Surgical Instrument Gets Stuck In Patient's Knee

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Lil Eight-6ix : "Trust us, we're professionals."

Imran Harsam Kamal : as a doctor i hate seeing titles like this, giving the impression that what they're doing is wrong. it's supposed to be like that, removing intramedullary nail.

Jalmari Tammela : Anyone else from Joe Rogan podcast?

Adrian Clementine : It is actually not a surgical instrument, it is a tibial nail from a frature that had to come out for some reason. The stuff on top is just attached to pull it out. It wasn't an accident, they are designed to be that tight.

Robert Anastase : use some WD-40 man

Robert Minks : learn to question everything. the title is kisleading. this is actually a legitimate procedure. look it up. its actually quite interesting.

James Billy Billanes : This is a tibial intramedullary nail used for fixation of fracture ..sometimes it is really hard to remove depends on how long its been fixed...this is not standard procedure but sometimes it has to be done like this...

Chris Mulkey : I hope I never kneed to go here.

YegorsTV : this was punishment for a patient with no insurance ...

Triggerhappy : and i thought arrows were bad

A Ghost. : Jesus Christ. imagine how sore that dudes knee was after this.

Anthony Mcbride : That's why we say "if you want to make a good orthopaedic surgeon look bad, schedule him a simple hardware removal." Bone grows around the hardware and it can be very difficult to remove. Sometimes impossible. Makes you appreciate the anesthesiologist.

Nick Nazzaro : I'm not a doctor or anything but it looks like if they strapped his leg down or had a way to secure it so it wouldn't move when he was hitting it , it might have come out a lot easier .. its like trying to hit a nail out of a piece of wood by holding the piece of wood in one hand and hitting it with a hammer with the other hand it will be really hard to get it out but if you put the wood on a secure surface and hit it , it would come right out

Frank Hanley : Rethinking my knee surgery, big time!

SnowCYYCling : Beats by Dr. Dre

Tara81 : This is making my knee hurt

wakopf : At first I found this difficult to masturbate to but I made it happen. Thanks everyone for the team work. (   Y   ) =======D~~~~~~~~

Jeffrey Jones : Seems kneedless if you ask me

Vladimir Pralica : it is not knee it is tibia...and it isn't surgical instrument than device which help us to stabilize tibia after fracture

ninja stealth : They studied almost 10 years to do that?? They should've hired me I could've done it better...

Michael Hill : this is why I'm always going to opt for local anaesthetic. who would want to miss this?

loki guy : must have so much pain after waking up, like literally kill me now pain

frostbite : You need a bigger hammer

jason woodard : Looks like they were removing a bent rod from the tibia. I have one in my leg, and if I break it again it will bend and have to be removed

Bri Town : "doc, why am i in so much pain?" "its normal after knee surgery."

Sergio Kurosaki : #99vidas

Josivan Batista : esse joelho tem #99vidas

Number8 : Then I took an arrow to the knee...

Whitney Allen : Well, I would imagine that patients rehab and recovery were nice and speedy.

blahBlahBlah : Wtf doctor

Sydney H : Sucks for him...

Bruce Wayne : .....I feel for the guy who's gonna be waking up to a lawsuit.

Frisk From ut : Trust me Ima professional *crazily hits it with a hammer*

Dean Puma : love the track in the back ground ATB till I come

CrazyCanine Gold : This video makes my knee hurt...

Anon ymous : Someone Call the.. . . . . . "THOR"

Gorgi9999 : Is this the duck pond? Quack!!!! Quack!!!!

TheChuckIII : The wonders of modern science

tamis : 99vidas

Nereus : and then people are scared to be operated on by robots.. I would definitely prefer a robot than a butcher

xRazProductions : This has to be fake. Please.

precinct 1 baltimore county residents : quacks!

RAE10182504 : Tosh.0 brought me here.

unoefxz : OBAMACARE in Action!!

TheGlaciaX : what does he say at 2:20?

Christopher McLaughlin : A real body shop

Jr Lowe : That will be 40 thousand dollars sir

SkankHunt42 : How the hell did it get stuck? Did they force jam it in?

John Smith : Rip knee

David Fernandez : Title is wrong and hilarious 😂