FamilyOFive channels taken down; were operated by convicted child neglectors on probation

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Shawn Nieto : Finally next let’s get rid of Logan Paul!!!

Chris Jollie : It’s actually worrying that kids are willing to defend content creators that have a history of child abuse and neglect. They don’t even understand how serious these issues are

Viix Vega : Stop taking credit for Philip Defranco and Amanda the Jedis' coverage.

Espen Bråthen : I dont understand how kids like to watch other kids getting abused.

Fuggie Mcnuggies : I love how most the "DO5" fans all seem to be little kids. Go cry me a river and ask your parents what physical and emotional abuse is.

Literally Shitler : There is no defending this family. In addition to it being objectively wrong to treat children (or anybody) in this manner, it has lasting effects later in life. This is a great way to create future statistics. These parents need to not be parents anymore. They don't deserve the awesome responsibility of having children. Garbage humans.

metatron478 : To all the FamilyOFive fans out there: CRY MORE LOL

James Ferraris : Youtube should have done it a year ago, since the Cody Situation started. But still Youtube finally did something right, i applaud them for what they did. :D

Crayon Thief : Thank god they got removed from YouTube. Ya'll defenders need to realize that they're only hurting their children by exploiting them. You think just because the other kids are taping and Dad/Mom isn't there physically that they don't 100% condone these actions? They want this stuff to happen, its causing damage. It doesn't matter, all of you 'fans' of daddyofive are just kids who don't understand what the hell is going on.

Reâpers Curē : *Sees that FamilyOFive got removed from Youtube* *Grabs a drink* *slaps on some flex tape on my adidas track suit* *Plays the Soviet Anthem*

Querrie : Really glad theyre gone, though don't forget PhillyD's coverage. It got a lot of attention

TheBettadorEditor : Its good they're gone but either way youtube is a shitty platform

Blazing BladeVA : Serves them right

Pale Mann : Every person getting mad about their channel getting taken down is a little kid.

Jordyn Washington : I like how Youtube takes down a Youtube channel for the people who own it did nothing wrong this time, but they won't take down any fighting videos or kids cussing out their teachers. Like wtf??? Mike and Heather were already caught abusing their kids the first time, so what makes Youtube think that they're gonna do it again?

Your Worst Nightmare Ever : I really do hope their channel gets taken down. It was obvious Cody had a bloody nose and his dad tried saying it was a prank. LIES!!!!!

Cast_Reel_N_Catchin Az : My question is why now?... why did it happen all of sudden when they were rolling in to almost 300k subscribers?.... you know why people want the views and attention.

Megan Leach : I watch them every day and I'm still confused at why their channel was taken down this time. I understand the first time months ago, but I haven't seen anything wrong with them since then. The kids want to take the camera and film themselves and they even edit the videos because they enjoy it! This is just rediculous.

Kattscratch Granny : Bout damn time!! I have reported thier "new" abuse more than once!!

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I live close to Frederick Maryland, these white trash scumbags are a dime a dozen here sadly.

Kevin Spilker : WE did it reddit! Or, this guy did it. Probably this guy. But good effort, Reddit!

SACPH4N70M : It's a complete symbol of what their channel does when every person defending them literally posts 5 to 10 words, yet still can't even spell all of them right. Also, your channel really didn't do anything on a worldwide scale. Philli D and then the follow up front page reddit post brought the attention to stop them. Although you may be more local which has a bigger impact with child services and such.

Lida c : what about kidbehindacamera who aided in one of these videos and abused his own nephews and woman and animals hes still on youtube making millions #whatabouttheabuse why is he allowed to do this on youtube but do5 isnt ???

Bindigirl7 : Then you got someone like Isaac Guest who harasses and bully's constantly in live stream then hurries and deletes the live stream before he can get a strike. He brags constantly on twitter that he is untouchable. Youtube fails to do anything about it.

joaosimpson99 : GOOD!

xposed11 : sorry what? your reporter sparked this? lol, i'm 100% positive that you all got the idea to even do this report was BECAUSE the internet was already up in arms over this....yet YOU guys sparked it up...right...gotta steal that spotlight.

Bryan Lopez : Bruh they have changed

Vilosic : They will probably be on Dr.Phil eventually xD

Bryce Wilson : There not bad people I go to school with Ryan and been at his house there good people

Some Bich : All these children defending these pigs show just how much we should worry about humanity. Nothing but idle minded sheep who can't think for themselves or even use rational thought.

SavageBeast 23 : I went to see if they posed a video the channel is not there I’m sorry to say but I don’t like how they treat kids

Chloe Parker and Paranormal : That was the only people who did not clickbate and they where my only entertainment 😱

Atzros : Both the description of this video, and the video itself abruptly end. What the heck?

Norman Kaminski : All the people being like “familyofive fans cry more” are probably younger than the familyofive fan base, and they are doing more crying lol

Teddy Trollz : Family o 5 is gonna be family o 2 if they don't quit abusing their kids

Ghost Hawk428 : wtf the videos they showed where the dad getting pranked

C Mooney : The thing I like is when they lost custody of two of their kids, specifically because of their Youtube channel, they didn't close the channel down to try and get the kids back..................they just changed the name from "father_of_5" to "family_of_5". Just erased the two kids from history!

Arthur Houchin : YouTube isn't to blame for this and niether is Google, it's pretty safe to assume those terrible parents would have done this sort of stuff regardless. If anything we should be happy they decided to put it on YouTube so something could be done about it.

Jordan Eastall : Wtf man I watched these guys everyday and loved there vlogs and it was the only thing getting me threw my depression and now I have nothing let. 😔

Savage Cabbage Gaming : Why are they taken down!? They have changed!!!

Tanner Campbell : 1:33 That was fake, he smiles right after he’s done screaming and says “Was that good?” You are fake news.

Big Red : Bro i love there channel why

Ms. Eeveevolution : Listen everybody. I understand what they did in 2016. They were making their kids cry. Doing mean pranks to them. Pushing them into shelves. But so far recently on their new ongoing YouTube channel "FamilyOFive", they really haven't been doing anything wrong. They went camping, they visit the Civil War battlegrounds, they do funny challenges, and play games together. So I'm very CONFUSED that their channel was taken down.😮😯😣

David Fullam : Disguting.

Sniperkiller 315 : What happened?

slim_jimmy : What happen they did not do anything to there kids

TiDi Films : What the Hell. I loved that channel. Ever since I found them I've been so happy and positive.

R productions : It them this long to take down their channels?

MrTea : People are so fast to jump on a band wagon when they actually know nothing about anything that's gone on and the only thing they think they know they have actually heard from some other place

Tianna Lecky : Hello hey hi... search up familyofive and the top video should be named GoodBye Youtube. They showed THE OUTTAKES ON THE VIDEOS!!! THE ONE OF ALEX SCREAMING AND THE ONES OF RYANS “GIRLFRIEND” they showed all the outtakes so before u make a hate video actually think for a minute