CRAZY OLD LADY on Mobility Scooter Compilation (Mobility Mary Compilation)
For those not subscribed to rpublic freakouts I present Mobility Mary

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In this video we follow the misadventures of someone who has been give the nick name of Mobility Mary. Crazy old lady or innocent old lady? I can't really tell.


Garethsmod : I was expecting her to say "Oh Neptune." A couple of times.

​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​ : This is why I watch OneyPlays. They always reference something fun to watch.

Cameron Butler : the second lady with the two dogs has definitely worked in customer service before

Shannon Sharpe : The lady walking her dog is a legend.

H A R : god took away her ability to walk to prevent her from leaving her house. that plan has been foiled by the damn scooter

Trent Thrasher : When that lady barked at mary I fell in love

potaterjim : She's COVERED with scars from dogs! This old battered warrior, just wading hip deep through vicious dogs all day long. That's why she's on the scooter now: She was crippled in the great dog wars of '56

ReductioAdAbsurdum : I bet she's one of those people that are "disabled" by means of fork and knife.

Mel Mel : If I heard “excuse me ma’am” in that voice I would immediately be pissed off. Plus whatever she has dragging from her scooter is equally annoying.

TooFastSorry : I really want to punch her I'm sorry she's just such an irritating entitled person.


Tom : woman with the german shepherd is wife material

Amberite : The really sad thing, if she wasn't so vile most people would likely be willing to move to the side for her or whatever it is she needs. Heck they would likely be willing to help her out occasionally too. However her attitude is so nasty that I can't blame any of the people she encountered for reacting the way they did.

Jon Flynne : "I cant ride in the street!" Next clip - driving down the road! What a pillock

Rachel Connot : Who. The. Hell. Showed. Mary. Youtube!?!?!?!

D90Girl : It seems like everyone knows her......and hates her 🙄

eva.a.n : The top things she says/talks about: 1) "OMG" 2) Dogs biting and scratching her 3) The car could have/almost 'killed her.'

spicy1ize : A Narcissist on a Mobility Scooter 😂.... I'm glad the Woman with the Dog didn't let her Pass 😎.....She puts herself in Situations to be the Victim.... She's an Instigator...

2abandon : she waited for that car to start turning then sped up trying to get hit lmao

Movie Games : They should make those scooters unable to go past walking speed.

Timothy Horner : The lady with the dog probably had to deal with Mary before

Patricia Haines : The lady with the dog, and the man at the drive thru did the right thing, hats off to you both..

Ok Bye : Lmao loved the black dad


Cup Flake : "Ma'am can you le-" SHE HAS AIRPODS IN, SHE CAN'T HEAR YOU

The Midnight Creature : Taco Bell father is an absolute legend.

Cpt. Correct Opinion : Taco Bell dad is a legend. I want SO BADLY to shake that man’s hand

blumberde : Thank you Zach Hadel

Maloree : Bahaha! Her funeral is going to be empty.

Evan : This is in California, and pedestrians have the right of way over mobility scooters on sidewalks. Scooter lady is in the wrong.

Shen Doodles : She really is a cryptid. Why do I never listen to Chris/Zach/Jaxxy's husband?

Pixelated Overdose : Lady walking her dog Not letting her pass just Knew she'd get stuck behind Mary eventually Lol

cerealkiller : Thanks oneyplays. From Russians breaking their back to raped frogs and this, Chris has seen it all.

Brock Southwick : Bless OneyPlays for informing me of this SCP

MrChase115 : That South Park episode where Cartman gets a mobility scooter! 🤣

DuckyThePro : the words EXUSE ME SIR? are permanently stuck in my head

Sugarskully 21 : This lady is an absolute lunatic! Did she escape from somewhere!? She clearly needs to be supervised! P.S. She needs more of a muzzle than any of those dogs! LOL

Radiowarsandreports : brb setting up her "OH MY GADH" as my text ringtone

king a : They need to put Jaws music over this when she approaches people

cassidy’s edits : the first ladies with the two dogs was so sweet. i 100% understand people have a fear of dogs but those two little things were so small, weren’t jumping on her, barking, literally just walked up to her. she definitely overrated. mary needs some social skills

GLOBAL/WARMING GETTING/COLDER : Mary quit thinking people must move aside for you and your scooter .. And to answer your question on what you're supposed to do when someone won't let you go past them it's called wait your turn and fall in line you selfishly entitled baby.

ilovegreen324 : Ummmm I don’t know whether she’s for real with a mental disability or is she trolling I’m confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

Adam Arzo : Lady with dog is justified to stay on the sidewalk. So was the guy in the yellow LOL

titansful : This woman thinks the world revolves around her

tanukihat : "No one's gonna let me cross!" _Human female strides confidently across the street_ "Oh, Neptune."

Justin Wilson : "I'm COVERED in scars from dogs" 😂

none ya : This is the best random video I've clicked on!

sm1carnage : Mobility Mary is Zach's spirit animal

Karpens16 : I knew a mute quadriplegic more capable than her.