CRAZY OLD LADY on Mobility Scooter Compilation (Mobility Mary Compilation)

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Roach Larry : I hope someone kills me if i ever turn into one of these attention needy people on a scooter

John Johansen : The disability she has can't be helped by a scooter....

so social shut-in : When she says "oh my God!" 😂

dissado : Omg!... such a self centred dramatist who thinks she has right of way over everyone..even when she had to ask people to move it's in a condescending way.. no wonder people react the way they do.

Earthling1984 : Love that lady with the dog. If the lady was in such a rush why did she stop and talk to the other people for like a minute? Seems she doesn't have to get anywhere all that fast; she just wants to be a pain in the butt. Sad life.

Erica Noel : Mobility Mary needs to be put in a home. What a horrible old woman. If you are that scared and nervous on the roads stay in side. Mary seems to harass most people she meets. She is going to cause an accident riding in the bike lane instead of on the sidewalk.

Epiphany31415 : The dude with the lakers outfit is my hero.


axolotlmafia : Mobility Marry is an entitled, nasty, mean, selfish, LOUD, mentally unstable individual who DEMANDS that people get out of HER way on the walkways like she owns everything for her scooter ahem, "needs". She'll scream at you from a mile away, expecting, demanding that you hear her, and if you don't, by the time she encroaches upon you, she will proceed to verbally assault you or try to make you feel horrible for taking up an ounce of HER pathway and or her time. She leaves many confused and baffled by her unstable behavior. Most of the people responding to her are quite respectful, meanwhile, she is abusive. She lacks critical self awareness, and goes as far to stalk people, following them around to different establishments. Could you imagine being stalked by such an angry, selfish loud person on a scooter? She uses her disability to break rules and laws, meanwhile demanding that everyone abide to her version of the laws and rules established for sidewalk safety. There should be a court order at this point for her to stay out of the public off the scooter, for the safety of everyone, including herself. She's apt to use that scooter at some point to hurt someone during one of her tantrum fits.

Anne : Sidewalk Sally, asking for the damn police when she literally stalked this womans path

Bruce Gordon : The lady with the dog is far from Mobility Mary. She speed's up her scooter to catch up to her to tell her to move over. This is hilarious.

Maxwell Edison : This is the kind of idiot that gives the rest of us scooter users a bad reputation.

Lucinda Carlino : This woman needs at Mobility Scooter taken away from her she's totally crazy totally rude and I'm a disabled person I would never treat people like that on my mobility scooter! She put the bad name out for disabled people.

Terry Strahl : There is a special place for people like this its called a psychiatric ward !!!!

Beth Anderson : What a miserable human being... I’d totally watch her reality show tho... frfr

Shantili Lace : This Lady is just a nut case..  I know a few people with mobility scooters, and they act as if they are on foot.  The same rules APPLY either way..   This crazy nut case doesn't belong outside...

d howard : Thank god she doesn't drive.

Miss Impressed : Pretty sure this is my ex mother in law

Lynette Dundon : Mary, why do you have to be in front of dog lady? Chill out! You make it ALL about YOU don't you? Next time call a cab!!!

Lucy Lu : I use a mobility scooter in California. You may not drive the scooter on a sidewalk faster than the speed of people walking around you. People who use their disability to abuse others are a real pain. Mobility Mary isn't crazy, she's just a really mean, self-absorbed person. She doesn't deserve special treatment and should be called out on her rude behavior.

robert mcquigge : Put this woman away , she obviously is having too much difficulty coping on these streets and with people in general. The world doesnt have to stop and move over for this crazy person. What a shitty outlook and attitude.

alexandria i : love the dude who came out of the car and schooled her on how she's illegally driving where only cars and bikes should be! lmao

Michael Cook : Sorry, the ignorant woman needed lights on her scooter, which is prolly illegal to use at night.

Tammy Hansen : I think Mary is only happy, when she's miserable. Instead of complaining about not being able to past, she could have crossed the street and went down the opposite side. She's Just not a happy person.

Dwight Squire : She was breaking like 30 real laws while trying to enforce her own laws

Kay Lee : ... a woman barking like a dog, homeless people all over the sidewalk and a dude cussing like a sailor with his children in the car... gotta be California

AmusedChild : If this woman didn't have a scooter should would still be going through life pushing doors marked pull.

Mark : You get what you put out in the world. Too bad her vocal chords aren't as useless as her legs. Mental Mary is a better descriptive.

Pete Moss : Maybe the lady with the dog has earbuds on and can't hear the lady complaining behind her. Or not... Sounds like a whinny child. Oh my God. If you're going to be driving at night, get a headlight on your scooter, if you don't already have one.

EjectPrev : the way she says oh my god like her life is about to end lmaaooo

Goose : Really lady your going to cry because you “cant get around” the stuff on the sidewalk, even tho theres no curb and barley any oncoming traffic and could easily, and i mean EASIKY, just go around. Kys.

Lass-in Angeles : I'm in a scooter so I am entitled to harass and lecture everyone who has the misfortune to be in my path. This is my god-given right. To be a bully, whine, manipulate, and annoy every single person and be a thorn in their side for as long as I can be! I think you should have a block party where Mary lives, and invite everyone including her, then play this on a big screen. Also make sure her scooter brakes are set so she cannot get away and is forced to watch her own conduct. Then drain that battery so it stops at a heavy intersection and Mary is now getting all the drama she richly deserves and craves. And mount a 360 camera on her head at that point. At 6:14 she is breaking the law and can be cited for being on the road with cars. At 6:55 she is accosting a driver when she is in the wrong for being on the road herself! Love the guy who let her have it. My hero. At 8:16 Boo hoo hoo! I cannot ride on the pavement because homeless people are living on it. You selfish creature! You have a home they do not! Shut yer trap and go away. At 9:56 more drama. She loves her moment of self righteous glory! At 12:38 What a bitch! Yes, so true. You sure are that.

Kookie : The best place for that woman would be in an asylum.....she’s crazy 😜

lubbadub : Had someone like this in my highschool. She was in a wheelchair and would constantly demand other students to push her around, even though she had perfectly working arms and had ramps everywhere available to her. She would moan that she had to put her backpack on her lap when moving between classes so she would make others carry it for her.

Earthling1984 : 11:27 - Seems she has respect for older men. But, she seems to hate everyone else.


Renay Vance-Moser : Nursing home needed for this old crybaby.the rest of us would like to see you fall in a sinkhole.

Sergeant Seven : I can imagine just what this crazy old bat look like too. Overweight, more chins than China, Short graying hair, beady little eyes, and a circus tent with floral print on it for a dress...

IHeartCryptoverse : She is horrible but very funny. Too bad she is missing out on how to enjoy life with her scooter. If I had to use one, I would stop and chat with the neighbors, wave to the people, and play with their doggies if they are friendly to me.

crazyinsane500 : Constantly trying to pass people, going as fast as she can, driving in busy streets, no ability to use her peripheral vision. Does this woman mistake her "mobility scooter" for a car?

Billie Dahling : She’s like an super hero on a scooter! It’s like a video game! Battling attack dogs! Car chases! Evil villains blocking the sidewalk! Closed doors! I love Mobility Mary!

InForm Ant :'s a sidewalk.  [[NOT]] a sideROLL.  This is some damned fine comedy relief.  glad I clicked.  LOL {refills popcorn bowl}

RunnDove : She finds her own karma everyday.

Armys have No jams! : Amberlynn ried???????

mcgaugh57 : Women with dog not letting her pass is my hero, hahahahaaaaaaa.

J0hNF_UK : Expects the woman with the dog, who's walking faster than she is on her mobility scooter, to stop and allow her to pass. When, if she did, the woman with the dog would catch up with her in the space of about 30 seconds. The dog owner did the right thing in basically ignoring her requests, due to her not being under any kind of obligation to move to the side of the path in order to let her pass, so that she would then have to walk at a much slower pace behind in order to avoid any more conflict with her. She won't give up, will she? She made a point to catch up to her and then complain to some other dog owner like he's supposed to do something about it. And when he doesn't respond, she then goes speeding off behind the woman again, asking, 'what it wrong with you?' A question the person in the scooter needs to be asking herself, if getting in front of someone with a dog is such a huge issue that you feel the need to go chasing after them in order to complain about not letting you passed. 'You nearly hit me with your car.' No shit, Sherlock. That's what happens when you drive a scooter, which is meant for the footpath, on a main road. The guy was a bit abrupt, but he had a point. If she wasn't on the road, there would be no danger of getting hit by a car, due to the fact that cars don't occupy the footpath. She obviously goes out of her way to look for any kind of conflict she can, presumably because she's got nothing else better to do with her time. She's desperate for attention, even if it's of the negative kind from hassling people going about their daily business. I lost count the number of times she said, 'OH MY GOD.' Like it actually has any kind of emphasis to it.

Daria Zarina : Just cross the street and then your entitled to have a fast ride and HEY NO ONE TO BE ANGRY WITH

SCD4 : Crazy or not.......why not just let her pass.

Daria Zarina : Obviously this person does not live in the area people walk dogs at reg times her speed is excessive and still yells move move move I’m disabled so am I and I’m not RUDE DOES SHE DRIVE AROUND AND LOOK FOR DOG WALKERS WHAT A MESS SHE IS

Megan Gertler : That was infuriating! As a disabled person I say, stop playing the victim!