SOLAR Plane V3 Long Duration Test Flight - RCTESTFLIGHT
SOLAR Plane V3 Long Duration Test Flight RCTESTFLIGHT

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Testing how long the solar plane V3 will stay aloft on a perfect day. Support this project on Patreon: Song: mellogem - silver wings


Kevin : You need to get long range trancevers and do cross country with the plane :D

Brian Gillespie : Didn't crash..., Boeing needs you!

errecappa : Nice, now go spy Area51 thanks!

Fluburtur : I was most worried about the batteries of your FPV goggles and radio

Rick Extrordinaire : Any chance of a bill of materials? Specifically the thin film solar panels.

921 gaming : I'm more impressed by your patience than your build

Jared Vititoe : Do some passenger airlines for ants!!

Jo Grey : Step 1: Build self sustaining solar powered plane Step 2: Travel to the north pole during summer Step 3: Shatter world records and profit

Alex31YTB : Youtube in 2017: lest save this for a little longer Youtube in 2019: Yes

Vio : Can you make instructions to build this plane?

Woytek : Hi @rctestflight, great video. Can you write what hardware you're using or point me to the video with your flight controller, transmitter, receiver etc. configuration?

Bradley Nielsen : Q: "What now?" A: "Long range coms"

Elliot : Thermals are solar powered

booger boogie : I was impressed after 1 hr!!! awesome plane -use it for land sales.. show all neighbors ..ect…

Nemo X : that coordinates (from RC camera system) @ somewhere in north china .. are you live at there too?

Jordan Engel : I would make it autonomous add GPS tracker and send it to Europe. The logic should *also* turn off the motor when it can just like you did. Terrific project!

Baz Z : Fantastic job love your work. However you need to do some work on the aerodynamics you would get more efficiency for sure.

Oscar Thorpe : 4 hours what the hell

Christopher Gaul : Really cool project. Very nice, clean build on the plane too. Re the charging, I'm certainly no expert but I agree that you need to look into MPPT charging instead of your existing setup. If your panels put out voltages consistently higher than your batteries' fully charged voltage, MPPT lets you beat utilize that extra power under the curve. You might also look into lighter, more energy dense batteries. Eg if you're using Lithium Ion, move to Lithium Polymer. Looking forward to more of this project.

Willem Beltman : "What now?" he askes, BUILT A BIG ASS VERSION OF IT AND START FLYING IT. Ofcourse...

hmauroy : Nice! I vote for adding an MPPT charge controller. Keep up the inspiring work!

BEST.vs.WORST : what is the current record of Long duration RC plane flight?

Nick OBrien : Put some winglets on your aircraft which should reduce induced drag and Improve aerodynamic performance

Stuart Sutherland : That was amazing, great job, well done...over 4 hour flight is incredible

Dustin Evans : Instead of a current sensor on the solar panels, a voltage sensor would give you a better idea of what they are doing. The voltage of solar panels decreases under load if they don’t provide enough current to power the circuit.

thom1218 : That's about 100 watts of solar on those wings... how is that alone not able maintain flight and altitude? Ditch the heavy batteries and lighten that thing up - 100 watts should keep that in the air, you said 20 volts @ 3 amps.

Sean Romero : I'm certain it feels mundane and boring however, what your doing is extremely important. This country needs young bright minds if we are to remain as great as we are. Super job!

King Krimson : This is my first video that I saw from you and already I love it and subscribing keep it up

LWQ LWQ : What about LTE transmission of video and telemetry? And you can buy a MPPT controller capable as low as 3Amps or more, just use a proper charging and you will get much better buffer of power to overcome headwinds... You can also use supercapacitors to get buffer for power peaks while battery can be like idle... Great vid anyway, cheers... ✌️

floyd loonie : Great job! Thank you for sharing this project with us.

FirstPrinciple r : I am very impressed by your work! Please keep on doing it!!!

mmikrik : Чувак молодец. Четыре часа непрерывного испытания это пиздец как утомительно. За терпение тебе лайк!

Norm Caissie : can't you add cells to the tail?

Tomsun_UK : Love this project. Good job :) Have you done a test comparing uncovered solar cells to you current set up? It must lose a chunk of solar gain from that. I don't no remember seeing a direct conparison, I quite possibly have missed/forgotten - the sky surfer test was nearly there.

BomDia colega! : you should coat the wings with anti-reflection to avoid losing solar power.

John Sikes : Thermals are SOLAR powered too, dude. ;-)

Chev Campbell : Try using a capacitor bank on the solar panels and a regulator before the battery system. This will allow the solar panels to run at their peak potential and supply a constant power to the charging circuit.

Kamiquadze FPV : Subb'd on Patreon! Keep up the great work, and keep with the vids coming! Let me know when you build V4. I'll buy V3 from you! ;)

Lorenz Ballenweg : I wouldnt use the voltage booster, since energy is lost. i would put the solar cells in series, and also use lithium Ion 18650 batteries.

F Squanchy : have you looked into some mppt circuitry to maximize what you can gain from the panels? The panels have an ideal voltage to get the most current from them.

Trevor Moon : S turns is caused by compas alignment. Slightly off clockwise or counter. Also causes toilet bowling on quads

Marty Jeruzal : I'd just like to be able to fly for 15 or 20 min.

CUBETechie : Could you please build a solar powered zeppelin?

James Sanks : How can I build my own plane like that?

Emre : Dude 4.25 hours? I would've just brought it down and chosen a new career while i was at it

furulevi : 2.4GHz receiver on the goggles?

Eddie Ng Crossing Bridges : Congratulations and well done !! This was an incredible watch end to end !

Jussi Hirvonen : How about if you used 2 smaller batteries, and built a circuitry to charge one and fly from one, and switch mid flight?

Safir : What if you flew it in a way that you could keep seeing the sun forever?