The Rise of EA ... And Where It Went Wrong

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Business Casual : Small correction at 10:05. I say that EA's profits went from $8m to $875m, when it would've been more accurate to say it was their net income that went up by this amount. Apologies, and thanks for watching!

MountainMonkey : "At least they haven't ruined battlefront 2 yet" lol oh well

Phương Nguyễn : EA Games move from challenge everything to ruin everything

X7 Albert : We still want Skate 4...

Geography Nerd : You spelled "Business" wrong in the YouTube search at 11:04.

Xyphn : [Please purchase the brand new DLC to unlock this comment!]

David J A : Cant spell Steal without EA

Turbojet : I'm surprised you didn't need a season pass to watch this video...

Grom Bmista : Titanfall 2  They released the game in the same time period as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. But every DLC and update they have released has been free.  EA makes no sense.

Michael Burke : Mass Effect 3 was the final straw for me. Such a shame that a game with so much potential turned out to be the weakest in the series. Mass Effect 3 being rushed was such an injustice to the series. On a lighter note, who here remembers the classic Need for Speed series from the 90s to the early 00s? So many fond memories of Need for Speed II, III, and Porsche 2000.

Potatro tatro : The last EA game I bought was Mass Effect 3. EA rushed it so the last 20 minutes were complete shit and the dlc practices were disgusting but overall I see it as the last remnant of classic bioware. I don't like shitty sports titles or soulless RPGs so the last 5 years have been wonderfully EA free. FrEA if you will

songhuchoe : Story of EA: "You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain"

nihonium : do samsung next

BURGATRON : This is the company that sank Command and Conquer and is ruining Dragon Age. I hope they go bankrupt and disappear forever.

Dacheapgamer : Youre one of my favorite channels keep up the good work

Erica Croft : "At least they haven't wrecked StarWars Battlefront yet". RIP

Flammable Fox : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars battlefront yet". You sure about that?

Danny Boy Jango : EA killed C&C. I will never forget this.

eerereps : 10:53 Ha ha haaaa!!!

Istir : Why is EA the worst developer in US? Because Ubisoft is from France

Rickest Rick : Can we all just acknowledge that CD Projekt Red is the best, most moral developer in the game right now? Throw more $ at them so they can make more awesome games.

No Memes Allowed : What's the deal with the anime cat lady?

Sir Ramen : ea is scary

Mauro Huenchunao : For what I heard, they finally screw Star Wars Battlefront too

HarrybosPlums : Business Casual- "At least they haven't ruined Star Wars battlefront yet". EA- "Hold my beer"

Wavanova : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet." LOL OOPS

Aislinn O Rourke : If EA is so terrible why do people still buy their games.

gellendar : "At least they haven't ruined Star Wars Battlefront" Oh the irony...

eerereps : 2:30 I think Tim Hawkins was still " _experimenting_ " at the time...

GermanyWaitForYou : Basically everything that associates with EA fails and the only thing that keeps them alive is Fifa and its huge fanbase

Dogman _27 : Electronic farts

GasPuch62 : R.I.P. Command & Conquer

Nither I Am : when a youtube channel is smarter than a company.

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : They can better call them self EM, Electronic Money, no arts at all :/

Audel Acosta : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet" It's been 3 months and already that comment didn't age well

bo dangle : This is what happens when your main goal becomes profit. Super successful businesses are never built on the objective of profit. Love the channel, keep up the good work.

Daoist lol : EA & Nexon deserve to die as a company for the crimes of bringing down so many good IP, also this censorship, dlc and microtransactions have to stop and only you as a costumer have the power to stop them, do not buy or play their games, you only keep giving them reasons to continue their scummy practises.

THE CIRCLE TV : This is soo good! Can do a video on another one of the gaming world's villains, CAPCOM?

Corey Hammond : I haven't fogiven them for destroying Westwood Studios.

Franko Alappat : i was playing nfs underground 2 with my chill time. opened yt and this video just popped up

Colin Cramer : "At least they haven't wrecked star wars battlefront yet"... oh what a difference 4 months makes...

Mephisto Knight : ‘At least they haven’t run Battlefront into the ground’...

Primeval Atom : I love your comment about Battlefield 2 lol - then I check the date of this video and I can see you didn't anticipated the future incredible crash and burn disaster EA find themselves in because of their unending greed...

jernej tojersu : "At least they haven't wrecked Star Wars Battlefront yet" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

imajogger : Skate 4

Imported Parmesan : 7:55 Watching this in 2018, laughing.

Niccolo Cagnolati : 7:50 "At least they haven't ruined Battlefront yet." Oh you poor sweet innocent child, you had no idea of what was to come


RobyVan : "At least they didnt wrecked Star Was Battlefront yet" They just did that

honeyspoon : lots of opinion in this video I prefer when you stay with facts