The gull who eats pigeons

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OPIUM : The cat who was re-incarnated as a seagull...

1hourOfLove : The narrator gives this a WERNER HERZOG feel to the film.

Quad X : *Ratburgers of the Sky = Pigeons*

1hourOfLove : I didn't know seagulls have MOLARS... to chew their meat with 🥩.

Kitty S : Cameraman + David Attenborough = This man.

Al Ken : Rats with wings eating mice with wings.

mbhsug : For many years I have been filming wild animals, but I have never seen such hunting behavior of a gull. Great shots!

temmy9 : This process is how new species are created. A new behaviour that can possibly be passed on to offspring, and then subjected to natural selection.

CMDR T Pup : Once you taste pigeon flesh, there's no going back

Gigan2004 : Nice work on the video. Crazy how they can change food source in the blink of an eye and perfect a skill in a single lifetime.

Wojciech D : Wow that's years of observation just for one video! Respect!

truthseekers666 : You should submit this to a film festival I am sure you could win a prize.

Super Pony 3 : hey man das not coo

Picky Strums : *swiggity swooty* 2:30

pavlobro17 : What if in a 100 years, this eating habit will spread and every gull will eat pigeons 😱

Bomber Harris : >london >barely anyone speaks english Kino

W1ll P0w3R : Now watch people who don’t understand nature try to remove the gull bc some snowflake is upset the pigeons / ducklings are getting predated upon. Just watch

libertyn jeopardy : democrat socialist gulls? whoda thunk it?

username : fuck breadcrumbs.

Duff Smith : I've never seen a seagull do anything like that. Amazing.

TMOD Aka The Master of Disaster : You’ve got the perfect voice for narration

Xavier Smith : That's like me eating a Chinese person. Almost cannibalism.

philip gage : This is common behaviour among seagulls. I have seen this many times in Sunderland city centre where gulls predate both adult pigeons and squabs dating back over 30 years.

Андрей Иванов : Не знал, что чайки такие прямо хищные птицы.

Ah123rock : Damn those dinosaurs so savage

Андрей Иванов : Прикольно!

Berry Benson : Disturbing....

AudemarsontheWrist : How to make a professional amateur documentary

Sammy Jones : 5:34 Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

Jamaa L : This man did it documentary-style

Overether : "He killed this pigeon on dry land." Yep, you've been watching these birds for too long, my friend.

Dracarius Duxtorm : This was an awesome video! I rarely see something like this, but it was really engaging and I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into making this documentation and it has been well received. That is one spicy seagull.

Miles Manges : The people saying to kill the gull need to take a long look at themselves

Justin Carnes : Seagulls remind me of America. They take what they want and others watch helplessly.

FKFlamma : 5:03 Wow now this ducktales episode took a dark turn :O

doclew28 : whoooooaaa...  seagull is GANGSTA!!!  good riddance to the winged rats that are pigeons!!

Ssa AA : I hate that shit bird, this Bird almost eats everything.

Wisconsin Living : Very well done sir. Smooth editing, clear & descriptive narration. Very interesting and unique subject. I enjoyed watching it from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing.

osirusgtr : Great video thanks for uploading I believe in watching uncensored nature red in tooth and claw.

Hugo Stiglitz : seagulls need killing quick as their getting out of control!!

Dan S : One time long ago on a darkened street. A gang of pigeons ruthlessly raped and tortured the mother and father of a young gul, he vowed one day, one day he will exact revenge on the pigeon! One by one they will suffer the pain and indignity that his parents had to bear! Until hopefully all, all pigeon scum are eradicated from this earth.

Joe C. : Wouldn't think that seagulls would have strong bite force.

Anmin Kang : nice narration

randomadmin : Unbelievable footage and narration. Such a common place bird you might never see on something like Nat Geo or Discovery, but the quality is right up there.

FKFlamma : 2:27 yah really sneaky there, i bet none of the birds would think him as hostile

PK PK : He got sick of people feeding the pigeons instead of him. : Great fotos and video ! Thanks from Poland.

Lee Mac : It is strange to see a gull share anything..

M Ballz : I live on the coast and I have seen gulls fly off with kittens and very small puppies gulls will eat anything they can swallow whole. Most people used to know this but so many kids are so disconnected from reality these days more and more wild animals are killing young domesticated pets than ever where I live. There is a trend for buying little dogs at the moment in my part of Britain and we have got buzzards and big gulls and they will take a small puppy for a snack, even a Fox will kill a tiny dog seeing it as competition people are so bloody stupid these days.

Liber 8 : Nothing an air rifle wouldn't sort out!!