BWAY-LIVE.COM: Lea Salonga -- Still Hurting (In Rehearsal)

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Dallas Jokic : This is hands down the best performance of this song I have ever seen, and I don't think there are many songs I've seen performed more than this one. Stunning.

carlo456622 : watching this makes me feel heartbroken even if im not. hahaha

Nikki Rikki : I'm the guy at 1:28 "NICE."

Bianky Flowers : Had the privilege of hearing and watching this live when she performed here in Osaka along with 3 other musical legends, and goodness, I've drown in feels. I've never heard of the musical "The last five years" before and I'm not familiar with the songs or the story but Ms. Leah gave a really heartfelt performance. By the end of the song I was weeping and asking what the hell is wrong with Jamie?

Lea Mintonette Styles : Her rehearsals can be for concerts already! Bravo!

yvie : Minimal makeup, minimal but powerful expressions with such an emotionally charged voice. Queen is Lea is queen <3

Taka Ono : I still can't decide whether I like this rendition more or Laura Benanti's.  Granted, Laura's clip on here is only audio, but her voice sounds so right on the song.  Lea's edge is that her acting is mesmerizing, and the fact that she never pushes her voice too hard throughout just drives home the emptiness and vulnerability she's feeling in the moment.  Stunning performance.   

chaps bryan : This isn't oversinging..just as it is.. it is PERFECT... Great job Lea..

banana2510 : I felt EVERYTHING she was portraying!!! OMG her acting and emotions are just left out to dry. Absolutely perfection. Simple and effortless, yet so impactful and effective.

Tanie Mangundayao : her crystal clear voice and her awesome tone fit the song so well....this song is so heart breaking....oh my...shed a tear....Lea is indeed a powerful singer....such emotional power in her tone and the brilliance of her voice...can't put into words...this is the best rendition of this song! I so love Lea! :)

Larry Chase Solang Gayag-a : brilliant vocal. on point and with right emotions. clarity.... gosh .... one thing that this girl has and a lot of singers does not posses. she's so beautiful. I'm in tears. this will be played in my house all the years to come.

dankichi07 : has anyone seen the play? you guys should see it. this is one of my favorite musical. It starts with this song while Kathy was reading Jamie's letter telling her he's leaving. So those asking what the hells wrong with jaime, you guys should see it. Its really heartbreaking.

Felomina Abarico : I'm a man. I don't cry *wipes my tears*

Ez Waygood : My favorite rendition, her voice is so clear! I would pick her over Anna Kendrick any day!

Jade : Wish they used someone with a voice like Lea's for the movie... Anna has a nice voice, but I just don't feel it.

Courtney Robbins : By far the best version.

Naomi Corpuz : Just amazing. I am speechless. This is the best rendition of "Still Hurting" which has been sang so many times by a lot of singers. LEA. NEVER. FAILS.

Stephy Reyes : She is this great even during a rehearsal

Jamaima Banasen : i don't know why there's an ache within my heart, i don't even know the story! great as always Ms. Lea! :)

Maria Curry : This girl is sooo pretty even without makeup!

Goodmorning, Sunshine : Oh my god, I got teary eyed listening to this. She sings so emotionally and without any effort. I Love her, shes definitely my inspiration.

Lilly Of the North : Lyrics. Jamie is over and Jamie is gone Jamie's decided it's time to move on Jamie has new dreams he's building upon And I'm still hurting Jamie arrived at the end of the line Jamie's convinced that the problems are mine Jamie is probably feeling just fine And I'm still hurting What about lies, Jamie? What about things That you swore to be true What about you, Jamie What about you Jamie is sure something wonderful died Jamie decides it's his right to decide Jamie's got secrets he doesn't confide And I'm still hurting Go and hide and run away Run away, run and find something better Go and ride the sun away Run away like it's simple Like it's right... Give me a day, Jamie Bring back the lies Hang them back on the wall Maybe I'd see How you could be So certain that we Had no chance at all Jamie is over and where can I turn? Covered with scars I did nothing to earn Maybe there's somewhere a lesson to learn But that wouldn't change the fact That wouldn't speed the time Once the foundation's cracked And I'm Still hurting

peterpan57ify : This version is just beautiful. The emotions and vocal control are there. It wasn't over the top nor it was overacted. It's just right.

King Albesa : I will never get tired of listening to this video. I can always feel the emotions and the realness.

Michelle Angelica Roa : I just can't help it. I keep coming back. This is just gut-wrenchingly beautiful.

Ninz Metran : i can almost feel as well as hear the rawness of the emotion behind the story of this song. what was great about this performance was that Lea was able to connect with this song and its message. it brought me back to the time that i was really hurting from a broken relationship.

daniel smith : That last line...God i was torn to pieces and i was crying....

Her-nan Ma-chu El-ya-zar : i am so happy my friend told me that lea has rendition of this song. worth searching... 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

Mar Louie Cruz : The hurting is just too real in this performance!

cai tough : I love how her voice comes out effortlessly beautiful! ❤

mariah : always gives me chills. she is my QUEEN. 

Lee Xiong : the vocal here are very good but id like to see her play kathy... recently saw Britta Ollman play Kathy and she was simply sublime

Yvan : It's November 2016 and I still love this!!

Wenonah Magne Llagas : She really lives for EXCELLENCE :) I LOVE HER 

Mark John Bunyi : So much pain in her rendition of this song. Love it. Though now I feel sad :( This brings back sad memories of my past relationship.

ramosity : The only thing I have about this is the song itself. Too painful. 😭

Josephine Ambiya : Still cuts so deep 🙃🙃🙃 why am I here AGAIN

missGuidedme : this is stunning.

Mindy JJ : Perfection is Lea Salonga!

Ryo Magsino : I think we've just heard Perfection sing.

Lauren Griffin : Though I will always prefer Sherie she is absolutely wonderful

thesavvyfilipino : Beyond perfection

Safa Gosling : she is perfect, that's all

Jay Veerayano : Thank you for the upload. This is so gorgeous! Amazing rendition.

Lailah Nae Muyong : What's wrong with you Jamie?! Why hurt her?! Now look Jamie, she's still hurting but she's soooo wonderful! You're just so great Ms. Lea. So great :)

ritz ginoo : Simply The Best. #tears

Gay Marie : i feel you, Lea. i feel you.

Joseph Prestamo : Yeah. I'm dead.

Jane Marie : Oh my gosh my ears are having an orgasm help me

Kei Kimura : She gave an emotion to this song. She's singing with all her heart and also she's enjoying and loving what's she's doing. You're the best Ms. Lea Salonga! I love you.