Spider Man fans who don't own a PS4

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IM Men : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXN4Y86B0J0&t=260s WE HAVE A NEW EPISODE OF THE HAUNTING HOUR OUT NOW!!! It's essentially a what if Stan Lee was creepy and evil and liked to cut kids in half sort of plot.

Ultra Nerd : Okay, have you been spying on me? Do you know someone at the FBI? Because that's creepy.

Dovahkiin : Im literally buying a ps4 just so i can play this game

Arkham Gaming : I'm so glad I clicked on this video

Roverfield : I don’t see a problem ?


Jib U : Honestly man Legos r still awesome

Abhishek Sathe : People who dont own a PS4- Mr. Stark, I dont feel so good

Etienne : Instead of crying what console is better (PC, Xbox, PS4), why can't we just enjoy gaming all together?

Jesus Christ : I was helping Lego spiderman swing around manhattan

Sanskar Gurung : I don’t own a ps 4😔

Suryna Hemy Shahabudin : ...

Dragon Da Silva : When you have Xbox one AND PS4- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Pandavap : Rip I want a PS4 now

michael o : “watch it buddy!” only tru fans know😂😂

Sndabeast12434 tutri : I'm gonna cry in a corner now

Illuminati STUDIOS : Hello Darkness my old friend.

Jerr Keyy : web swinging on cloud is so realistic .

farisco67 : This made my day

Reactive Tech : Bro the amazing spiderman 2 is on pc with amazing graphics


Malykto : I bet halo infinite is gonna pown the shit out of this...

Alonso Dorantes : Im happy i have a PS4 :D

Bblurre : Lets be honest, those lego games are legit

kwebbelkop junior : 😂😂😂

Gym's Server : I have a PS4, but I'm not buying this game...

sea fish : The on time being a pc master race member with the superior fps and cooling was inferior

Alpha97 : that burns!😂

Nighthawk X : The fact that its true

MythicalSLIM : Looks the same to me?

Fabian Comellas : We all now roblox age of ultranza is where it’s at

DangerousDannyT : Heh xbox, more like “x”D you cant play this awesome gane ecks dee deee xDDDDDD Plz no hurt me ;(

GuiltyGhost : But for real though...LEGO Avengers was actually great

Geek Hero : :(

Gayth Darkashly : I mean there is some aicent spider man games😂

Divine Saiyan : Don't insult Legos like that

IrfanAndAyush- ItzKryptoSaiyan : I'm "everyone else" lol

DansTube.TV : I am tempted to get a PS4 for the new Spider Man 🕷 & God of War ⚔️

Qazi Iqbal : True

Mridul Ahi : Ever heard of emulators?

*》Michael Stephano《* : That reminds me... *PLAYING AS IRONMAN IS PRETTY COOL!!*

KingMoe : *PS4 is de way*

Core : You forgot about Disney Infinity 2.0 Spiderman Playset

Mythicc Fenrir : 0:18 That's my life

Boba Fett Productions : I really wish I could have the ps4 game but I’m on xbox

THE VJ DUKKAR : Its so sad

Ultimate Quicksilver : Oh C'mon, Lego Spider-Man ain't that bad :D

Lee Lanzini : I feel bad. If it were on PC it could have unlimited suits with mods, etc.

Sanskar Gurung : This is ad as well for the people who don’t own a ps 4 I don’t have lego marvel avengers only Lego marvel super heroes