Ip Man 3 - Wing Chung vs Muay Thai

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Alicultivated : "Get out?". Ok I wasnt expecting that. 😂😂😂 Wait a second did I just quote a Jamie Lawson song? Hm.

FLEEK F : *finishes a badass 2 minute fight* “get out” in the least powerful voice possible

Maulana Winata : You know what's funny? hollywood movies fighting scenes got loads of cuts. And only Chinese martial arts movies that doesn't have a lot of cuts and most of it are more legit.

SinedSloth : Thats a slow ass elevator

bigshexxy : Everything was super badass, until I heard "Get out!" Damn, I cannot watch dubs of live action movies

Happi Fix : "get out" wtf

grahamyodude : Someone got laid that night

K Kent : Why nobody give props to his girl tho? Classy AF asian.

Yordle Thot : Ip Man beats him up then recommends him to watch an academy awarded film. Truly a badass and an avid movie watcher.

Lancer : Fights between Muay Thai and Wing Chun in real life don’t turn out too well....for Wing Chun practitioners.

Jack MMyers : Why did it sound like he inhaled helium

Vae07 : He forgot to take his shoes.

Dave Hoch : His Wife Is Smoking Hot

Finn the Jake and Dog the Human : wing chun beats muay thai only in movies lol.

Charlene Swallows : Sounds much better in Mandarin.

Red X Xero : Ip man vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Zx Tek : ip man made wing chung look op

John Dumelo : Donnie Yen ,Thank you for bringing this beautiful story of IP MAN to life , the story line was just as great as the action

Murder Doll : That's a real husband. <3 But that "Get out!" in that voice was -hilarious-!

Dicerolledan8 : Dat ass

yuka fish : ipman: get out ♀️💟

Mika Cotty : LMAO she nutted all over herself.

Sean Vang : This is why I always watch movies/shows in their original language with subs on. Lol Nothing against dubs and people who like watching in dubs, but they're cringe or not as authentic most of the time imo. Which takes out my immersion. Only very few have good dubs.

jeremybr2020 : This is the way fight scenes are supposed to be shot. No shaky cam. No 1000 different camera cuts. The tracking around the stairwell was bad ass. This movie as a whole was not great simply because they seemed to be going in 5 different directions. But the fight choreography is top notch.

uğur çabalak : We like ip man too. Love from Turkey.

ADRIANO SOUZA COSTA : No muay thay! Is muay boran

Isaiah Nunez : Should've used Tony jaa

Son Naruto : They should have put Tony jaa instead

Sebastian Hine : If that guy did hit Ip Man's wife he wouldn't of been walking out he would been dead.

Dr. Jh Irons : I luv it when he shuts the gate and then elevator door....

pauline aspden : What a noble man...He was doing the shield trying to protect her from the attach of that shit bag. This type of gentlemen almost don't exist anymore ...great fighting scene btw. One of the best ever.

Charles Ray : If that ain't what U call Badass then tell me what is it Lol?

supernova637 : Dude was just a punching bag. There was no tension or excitement to the action.

lostn65 : english dubbing at the end. What a way to ruin a scene.

mikebusiness32 : I've been following this ipman for a while and I like him a lot, butt Muay Thai is not Muay Thai without the clinch. It's called The Plum that's the most dominant thing you can do standing up on your feet. And no clinch? ? ? Idk. ..... movies! !

Sujeet K.C. : I just love how she totally trusts him.

Anselmo Jason : I think the central theme of this movie is Ip Man protecting something or someone he cared about. Protecting his son (fight in the docks), his wife (this fight), his neighborhood (fight in the school and against Mike Tyson), and to an extent his reputation as a Wing Chun master (against Cheung Tin Chi), although the movie made it clear that turns out he didn't really care about the latter as much as he cared for his family.

Megavicid : "Get out" LOL that kid dexter voice

SultaN : Am i the only one who cried ?

wailunau : The scene is simulated. It is too much space compared with the past Hong Kong's lift, stairs and lobby.

YoutubeHub : when playing the video, press 8. funny shyt

Game OF Life : lee mains crying now

Allen Jenkins : Lady Ip is the most patient and nervous woman in the world.

Wadu Shroud : VNGNC is that you???

Tutte Andre : We all know, at least martial artist that this would be all the way around in a real life scenario.

Stream King : 2:26 well...... I didn't see that coming.

coberon zephile : ULTRA CLOSE RANGE Wing Chun > Muay Thai

Robertus Danang Wiratmoko : that's one fcking slow elevator

Bobocel Fin : That "get out" with Chipmunk's voice ruins the whole scene lol

Nagendaranmathan Nagendaaranmathan : Super super good welcome to tamilnadu your video love