a day. RIP.

MellosChocolateX3 : Your American "a" sounds a little British in a lot of words (like in damn, also, ect), and your intonation at the end of your sentences sometimes isn't that American. Other than that it was really good! To my middle of nowhere (like wheat fields middle of nowhere, not that fake corn middle of nowhere) it sounds really west coast. If you want a California accent then disregard this, but for a hard mode American accent you can drop the end g on -ing words, change 'and' to 'n', and change the 't' in most words to 'd' - for example, 'idn't' instead of 'isn't.' Only then are you American enough to get your barn swept away in a tornado. Good luck!

CZsWorld : Accent was good at first, slipped into a Canadian accent after a while.

Benjamin Boyle : Still speaking with mouth like pitbull I see.

Julitrexx : Easier production type videos like this one are just as enjoyable as the ones Chris usually make, Chad from Seattle; they have their own charm to them. You did great with this challenge. Really enjoyed how you transitioned back to your sarcastic self at the end and you sharing your feelings towards the cycle. Even when people tell us we can't do something, we can do great things and find satisfaction in them when we just dare to try. Lastly, I know your goal is to make daily videos for the entirety of the journey, but please try not to work yourself too hard, Chris!

JanPospisil42 : Did he die?

David David : Yo, what's up with the uploads

UpcycLucie : I wish you’d tell the story about the biscuits you left behind in the American accent!

Jacob Shelby : Daily vlog just ended :(

fridel maconee : its been 2 video...did he died?

Kyudo Kun : I like your British accent more.

aya yay : Don't pronounce 't' heavily. Like when you said Seattle, the 't' was too emphasized. Pronounce the word 'last' kinda more like 'lest' than 'lust', etc

KamikoInu : I don't think your American accent was bad at all! Great job! I'm really enjoying this whole series and I can't wait to see the rest of your journey!

mopslikvonstein : I was told there would be daily videos

ZirZang : My ears bloody ell gov

Konsta Vryle : can already tell this will be a series i'll watch & rewatch again and again, just one of those special yt channels you can really enjoy.

avq5 : Americans pronounce the "o" in "comment" with the mouth wide open, like cAHHHment. Your pronunciation is more like cAUGHment. The only other thing was "particularly". Americans are too lazy to hit all five syllables so it usually comes out like "particuly".