FamilyOFive channels taken down; were operated by convicted child neglectors on probation

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The parents on the YouTube channel "FamilyOfFive", Michael and Heather Martin, are serving probation in Maryland after emotionally and physically abusing children on videos the family claimed were harmless pranks. They were convicted in 2017. The page was removed just after this video was made.

Comments from Youtube

Cast_Reel_N_Catchin Az : My question is why now?... why did it happen all of sudden when they were rolling in to almost 300k subscribers?.... you know why people want the views and attention.

Literally Shitler : There is no defending this family. In addition to it being objectively wrong to treat children (or anybody) in this manner, it has lasting effects later in life. This is a great way to create future statistics. These parents need to not be parents anymore. They don't deserve the awesome responsibility of having children. Garbage humans.

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I live close to Frederick Maryland, these white trash scumbags are a dime a dozen here sadly.

Espen Bråthen : I dont understand how kids like to watch other kids getting abused.

King Flopsy : Why are yall stalking them yall need to be on the people with 10mill subs

Bindigirl7 : Then you got someone like Isaac Guest who harasses and bully's constantly in live stream then hurries and deletes the live stream before he can get a strike. He brags constantly on twitter that he is untouchable. Youtube fails to do anything about it.

Zick_YT : Bro you know all there vids are fake

Atzros : Both the description of this video, and the video itself abruptly end. What the heck?

xposed11 : sorry what? your reporter sparked this? lol, i'm 100% positive that you all got the idea to even do this report was BECAUSE the internet was already up in arms over this....yet YOU guys sparked it up...right...gotta steal that spotlight.

laura marie : Brothers do this to each other everyday🤣 coz it's on film and half of it is for the camera don't make it abuse.

Teddy Trollz : Family o 5 is gonna be family o 2 if they don't quit abusing their kids

Norman Kaminski : All the people being like “familyofive fans cry more” are probably younger than the familyofive fan base, and they are doing more crying lol

Jo Vega : the channel is still up

capeck1993 : You're next, KidBehindACamera... #TimesUpMichael #WhatAboutTheAbuse

Gordon Way : So basically they are just like the average black "family."

TheBettadorEditor : Its good they're gone but either way youtube is a shitty platform

Kennedy Smith : I watched these for my free time  I like the vacation vids and now I cant

Robert Carter : Familyofive is the best stop tripping

Sub to PEWDIEPIE Sub to PEWDIEPIE : Most of the clips used were do5 not fo5

Jazzy : This was um... very unsettling.

Shawn Nieto : Finally next let’s get rid of Logan Paul!!!

INSTA austin_01 silverado : They didn’t do pranks anymore it was all vlogs

Kesley Fava : I think every one is over reacting it's fake

Jake the Animator : I was wondering why their channel was banned

tails fan 1 : you know the videos are staged right lol talking all this trash about a clickbaiting vlogging king and queen on youtube

Kevin Spilker : WE did it reddit! Or, this guy did it. Probably this guy. But good effort, Reddit!

Flauge : I honestly don't understand why their YouTube channel was taken down this time. The videos are skits and none of them are real. They don't actually hate each other and the parents only yell for skits. For God's Sake Even In The Description It Says For Entertainment Purposes Only. Check out the video they posted on Team D05 Fans Where they talk about this and even show the outtakes of their skits.

Trevor Hoover : No harassment do they not watch every video on youtube ever


Henry Birtcher : Jennifer Downs needs to be charged with harassment!!

jenna tools : I love how most the "DO5" fans all seem to be little kids. Go cry me a river and ask your parents what physical and emotional abuse is.

Gamera Gaming : For every video showing the kid (Alex) screaming at them, you're making yourself look stupid calling it abuse, because Alex says in the video he only did that for the camera, He was probably mad, but he only screamed just for the video. It shows it in the exact same video.. Jesus Everyone saying Abuser, he abused, Lel just makes me laugh all the time from their stupidity.

Jane Driggs : Ya a few hours ago I was looking on their channel and all the videos have been terminated and there channel is gone

jmorrow6406 : How and why? $$$ is the answer

Stephanie _fabulous : Its all skit. Can u not here Alex saying to mike did u get that in one of there videos

SACPH4N70M : It's a complete symbol of what their channel does when every person defending them literally posts 5 to 10 words, yet still can't even spell all of them right. Also, your channel really didn't do anything on a worldwide scale. Philli D and then the follow up front page reddit post brought the attention to stop them. Although you may be more local which has a bigger impact with child services and such.

Untamedyeti25 gaming : Maybe you should watch the outtakes of these videos they were skits don’t understand why they were banned , it’s also funny how no one sees the “this is for entertainment in the description of family prices channel “

TigerGaming9095 : I watch their videos almost everyday every video I watch every day I'm going to cry and miss them on YouTube

Emmanuel Donaldson : thay was dowing good why i love them and all of the people that do not like daddy o5 for get you

Disappointed Grandfather : YouTube just doesn't care, you should know that

Reâpers Curē : *Sees that FamilyOFive got removed from Youtube* *Grabs a drink* *slaps on some flex tape on my adidas track suit* *Plays the Soviet Anthem*

KingMinqs : They legit said in a video that all there pranks are planned and fake

Ghost Hawk428 : wtf the videos they showed where the dad getting pranked

Mr.702 : This is BS

Jackson Seis : I miss familyofive

Some Bich : All these children defending these pigs show just how much we should worry about humanity. Nothing but idle minded sheep who can't think for themselves or even use rational thought.

Donovan Monteiro : Leave them alone

Alt Joker : All these outlets show the youngest kid named Alex in so called "emotional distress" but don't let the clip finish where Alex says if his dad filming at the time got the scene, his dad asked Alex, if he was really mad, but he replies "did you get it on film" and then answers his dads question by saying "no" it was just all for show, but it's none of my business anyway.

TigerGaming9095 : This year they were not doing nothing wrong on YouTube they were having fun I'm a huge fan familyofive