The gull who eats pigeons

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OPIUM : The cat who was re-incarnated as a seagull...

Artaher Duron : "Anyway there's an endless supply of pigeons." Had me dying lol

Samson .Pz : Boys are we seeing a new evolutionary branch before our very eyes? In 10000 years is there gonna be a species of seagull specially adapted to hunting pigeons native to London?

m I o . o I m : This happens when you don't have decent fish n chip shops nearby.

Tochtli : The crows are just like, “Uh... I’m out of here... this guy is a psycho...”

AudemarsontheWrist : How to make a professional amateur documentary

Luis Alvarez : Poor seagull never had a McDonald's frie.

Bonez0r : So far they hunt alone and eat pigeons. What if they learn to hunt in packs and attack bigger prey? They could wait for nightfall or early morning and look for a single human walking their dog. Then the whole flock descends and carries off the dog, or they peck the human to death. I've watched too many horror movies...

Back to the Basics 101 : Thanks for the great video. I appreciate your hard work that went into it. I knew the carcasses mice etc. but this is new to me. Thanks for sharing Happy trails Luke

Sigh Phi Guy : the narrator sounds like Severus Snapes less malevolent brother.

1hourOfLove : The narrator gives this a WERNER HERZOG feel to the film.

Wholesome Lad : The way he hunts then is similar to how cats catch birds

JohrnyReport : Even the crow doesn't want to be associated with that psycho.

Russell Walton : I live in San Francisco and in the bay between the Wharf and Sausalito I’ve seen seagulls attack birds when flying over the water.. it’s crazy to watch. Nothing like a glass of wine clam chowder in a bread bowl and pigeons on a murder spree.

Jack Hunter : I saw this gull a few years ago dunking a pigeon in the lake whilst on lunch and anyone I told didn't believe me! Thank you for helping me not look nuts anymore!

PK PK : He got sick of people feeding the pigeons instead of him.

Ed D : Flying sea rat kills flying rat

MAJOR FACTZ TV : That seagulls Father somehow managed to put his pecker in a Hawk

Devil's Adv0cate : Due to overfishing in a part of the ocean I can't remember, the great white pelican's in the breeding colony can no longer raise their chicks on fish, so they've started hopping over to the next little island where a smaller species nests in a colony. They eat any unguarded chick of any size. These birds will teach their young & so on over the generations. The gull, & the pelican's chicks who successfully learn these techniques will be the ones that are stronger, faster & have sharper beaks than their siblings. As they mate with each other those attributes will be amplified and in a few thousand years you'll see a transitional form of the bird & in 100-200 thousands years, you'll have a new species.

Dudat Gaming : "Cuz, I was a hawk in my previous life"

Alex Bramwell : This Seagull simply chose a different talent tree.

DAMN SON : His father was eagle, mother-gull

James Bathory : This must be the most unsanitary restaurant ever. Birds flying all over the place and gulls attacking pigeons. Birdshit everywhere I bet.. imagine the gull tearing the pigeon on the rooftop and a pigeon head landing on your soup.

CarpyIsdead : Good thing is, the gulls have adapted to the invasive pigeons, but pigeons aren't too bad in my opinion. There's nothing wrong with the seagull doing this, I hope he mates with another pigeon-eater and they keep the pigeons in control.

Dhustie : Maybe they all just hate flying rats

USCFlash : The gull who eats pigeons.... I am looking forward to part two... The gull who eats narrators.

Enrique Fuentes : Its like watching a dinosaur hunt hahaha

Sup Im TAQ : Is it just me, or at the start of the video does it look like the gull has a Sharigan?

Dino M : Years ago when I worked on a fishing boat and sometimes the pier. Several times a year after we closed the pier we would use pellet guns to shoot as many pigeons as we could to control the poplulation. The seagulls would come in and fish that lived under the pier would feast like crazy. We couldn't keep up with the frenzy.

CMDR T Pup : Once you taste pigeon flesh, there's no going back

Airgun Evolution : So this seagull would rather eat a rat with wings than McDonald's french fries...can't blame him.

Musti : Kill it with fire before it breeds.

ᴛʀᴀɢɪᴄ ʜᴇʀᴏ : *Mine*

Jean Pierre Wehry : Did the Pigeon survive?

cosmiccandy : I guess this video kinda explains why we put down certain animals who kill/eat humans....if they do it once, they get the bloodlust and temptation to do it again. This seagull unlike the many others at the Serpentine feasts on pigeons because he's done it once before and now has the bloodlust for them. Just look at his determination - it's clearly his thing now.

G Mballistic : I don't particularly like pigeons but I flippin hate Seagulls like that. Pity they're protected. :/

Nas Jo : Seagulls are natural hunters. In the city they don't need to hunt because of the abundance of scraps. This one is an exception. Well done. Subscribed.

Panzer Raven : I hate herons.. I remember a sunny day and I was fishing.. Oh look baby ducks!! Oh look a Herron.. How nice.. Wtf the heron just ate a baby duck.. Remember to bring my air rifle net time..

cock news network : The crow is like wtf

Gaea : This is what happens when you don't feed the seagulls.

Angry RC : we need more seagulls like this

Marty ES : This felt a little sadistic for a Monday night. Oh well. *Keeps watching*

Aliandrin : I would bet anything that his great feather and bill condition are the result of some lovely protein. Look how much better he obviously is, just on the sight of him, than the others.

Freshstart Gaming : The kid was scarred after that

StealthAssasin 1Day : We need more Seagulls doing this. All he is missing are some talons but looks like he doesn't need it.

MalminOG : This is just the beginning, seagulls are on rise! It's only a matter of time till they turn on us humans! We must fight! Viva la seagull resistance!

Dylan Wang : An independent seagull? Well you certainly don't see that everyday

Harkaran Cheema : He is equivalent to human psycopath

Monty Brewster : Shitehawk v sky rat! Who'd have thought it!

synl 88 : Nice video/documentary