Spider Man fans who don't own a PS4

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IM Men : QUICK UPDATE: I've sold my old launch Xbox One for the Spiderman PS4 Pro Bundle. (It's a red ps4 with a Spiderman logo on it, comes with the game, plus gameplay bonuses, red controller, etc)

Ultra Nerd : Okay, have you been spying on me? Do you know someone at the FBI? Because that's creepy.

Arkham Gaming : I'm so glad I clicked on this video


Abhishek Sathe : People who dont own a PS4- Mr. Stark, I dont feel so good

James Atkins : Oh yeah!? You know what Spider-Man(PS4) doesn't have that LEGO Marvel's Avengers does? *Those sweet Minikits bay-be*

Jib U : Honestly man Legos r still awesome

Roverfield : I don’t see a problem ?

Supreme IsSwag : legos are great tho

Dovahkiin : Im literally buying a ps4 just so i can play this game

Dragon Da Silva : When you have Xbox one AND PS4- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

deepledopps : It's so true it's not even funny

Jesus Christ : I was helping Lego spiderman swing around manhattan


Official Gamehunter : 0:16 where is he web swinging from?

Zevastian 1991 : True story. But i can change the broken parts of my pc, don't have the need to buy a new whole console.

Sndabeast12434 tutri : I'm gonna cry in a corner now

Alonso Dorantes : Im happy i have a PS4 :D

Divine Saiyan : Don't insult Legos like that

Cybion : And i'm here with my Nintendo Wii and Low end Gaming PC. Someone please give me a hug

KingMoe : *PS4 is de way*


Alpha97 : that burns!😂

Reactive Tech : Bro the amazing spiderman 2 is on pc with amazing graphics

Fitraxpo : That lego games looks legit tbh

GrinderPlayz : Reason #96358954 that PS4 is the superior console.

kwebbelkop junior : 😂😂😂

Todd Howard : This made my day

MythicalSLIM : Looks the same to me?

Edward Brock Jr : I have a mobile phone, does that count?

sea fish : The on time being a pc master race member with the superior fps and cooling was inferior

IrfanAndAyush- ItzKryptoManiacs : I'm "everyone else" lol

Bblurre : Lets be honest, those lego games are legit

Omegium : We all now roblox age of ultranza is where it’s at

jordan goku : 911 dislikes wow microsft called the police despressing

*》Michael Stephano《* : That reminds me... *PLAYING AS IRONMAN IS PRETTY COOL!!*

DansTube.TV : I am tempted to get a PS4 for the new Spider Man 🕷 & God of War ⚔️

Geek Hero : :(

yoshtunes : looks the same to me

Kaleb Lawler : oh man the new batman arkham game looks great

thunderspecter : "There is no power greater than X"

GuiltyGhost : But for real though...LEGO Avengers was actually great

Nighthawk X : The fact that its true

Duke KC : I spit out my drink when I saw Lego Spider-Man

AbsoluteMMA101 : ROFL! That's pretty much what's going to happen in September. They will be crying as we continue to enjoy GREATNESS on PS4. Switch and X Box fans are losers.

Mridul Ahi : Ever heard of emulators?

Ultimate Quicksilver : Oh C'mon, Lego Spider-Man ain't that bad :D

Noob Squad : I regret clicking this video

The Walking Meme : 🤣 I was not expecting that 😂

Hola Burger : Pffft. Console peasant.