You've never heard of Grabahan?

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James Chau : His dab is pretty strong

Natalie Obman : This man went through medical school don't do him like this.

Witta : Top of his class at Harvard, respect this man.

Henry Levenson : where do you even find a person willing to do this on camera?

Bernard Gliff : Aaaaahhh, not today suicide, not today.

DanzQueen : This man has a wedding ring. I love everything about this video

Potaishee : I enjoy this both ironically and unironically.

Tatu Tanskanen : Did someone buy this from fiverr or something. Anyway it was totally worth whatever you payed for it!

Giorgi Kvirkvia : What the h*ck is fugma, bro *cho cho*??

Mininji : Never been so proud to be called son

Das Schnabeltier : His delivery is just too good. Bless you for sharing this with us. Was it very expensive?

Imperial units are superior to metric : Why is millennial humor so weird?

sonyviva308 : This is it guys and girls. The pinnacle of human comedy right here.

Meme Insider : Dab if you’re being held against your will.

Max Cartmill : 1:40 : "Anyways, broskis" Isaac: I GET IT ITS A COMBINATION OF BRO CHO CHO AND SKIN CANCER!

Tasty : is this timeline cursed or blessed? I don't know after watching this

Julian GeeEm : POWERFUL video. I give it 3 full extension dabs.

Ethan Levinskas : I can't stop laughing

uwu mobile : why did he call me son

Dimentive : This man is a national treasure. We must protect him at all costs.

oobalooba : The Bibble said this would happen in the end times.

EpicDonutDude : Dabbing intesifies

gibbel zoob : 8 years of medical school doin fine on this bro

Lincoln S : Thank you my bro cho cho, but will we hear any more about that dangerous disease, grabahan

Muteen Mir : Swallow myyyy cuuuum!

TEHSMISH : this is so sad, can we hit 1000 likes?

RiffRaff : i am dead on the inside.

boots : delete the internet

Loco : thats the best video ive ever seen

jakememelord : r/brochocho

Christian : I’ve watched this video everyday for the past week and half. Better every time

Jack Harnischfeger : Liam your a God memer you created this out of the dust

aaronam0115 : So who is he actually. Like, what can we find out about him? He’s middle aged, married, and doing this. I’m legitimately interested as to what he is doing this for

James Clements : 0:50 Twitchy shoulder

DefecatE : That's it, I'm gonna start saying broskii now cause of you

Xiode : I need to take some yiraf after this

Re Silient : gamers rise up

kayetto : Thanks, I hate it

Nemerus : No

Nelu : This is so sad, can we hit 50 thousand heat-related deaths in India?

BRSZ : this is the best thing i've seen all day

Arkane : Go to 0:34 and look at his left hand.

Robin Could : that's it, i've seen it all, i can finally kill myself

DollarTrollar : SwallowMa swallowma what dude? SwallowMaCum

Not so MLG Person : I laughed so much, my face muscles still hurt.

Estefany Palma : Listen to his coat

EwokinOnSunshine : Where have you been all my life?

Hobo Bobo : I've watched this 778 times today

Pan Bóg : r/fellowkids

zach leigh : How could you forget the debilitating Sugondese