CRAZY OLD LADY on Mobility Scooter Compilation (Mobility Mary Compilation)

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Earthling1984 : Love that lady with the dog. If the lady was in such a rush why did she stop and talk to the other people for like a minute? Seems she doesn't have to get anywhere all that fast; she just wants to be a pain in the butt. Sad life.

telephony : I've been using powered mobility aids (four scooters and an electric wheelchair) for decades now, and I've never seen such a pissy, whiney old lady on a scooter until I watched this video. And yes, I've almost been hit on several occasions and was actually hit once (I had the green light and I was already partially in the crosswalk when some total douchenoozle putting on makeup or yakking into a cellular telephone handset decided that it would be a brilliant idea to run the red light to save a few precious seconds -- the cunt never stopped to see if I was alright or checked her car for damage because I'm sure that the act of hitting me rose quite a stink) but I never once became whiney and pissy like "Mobility Mary" does at even minor nuisances, :-O

Kendall Johnson : "You could have killed me" dangit should i try again?

Timothy Horner : The lady with the dog probably had to deal with Mary before

Haunted Mushrooms ASMR : I love that guy in Taco Bell. He was NOT having it lol

Kilikus : Mad at dogs off the leash... Mad at dogs on the leash.... Maybe someone should put a leash on Mary and give that scooter a break.

Cait : I am dying at that woman's savagery. 5:10 "Nows your chance, ma'am, RUN!!" Hahahahaha

Liam Liam : It's very depressing that I can't tell if this is a character or a real person.

Michelle Longley : Holy crap ! When that lady spun around and started barking at her I almost fell outta my chair ! Lmao

Phillip Clarke : Take a drink every time she says oh my god. You will be drunk before the end of this video.

Roach Larry : I hope someone kills me if i ever turn into one of these attention needy people on a scooter

eequalsmcdonald : Judging by the sound, Mary's vocal cords seem to be coated in Cadbury cream eggs and Marie Calendar's pot pie.

martin stuart : I’m going to Whole Foods so everybody get out of my way;)

holiday 2406 : So, does this woman have a triangle like the one for slow moving things like tractors? She's illegally using a motorized wheelchair like a car. What's wrong with you Mary? Your motorized wheelchair isn't a legal "car" you shouldn't be on the road. You're going to end up getting killed because of your own stupidity. Why hasn't she been ticketed for using that wheelchair with out headlights /taillights? This is against the law.

Lex Taylor : The fact that she mostly charges her scooter all night just to go around and mess with people is hilarious.

Anne : Sidewalk Sally, asking for the damn police when she literally stalked this womans path

antwinettec : This lady is just unhappy. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her.

The Geek Monster : I almost felt sorry for her when she was stuck under the overpass and couldn't turn around and was crying. But then this poor young woman is apologizing so sincerely after scaring her in the car, and Mary's just a straight up witch to her!

SURFACES for Mural Visionaries : I hope she falls into a manhole. Shes outta pocket in every sense. She needs a care taker cause obviously she cant handle getting around.

JL : Oh my gosh I know exactly where this is it's in Culver City around where I used to live and close by to my job I hope I get to see this old crunt on the street

Haunted Mushrooms ASMR : Mobility Mary needs to be put out her mobility misery.

John Hepbean : Can't somebody just,,,,run her over.

Antoinette Allen : Mary's a dam PEST....!! It's not like she's moving that fast...!! Needs her mobility license shredded.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

FMB1 : I don't know this woman's handicap or if she really has one. But I use a service for the elderly and disabled and 99% of the folks with these scooters are very courteous and respectful to other people and are treated the same way. I have learned in this life if you want to be treated with respect and dignity then reciprocate the same way. I'm also aware that some people use these scooters that don't actually need them and use them for the sympathy factor and because they believe it gives them some kind of entitlement over other people. Lastly why would she video constantly except to show how badly she thinks people treat her. I would bet she drives her family, friends and neighbors nuts playing back these videos with her screeching commentary. A good commercial for installing a security camera at your front door.

Kevin Cash : I am a Firefighter and I deal with these kind of stupid ass people that ride there rascals up and down the roads. Then there battery goes dead and we have to push them out of the street. STAY HOME!!!!!!

PureXLR8tion : Mobility Mary needs to be put out of her misery

shawn the farmer : they used to put people like this in mental institutions so the rest of us didnt have to put up with them.

Quinnie Q : She is not innocent She is CRAZY AND RUDE IS THIS FOR REAL OR STAGED.? Lol

so social shut-in : When she says "oh my God!" 😂

OfficialGhostOrchid71 : Yes, this women is annoying. But, the dogs should be leashed if it's the law. And the woman walking the dog on the sidewalk could have moved to the side for a second to let her pass. No matter how this woman acts. You should still try to be courteous and respectful. It's not good form to stoop to her level. Even if this old woman is miserable. You should still try to be the better person. One day, this might be you!!

Jenny Hamps : Was she expecting sympathy...? Because I think it backfired, she has come across as argumentative and rude. It hasn’t put her in a good light at all...Xx

boo blast : I applaud the guy at Taco bell.👏👏👏👏👏

nessy edwards : this lady is deliberately looking for trouble just to get on YouTube, as far as going under the bridge there would have been another way, and the way she crosses the road OMG she's asking for trouble

Earthling1984 : 11:27 - Seems she has respect for older men. But, she seems to hate everyone else.

Jo Anna Kendall : What a whiney, attention getting ass of a woman! This kind of person gets on my ever loving last nerve!

Charlie Prendergast : Mary makes every day life appear to be some kind of post-apocalyptic Mad Max nightmare. Would have loved it if at the end of the video she got out the scooter and jogged to her house.

Xktree72 : At least she's not behind the wheel of an automobile!

Jennifer Ross : You're a lovely, lovely person HAHAHAHA

mcgaugh57 : Women with dog not letting her pass is my hero, hahahahaaaaaaa.

Miriam Bucholtz : I have a sneaking suspicion that this woman's attitude didn't go sour the minute she first sat down on her scooter. As an old lady, I can tell you that finding your mobility restricted and your previous muscle strength gone is no joke, but a sense of humor, especially a dark one, can be life saving when this happens. I'm not on a scooter, but I do use a cane (lousy arthritis) and I hate feeling like I'm getting in the way. Also, chronic pain can make you pretty cranky sometimes, but I can't help but think that this lady can't stop being one. She needs some counseling to get out of her own sad world.

SATAN : Cunty cunterson

R C : Im amazed at how people act like this and get away with it.

Donna Albritton : This lady lives a miserable life, that voice!!! Oh my Lord, I swear if I hear "Excuse Me " one more time...... heck I dunno what I'll do, but seriously she does nothing but complain and makes me feel like she thinks EVERYBODY should bow down to her because she is on that "Mobility Scooter " lol, what a idiot!!

king a : They need to put Jaws music over this when she approaches people

Biker Boiy : Sorry, Mad Mary, the question are you capable of being able to control a mobility scooter perhaps its time you sought a Residential Care Home where you will have other people around you to help you enjoy life and people to take you out in the community bus. As far as the lady walking her dog ahead I just say "scooter passing" and go around themr on the grass they get out of the way when they have no alternative.

Wendy Morgan : Ok I,ll tell you what pisses me off about this moaning woman. I,m a power wheelchair user and before I was even allowed to use it on the PAVEMENT I had to have a safety tests for 4 weeks making sure that I am safe and other members of the public are safe as well. But a warning to all people who use the pavement to be careful by mobility scooters because they can just go into a disability shop buy a Scooter and not have any safety tests at all and that's why it pisses me off she shouldn't be allowed to use a Scooter until she learns to use it properly and respect others around her instead of thinking she owns the pavement and she most certainly shouldn't use the bike lanes to get to places in England you get fined for that. I think the people who use these mobility scooters should have the safety tests as well as wheelchair users.

kittenpawsbb : People with disabilities try to live independent lives, that junk under the passway is unacceptable. Call police or sanitation have it removed

Lil Paws : She seems lonely but also sounds overweight no offense

Dwight Squire : She was breaking like 30 real laws while trying to enforce her own laws

738polarbear : 7:30 Nice language in front of his 2 little boys.I would not argue with an old disabled lady . i would just move aside and let her go . I'm a pretty normal guy but i dont fight disabled old ladies.She's just a fussy old crackpot . LET HER BE.