J'Maurice - Tomorrow (Official Music Video) [Extended Cut]
JMaurice Tomorrow Official Music Video Extended Cut

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Stream "TOMORROW' on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/2k0V5DWi3h7lvRAoG92LwI?si=BV0wus4CQVyRFiE-4B7lgw FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Iamjmaurice TWITTER: https://twitter.com/therealjmaurice INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/therealjmaurice Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and SHARE!! Tomorrow is a song that relates to everyone of us through the common message of “love” and what it means to a relationship. The track takes the listener into a deeper level of J'Maurice's mind and soul. His lyrics can truly touch someone and be the soundtrack to their day. With a superior level of production on the track, you can tell that their was some serious work put in at the studio.


Vince : Really Good Job.. Beautiful Song and Beutiful Video.

OnionBhajis : I can't believe you dont have more subscribers .. good video

David James : Beautiful, I listen to this when I am working!!

DJ Bankrupt : Really great song here! Great beat, everything on this one!

V AngelK : So beautifully done!!!!

Trina M. Snyder : dripping sauce

Roxie T. Cheeks : my friends love your video

Clara R. Thao : what type of shoes are those?

Leatrice C. Dale : This kids are to cute

Brittney M. Arehart : 😘💖💖💖💖💖💞💕💓✌💖💞💕💓💖💕💓💓💕💖💞✌💓😘✌💕💞💓💓💓💖💕💖💕💞💖💞💖💖💓