CRAZY OLD LADY on Mobility Scooter Compilation (Mobility Mary Compilation)

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Earthling1984 : Love that lady with the dog. If the lady was in such a rush why did she stop and talk to the other people for like a minute? Seems she doesn't have to get anywhere all that fast; she just wants to be a pain in the butt. Sad life.

Alexis Roy : This woman very clearly goes out looking for confrontations and to make everyone else as miserable as her. What’s sad, she’s exactly like my mother-in-law. No joke.

justcallme... : What we have here is a professional victim.

Rose Bruno : She would make a great character on Saturday Night Live.

spicy1ize : A Narcissist on a Mobility Scooter 😂.... I'm glad the Woman with the Dog didn't let her Pass 😎.....She puts herself in Situations to be the Victim.... She's an Instigator...

Roach Larry : I hope someone kills me if i ever turn into one of these attention needy people on a scooter

titansful : This woman thinks the world revolves around her

Trevor Strain : Dude at taco bell is a god 😂

Eva Dahlén : “I can’t go past her” Lady with dog are miles away. Lol Everybody is against her. She finds faults everywhere A bitter women.

Zibbe Zabba : oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...

Carry Wood : I still have a hard time believing she actually takes and then posts these vids to YouTube for the rest of the world to see how insane she is

John Stewart : This is a joke, right? This was just a set up right? Mary needs medication

N A : This ain't amusing in the slightest,just annoying af...some entitled old bag with a camera on her mobility scooter pissing everyone off. Everyone she sees it's "excuse me mam" "excuse me sir". Just F off already 😒😂

TooFastSorry : I really want to punch her I'm sorry she's just such an irritating entitled person.

Ok Bye : Lmao loved the black dad

Kendall Johnson : "You could have killed me" dangit should i try again?

H A R : god took away her ability to walk to prevent her from leaving her house. that plan has been foiled by the damn scooter

Riya Bobia : I love how she assumes everyone’s dogs are going to attack her, that lady probably had the nicest German Shepard too...😂😂

Annie BornAgain : I'm disabled and have had to use wheelchairs/zimmerframes/walking sticks for the last 17years since i was 15 and i want to punch this woman in the bloody face a few things 1) were on earth do she get those batteries from because they seem togo for MILES 2) She really do have a victim superiority mindset all rolled into one as she thinks NO ONE should ever be even in her eyeline 3) all she had to do was drop her speed a little behind that women with the dog and have some blasted patients, she wants everyone to put her and her needs first yet she can't put one persons feeling first, yes the car may have been part to blame with the parking lot but the young girl did say sorry to the worst the mobility scooter was goingto get was pushed to the side the girl was going to get taken stirght out on her one side if she stayed on the road.. And omg least we can forget shame on the homeless people in the underpass for having there few life possensions in a quite/dry/sheltered area of the city (i'm being sarkey if no one is sure) this sort of person gives disabled people a bad name. Also if she feels so "venerable and fragile" why on earth was she driving her scooter down the main road when there was a perfect sidewalk to her right and why on earth be out so late at night with what i didn't see ANY lights/illuminations on her scooter at all.

Ron Swartz Anonymous : What a whiner. Oh poor me gives me the right to bully and harass ppl. This is the first time I've seen this and i can't watch it again.

Kilikus : Mad at dogs off the leash... Mad at dogs on the leash.... Maybe someone should put a leash on Mary and give that scooter a break.

Louise Florida /Missouri : Talk about entitled. So sad she can't wait her turn.

grabnrun granny : Mary you are not supposed to be using that on the road!

Jerry Janssen : If i become like that on a certain age............. pls shoot me!!

D Young : What a piece she went past a dog when she told the guy the lady wouldn't let her pass. By the way she is the one taking the video so is this even real and does she say O my god much. Won't pass a dog but will ride in middle of traffic .

Anne* 411 : Sidewalk Sally, asking for the damn police when she literally stalked this womans path

Maryellen Owen : Total nut job. She needs to get a hobby

Adhley Severeyns : I think it's funny that she thinks shes posting these to make others look bad lmao 😂😅😆 And Shes prolly also one of the ones that doesn't even need the damn scooter like walmart people ffs

judy mann : She drives way to fast . Boohoo she loves to be drama queen

Carol Behr : Nursing Home

So social shut-in : When she says "oh my God!" 😂

Bethany Williams : I will speak to you like I speak to children having a tantrum. "I can't understand what you are saying when you whine like that." Then walk away.

Patricia Haines : The lady with the dog, and the man at the drive thru did the right thing, hats off to you both..

SOS Music : She needs mental intervention seriously!!!🙄🤔😱😱😱

GLOBAL/WARMING GETTING/COLDER : Mary quit thinking people must move aside for you and your scooter .. And to answer your question on what you're supposed to do when someone won't let you go past them it's called wait your turn and fall in line you selfishly entitled baby.

telephony : I've been using powered mobility aids (four scooters and an electric wheelchair) for decades now, and I've never seen such a pissy, whiney old lady on a scooter until I watched this video. And yes, I've almost been hit on several occasions and was actually hit once (I had the green light and I was already partially in the crosswalk when some total douchenoozle putting on makeup or yakking into a cellular telephone handset decided that it would be a brilliant idea to run the red light to save a few precious seconds -- the cunt never stopped to see if I was alright or checked her car for damage because I'm sure that the act of hitting me rose quite a stink) but I never once became whiney and pissy like "Mobility Mary" does at even minor nuisances, :-O

The Duchess of Spring : @ 12:40, I would just like say to 'mary'.......POT! KETTLE! KETTLE! POT! Ya mean old attention seeking bitty!

Tia : why is she driving that thing on the road!!?? she is insane

Nevalith : I have seen so many people like this. Just straight up need attention at all times and cause issues everywhere they go!! YOU HEAR THAT MOM NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!!....I uhh...errr..I lady heh..heh...~_~

LeeAnne Harrison : Omg lady you post this to shame others meanwhile it looks like you went looking for trouble

Earthling1984 : 11:27 - Seems she has respect for older men. But, she seems to hate everyone else.

lena grahn : You can see how fast she drives that scooter. I was once almost hit by one.

Dominic Doge : OK just a couple questions one why she in the road with the stupid scooter two why is she screaming at people, they have the right to be on the sidewalk and three she’s the one that is making everyone else miserable and nagging on them, you don’t get to tell whatever you want just because you’re disabled and then follow them whenever you want that’s not how works Mari five why are you also driving at night why are you using that thing at night time I’m pretty sure an elder disabled person isn’t meant to be driving that thing and I pretty sure it’s only meant to go like block to block not city to city

RS1120 : First one she is just jealous of all the people in there cars cuz she got her license taken away but by the looks of it she still wants to take the scooter on the freeway

Aleta Harrington : She could have passed her in the street crossing. What a joke. Look again she could have passed her. Then she contradicts herself saying she can't go on the road but yet she does. She saw that vehicle turning in before she started to go forward. What looking both ways does pertain to this Mary. No matter if it is an intersection or a drive-in spot for a business, residential, Etc.

Johnnie Watts : I know its probably bad, but the one where the car darts out and goes toward the sidewalk onto the alley way almost hitting the lady, I literally lol'd. I felt bad but I couldn't resist lol

Pixelated Overdose : Lady walking her dog Not letting her pass just Knew she'd get stuck behind Mary eventually Lol

Laura N : She can't even catch up to her to be able to go past that woman lmao. What a miserable ogre.

ilovegreen324 : Ummmm I don’t know whether she’s for real with a mental disability or is she trolling I’m confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

D90Girl : It seems like everyone knows her......and hates her 🙄