Giant spider crawls across Fulshear police dashcam video

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A clerk reviewing Fulshear police dashcam video got a Halloween scare this week when a giant spider was seen crawling across the vehicle's windshield. (Fulshear Police Department)


10101GoodBoy : So it was on.your windshield and u thought it's huge and behind the police..mental 3d effect lols

Yunus khan : Hahahahahahaha Special affect 😂

Samantha Maraman : We love Fulshear!!

Jeff Bell : spider looks both ways before stepping off the curb on to the street.

Count Dracula : ползет паучок ( с копеечную монетку) по стеклу .... . что вы там совсем с ума посходили????

Count Dracula : ползет паучок по стеклу патрульной машины которая стоит напротив..... либо по стеклу камеры..... это видео яйца выеденного не стоит....

Brently Chamu : Awsome clickbait

Jstone2525 : Not a cop.