How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions | Scott Galloway

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Andrei Nowikow : The brightest minds of my generation are working on how to make people click ads.

Woutitit : This guy needs a bigger stage

lee : surprising how so many comments are against the talk. He is telling you that these companies are evading taxes, hiring less people, lying about their abilities while making more money that most countries but people seem to respect them instead of questioning their morals. Especially since most people here make less than 50k a year its surprising how defensive people become for a man who pays minimum wage and no overtime to his employees but has 100 billion in the bank.

Arsh : How Ironic for this video to be on YouTube !

Brian Godoy : i'm dissapointed in the lack of acknowledge he got from the host and the audience. is it just me who thinks this sounded so absolutely fucking clear? and that the miscomunication led to them letting their emotions get in the way of their logic. like the host. he mentioned how he was very close with people who work in those companies, and that theyre not bad people. and theyre doing really cool things. but Scott was talking about the company as a whole and their economic effect, lack of economical responsibility and possibly hidden agendas.


Johannes : One thing he unfortunatly didn't mention in the interview in the end is: We humans tend to project human traits on non human entities. We like to believe that a company has an conscience, empathy or anything like that. In fact, a company is a machine that optimizes any process. Eg evading taxes, producing where labor laws are not as strict, etc. COMPANYS ARE NOT HUMANS, NOT OUR FRIENDS OR EVEN AN AQUAINTANCE. There just a lifeless entity.

stefanos2691 : Your mother did not survive because the atom was split. The Germans had already lost the war and had surrendered by the time the atomic bomb was finished.

Rayowag : Just turn your volume down y'all 😂

Simon Cowell : Smart kids don’t need social media

dr nayk : And the best part is most of people don't realise, and those who realise, don't care a lot.

Hector M. : What he says really makes you think. That’s the point, open your mind.

Chantz : I appreciate what you’re saying but do you have to yell so much? It’s exhausting just to listen to

Decode Channel : Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?

wonderful : Wow, TED posting a red pill, that's unusual!

the king of cool : Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and... Ted Talks

Chris Pyle : This is why I haven’t unsubscribed from Ted. Interesting topic, fantastic speaker. Bravo 🍻

YoAntoNeo : It would be very interesting to see silicon valley elites counter argue this...I'll get the popcorn! Lol

Nick De Luca : I really like his metaphor on how apple is like a religion, I have abolished the company's products at all costs because I always felt it was like a form of consumer slavery. We keep buying the next device year after year, disregarding the amount of technological waste being left behind and the amount of money from our pockets that is demanded. They rip you off with fallacies of justification like, its superior than others or its normal to have one or more. They have brainwashed us to believe that this is vitally important in making us feel better about ourselves without some of us even realizing it. They make u think that they care about your well-being when really, like what Scott was saying, they only care about shareholder growth, simply capitalism. It's gotten so bad that in many situations of my life where my android phone has died at work, coworkers have offered their apple chargers without even thinking I would have had another phone. They expect you to be normal alike any curdious person would but it's scary because apple has redefined the "societal norms".

Neal : Guy at the end interviewing, what a sell out...TED is turning into a corporate tool now as well it seem with the framing of his questions.

Deon Lawrence : Good talk.Glad to see someone bold enough to talk about the blanket that these companies hide under whenever the real world comes for them.They have been escaping taxes for years.Apple hides most of it's money in Ireland and everyone knows it. If all these companies payed what they really owed in taxes, they would have all been begging for tax reform.Look how hard they are fighting for net neutrality.They are not fighting for the costumer ,they are fighting to save billions they didn't have to pay for upkeep, network expansion Etc.

Karolina Bramwell : He's used to teaching university student that's why he's shouting y'all. He's trying to keep your attention and for a good reason. Everyone who stopped watching because he doesn't present like everyone else is missing the point entirely

Alex Tamayo : He was talking so low. I could barely hear him. I would had enjoyed it a lot more if he shouted, like charismatic people do.

Uriah Siner : This feel like that speech from the movie Yes Man

Cathy Schneider : Both the host and the audience want desperately to disbelieve Galloway's premise.

Au Cr : I give this guy a standing ovation! Finally, someone said it!

Bankside1997 : So you have Amazon, Apple , Facebook and Google on one side, Wall Street banks on the other and the military industrial complex on another. The three of them controlling the USA's Congress and White House and therefore government's policy. Either these factors create a technological wonder land in which humanity prospers or it creates the environment for a social revolution the world has never seen before.

Lee Churchill : I worked with some of the nicest Amazon employees (Amazonians) in my work for one of their contractors. I think the company is evil and soulless nonetheless.

Rahul Garg : Wow! This is why I believe in TED. Chris is doing an amazing job from long.

Kane The Messiah : Finally normal non-degenerative video.

Matt Bond : the comment section is filled with denial and fools complaining that someone is speaking too loud.

k14pc : why is he shouting lol

James Jusbe : The worst part is a very obvious power complex prediction. 1. The American political system and their policy makers are driven by private money. 2. These 4 companies are accumulating a vast amount of disproportionate world wealth. 3. These 4 companies will begin to have power over the government.

Patrick Crz : Usually I try to get into a Ted Talk, get really bored and go away..but this guy gets it. "People need to believe in a super being - whether that's god, super heroes, playboys, celebrities, or other giant entities." Beautiful way to start a conversation and enlightening because I've never thought about it.

Thaer Ghawi : Pass, sorry, can't listen when someone is shouting..

Mo Rue : Good talk and all that, but the title is somewhat misleading.

Prateek Kaleshwarwar : Waiting for a counter argument from the companies.

James L : I don't think power corrupts as much as the corrupted (read that people that score higher the psychopath test) are attracted to power. Psychopaths also love the adulation. Something like 20% of executives are legitimate psychopaths. Think about it.

Mesme : Why is he screaming tho? Ps; nice speech

Noah Bailey : This was awesome, I'd say even the best TED talk I've seen so far.

Mystery M : Like as if I said something really smart

Stoic : Stop worrying about him shouting, stfu and listen.

Tony Vega : I'd rather die young than be on Facebook every night. Been 2 years without it and I feel fantastic.

Vivek Joshi : get it to trending!

metermill : Scott Galloway is amazing.

pratik khadtale : I search about his book "the four " on google and going to buy this on Amazon

potterinhe11 : Well played capitalism!

lemme get uhh : I want him to write a book so I can purchase and read it

PD 750 EXTREME : This guy is doing the same. It's easy to rant and complain. No solutions. Waste of time.

Mind It : great man, Burning truth. They victimise the middle class.