The Rise of EA ... And Where It Went Wrong

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Phương Nguyễn : EA Games move from challenge everything to ruin everything

MountainMonkey : "At least they haven't ruined battlefront 2 yet" lol oh well

Turbojet : I'm surprised you didn't need a season pass to watch this video...

X7 Albert : We still want Skate 4...

Business Casual : Small correction at 10:05. I say that EA's profits went from $8m to $875m, when it would've been more accurate to say it was their net income that went up by this amount. Apologies, and thanks for watching!

Dacheapgamer : Youre one of my favorite channels keep up the good work

Erica Croft : "At least they haven't wrecked StarWars Battlefront yet". RIP

Sir Ramen : ea is scary

eerereps : 10:53 Ha ha haaaa!!!

Mauro Huenchunao : For what I heard, they finally screw Star Wars Battlefront too

No Memes Allowed : What's the deal with the anime cat lady?

Wavanova : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet." LOL OOPS

Aislinn O Rourke : If EA is so terrible why do people still buy their games.

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : They can better call them self EM, Electronic Money, no arts at all :/

GermanyWaitForYou : Basically everything that associates with EA fails and the only thing that keeps them alive is Fifa and its huge fanbase

derlich09 : Interesting video. Horrible, horrible, music. I haven't bought an EA game since Mass Effect 3 and I never will again. Fuck EA.

HarrybosPlums : Business Casual- "At least they haven't ruined Star Wars battlefront yet". EA- "Hold my beer"

Dogman _27 : Electronic farts

Istir : Why is EA the worst developer in US? Because Ubisoft is from France

Mephisto Knight : ‘At least they haven’t run Battlefront into the ground’...

Audel Acosta : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet" It's been 3 months and already that comment didn't age well

Franko Alappat : i was playing nfs underground 2 with my chill time. opened yt and this video just popped up

Nither I Am : when a youtube channel is smarter than a company.

jernej tojersu : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

imajogger : Skate 4

Primeval Atom : I love your comment about Battlefield 2 lol - then I check the date of this video and I can see you didn't anticipated the future incredible crash and burn disaster EA find themselves in because of their unending greed...

Lichloli Nuko : EA & Nexon deserve to die as a company for the crimes of bringing down so many good IP, also this censorship, dlc and microtransactions have to stop and only you as a costumer have the power to stop them, do not buy or play their games, you only keep giving them reasons to continue their scummy practises.

GasPuch62 : R.I.P. Command & Conquer

Geography Nerd : You spelled "Business" wrong in the YouTube search at 11:04.

honeyspoon : lots of opinion in this video I prefer when you stay with facts

Colin Cramer : "At least they haven't wrecked star wars battlefront yet"... oh what a difference 4 months makes...

sergeantballsack : 7:53 lol not anymore


BURGATRON : This is the company that sank Command and Conquer and is ruining Dragon Age. I hope they go bankrupt and disappear forever.

Some Random Guy : You think EA has some bad DLC practices? Check out Paradox and their $219 for a 'full experience'.

ChopsticksAngel : "Atleast they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet" lmao

M&MGuy : Electronic Farts

David J.A : Cant spell Steal without EA

Mishal : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet" they just did.

AJ K : EA it's in the dlc's

Maple : LOL at least they didn't ruin battlefront. This is hilarious knowing that the release has been awful

Corey Hammond : I haven't fogiven them for destroying Westwood Studios.

ham dog : They fucking called it.

bo dangle : This is what happens when your main goal becomes profit. Super successful businesses are never built on the objective of profit. Love the channel, keep up the good work.

Hatsura : 4:51 You can't hide from me.

Stealthy elf : 7:50 ~ ish "at least they havent wrecked battlefront yet"... i have some bad news.

Tyler Gates : Haven't wrecked Star Wars yet? Think again.

shadowthelegend100 : "At least they haven't wreaked starwars battlefront yet" OOOOOOOOH BOY

Niccolo Cagnolati : 7:50 "At least they haven't ruined Battlefront yet." Oh you poor sweet innocent child, you had no idea of what was to come

Danimally : A company that wants money for their products? Omg what a devilish thoughts!