The gull who eats pigeons

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A film by Johanna van de Woestijne about the notorious pigeon-killing Lesser Black-Backed Gull in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. More news about this gull, and other gulls which are trying to learn pigeon-killing skills, on my daily blog about the park at This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615

Comments from Youtube

Swoost : narration is like attenborough if he smoked a fatty. i approve.

Frederik Olsen : good shots, good editing, good voice over. this is actaually a really good short documentaries. you dont always need flashy intros and whatnot. great job!

Blueblood1270 : "Sometimes he lies down, to make himself less conspicuous" Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Gull trained by Ra's al Ghul as his assassin bodyguard!!

Myamdane 777 : Rehabilitation they said... He'll be fine they said...

AudemarsontheWrist : How to make a professional amateur documentary

The Savage Taxman : Hopefully seagulls adopt this feeding strategy. Maybe then I'd get shat on less

Anders Persson : Grown-up by a lake, every early summer when ducks and geese got their nestlings the seagulls hunted them, I saved a small black-throated loon chicken from being killed by those seagulls, but it's parents disappeared so it adopted me as it's parents, it wasn't an easy task to breed it, mostly because loons have their feets so long back at the body so they become excellent swimmer but they can't really walk up on land, I had to have it in a water bowl all the time and take the bowl with me wherever I went, and it ate only absolute fresh fishes so I had to fish every day all summer. And it was the most capable diver when i snorkeled and swam together with it, both how long it could hold it's breath and how extremely agile and fast it was.

middleagedpunk : I don't know how I even found this fascinating little snapshot of inner city nature, but what a superb little film. Beautiful camera work and narration.

Violence of Action : Only a Canadian goose will take this mofo out

OPIUM : The cat who was re-incarnated as a seagull...

gregory parker : its a bird eat bird world

Kornflakez - Lost Places & Stuff : Wow...This Seagull is a real psycho!

Des M. : The Pigeons would be safe where I live...the Seagulls only eat French fries.

Karicat Watts : Actually quite fascinating and well done. I mean did you see those action shots? This documentary guy is stalking serial killer gulls. Thank GOD he knows they aren't sea gulls..

JohrnyReport : Even the crow doesn't want to be associated with that psycho.

Safia_ Raccooni : Seagulls are evolving :0

Leather Neck : Absolute mad lad!

Jay Donagh : When I clicked on this video I definitely wasn't expecting to watch the entire thing for 9 minutes, but I'm glad I did. Interesting video, glad it appeared in my recommended.

thelondonbroiler : I believe this warrants saying, "Damn nature, you scary!" Learn something new everyday. Great video, thank you!

CMDR T Pup : Once you taste pigeon flesh, there's no going back

David Bovey : We were at Chincoteague a few weeks ago and witnessed a gull hunt, kill and proceed to eat a frmale bufflehead Duck.

BreadSteak : When the humans start being stingy with the hot chips...

Buffalo : "It doesn't matter who we are... what matters is our plan"

Rotten Cabbage : Looks like the evolution of a new sub species.

Garrett Choi : is anyone gonna talk about how this narrator sounds like Ego from Ratatouille?

lion fish : This Gull is spreading a Culture among other Gulls. Jane Goodall witnessed a Female Chimpanzee named Passion kidnapping other Mother Chimpanzees Babies and then Cannibalize them . Passion taught her Daughter how to kidnap and eat Babies within the troop . The Researchers dicided to Destroy Passion and her Daughter before they decimated the next Generation of Chimpanzees. (Monkey See Monkey do !! ).

sunny robinson : A beautiful piece of work. Pigeon💩 everywhere

Nick Smith : You should get a drone to get footage from above. 😊👍🏼

m I o . o I m : This happens when you don't have decent fish n chip shops nearby.

ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ : He is a serial killer seagull

Anthony J Furnell : Most Gull species are opportunist predators. Read any field guide or Ornithological text about these birds. No naturalist or birdwatcher would be very surprised to see this footage - from this video - or witness such scenes, themselves. Somewhat shocking, though, they undoubtedly are. Just go to any seabird colony and you'll pretty soon, witness such behaviour as depicted on this video.

Mickale's man cave : Killer Zombie sea gull!

KroZEE OrKaz : "Bird gotta eat, bird gotta eat, or something like that," Nigel the Pelican from Finding Nemo

Artaher Duron : "Anyway there's an endless supply of pigeons." Had me dying lol

Deutsche Volk : The gull is no longer a scavenger, it has evolved into a predator.

jay cee : Lmao he pretends as if he isn't looking at the bird then initiates stealth mode and goes in for the kill

Jason Kinnear : 959 dislikes were form the pigeons!

classiclistener01 : Jonathan Livingston Seagull expanded his self-perfection! :D

randomadmin : Unbelievable footage and narration. Such a common place bird you might never see on something like Nat Geo or Discovery, but the quality is right up there.

Hilt Tilt : Whoops and just like that, I like seagulls alot less now.

Panzer Von Lowbrow : Dumbledore never mentioned the Phoenix once. 🤣

Ruud Driessen : Soon he will be eating humans!

larry alegre : finds a way🤓

Ed D : Flying sea rat kills flying rat

thecommanderjb : "anyway there's a endless supply of pigeons" xD haha brutal

DoomPlague57 : I will never look at seagulls the same...

Caige Johnson : In former life, that Sea Gull was probably a Hawk or an Eagle...

MickMaan : It's just Kehaar. He finally made it to the ... [inhale] *BEEG WAHTAAAAAAAAHHH!!*

mhm ima furry owo : "I was a cat in my last life. I haven't gotten used to eating bugs."