Ip Man 3 - Wing Chung vs Muay Thai

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Ip Man 3 - Wing Chung vs Muay Thai What I like about this scene is that because his wife for once gets to see how Ip man is always getting into fights. I think he's told her how he gets into fights through out the movies but has never seen it up close.

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Lawrence Han : 60% Comments: *"Get Out"* 30% Comments: Forgetting his sandals. 15% Comments: From people who's bad at math.

Jacob John : His wife is like "Shit this again, why didn't I marry that nice baker like my father told me to?"

struki84 : You can say what you want about the Asian cinematography in terms of story, narrative quality and acting, but the fight choreography, actions scene filming and directing are superb to any western films.

Maria Naranjo : She always looks scared...then I realized she is scared for the beat down her husband is about to give these jerks

Happi Fix : "get out" wtf

CemBangZ : Police ask The muay thai : Whats Happend ? Muay thai say : i fell of the stairs ;D

Haninos : Fun fact : IP Man is faster than the elevator

i7iu7e : IP man has clearly mastered ultra instinct, but here he only went SS2

Nikola Tesla : His wife is the most stressful woman in the world lol

Alicultivated : "Get out?". Ok I wasnt expecting that. 😂😂😂 Wait a second did I just quote a Jamie Lawson song? Hm.

kamran jalilov : Donnie yen the best fighter..

HELIOS Hammond : ip man sure is pro and martial arts. yong chun or wing chun i guess. bruce lee was one of his best student. i mean for the real ip man

Johnny Miller : Dope. Nah man you ain't touching my wife.

尺. 乃口 : This scene always give me goosebumps

Allen Jenkins : Lady Ip is the most patient and nervous woman in the world.

hulk7272 : Yeah, I love this scene!!! Protecting his precious Bride!!! :-D

Earlit Gruy : "get out" as if one of the chipmunks did the voice over!

Hozzy Daemon : You won’t see a white man defend his woman💕 thats why I married a Chinese man. They know what honor and respect and love is.

sugar reaper : 1.7k Steven Seagal fans disliked this video

bigshexxy : Everything was super badass, until I heard "Get out!" Damn, I cannot watch dubs of live action movies

Mon dieu : مع دالك يقولون ان بروسلي أفظل من مدربه إب مان أسطورة لامثيل لها بروسلي ليس ندا لمدربه

hAk : "I get it, you hate taking the lift, here, let me help you get down the stairs"

Эllич : Таец или китаец ваще......... (я имела ввиду что в роли,а не актер) зачем ему драться именно в лифте!?ну подождать удобного момента Он не знает технику безопасности(ну это же фильм 😚)

ZERO CHANNEL : Ip Man 3 is not so good, but this fight is really great, i love how he protect his wife in the Elevator. In my opinion is the best fight in the movie.

Luhar Anas Anas : That's why he is a master of Bruce Lee

CRZY FKN LEMR : He protecc He defenn He is the ip mann

Lawrence L Cunningham II : Close Quarter Combat is the Best

Nanzing Dadi : Brilliant.. A martial arts master must be ready to accept any fight, at any time.. No back downs or drop your title of been a master.. Whether on your honey moon, your baby's naming ceremony, on your death bed.. U never back down...its just epic

Murder Doll : That's a real husband. <3 But that "Get out!" in that voice was -hilarious-!

Kh Surjakumar : Power lies in action not in words or voice.

Rambo 4xx : I didnt know edward scissorhands could fight

Ahmet Arslan : emoğlu ceymis mont gibi dövüştün :D

GeeQ224 : Guy looks like an older Tony Jaa

Vae07 : He forgot to take his shoes.

pala botak : get out 🤣🤣🤣

zyqxD : I think Wing Chun is cool af, but his opponent was not using Muay Thai...

90loneeagle : Bad ass scene, middle school boy voiceover smh

Burpee : Mike Tyson is soft spoken, get in his way.

Griffith : he left his slippers

Bramz90 : So fighting in the stairs is faster than the elevator... x)

dafa saputra : wing chung vs silat

Octavio Touch : Next ip man vs thanos

flor wast : Great fight. But, did someone's grandmother dub Donnie Yen's voice?

Rafael Souza : Quando irá ser lançado nos cinemas

Mung ABC007124 : I think the last part "get out" is actually not so accurate, in Chinese it says "piss off". So it's a little bit more badass than "get out" 😅

Ravi Kumar : Legend has it that this happened 9 months before another baby.

Hitesh Maravi : Lift is very slow😂😂😂

grahamyodude : Someone got laid that night

Ikhsan Muhammad : Many people didn't know IP man, but ip man is the master of Bruce Lee