Ip Man 3 - Wing Chung vs Muay Thai

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UberBooperPooperTheDooper Also Known as Satan : That dubbing Hahha!

Maulana Winata : You know what's funny? hollywood movies fighting scenes got loads of cuts. And only Chinese martial arts movies that doesn't have a lot of cuts and most of it are more legit.

Young killer Msodoki : Ip man is Don number 1

Dicerolledan8 : Dat ass

Charlene Swallows : Sounds much better in Mandarin.

Charlotte Blair : Ip man vs yuri boyka?

K Kent : Why nobody give props to his girl tho? Classy AF asian.

Bert Shrock : I'm getting my yellow belt in Karate in two week. So happy.

LEGENDEY BIG BOSS : I like how he's a gentleman to he's wife even in a middle of a fight, aways assureing her safety right before he fights back and then comforts her that if she's okay and that he is okay as well before they go about their day like nothing happens. Best relationship goals ever

Alicultivated : "Get out?". Ok I wasnt expecting that. 😂😂😂 Wait a second did I just quote a Jamie Lawson song? Hm.

FLEEK F : *finishes a badass 2 minute fight* “get out” in the least powerful voice possible

nBaqi : if it's Tony Jaa, ip man would have a hard time

Lancer : Fights between Muay Thai and Wing Chun in real life don’t turn out too well....for Wing Chun practitioners.

Noah Daglio : Yeah Fight the wing chun specialist in a confined space BRILLIANT!!!!!

nagesh madigar : wow Ip Man is great fighter ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

John Dumelo : Donnie Yen ,Thank you for bringing this beautiful story of IP MAN to life , the story line was just as great as the action

GreenTUBE : I was expecting him to say “出去” from the movie, it just cracked me up when he said “Get out”.

lostn65 : english dubbing at the end. What a way to ruin a scene.

GrabbleRus : It's better to use staircase instead of such a lift. You can even kick some ass on the way and still be ahead of it. P.S.: we really need Tony Jaa vs Donnie Yen. If Tony wins, it's Ong Bak 4. If Donnie - IP Man 4

yuka fish : ipman: get out ♀️💟

bigshexxy : Everything was super badass, until I heard "Get out!" Damn, I cannot watch dubs of live action movies

Red X Xero : Ip man vs Shinsuke Nakamura

SinedSloth : Thats a slow ass elevator

Happi Fix : "get out" wtf

Megavicid : "Get out" LOL that kid dexter voice

Vae07 : He forgot to take his shoes.

coberon zephile : ULTRA CLOSE RANGE Wing Chun > Muay Thai

Death Dealer : Ip man 1-3 by far contains the best fight scenes in any martial arts series

Son Naruto : They should have put Tony jaa instead

Yordle Thot : Ip Man beats him up then recommends him to watch an academy awarded film. Truly a badass and an avid movie watcher.

Michael Reed : Dear ip man if you ever need me to leave a elevator just say so or any place for that matter

Mika Cotty : LMAO she nutted all over herself.

Dhruva Khanna : IP Man love from India 🇮🇳👏👏

grahamyodude : Someone got laid that night

J N : my favorite s fight

uğur çabalak : We like ip man too. Love from Turkey.

Putter : No one can beat the drunken master!!!

AJS Hutchison : Love the soundtrack at 1:00

ItIsWhatItIs : I believe i am the IPMAN

Min : LMFAO that pathetic dub

I draw : So many strings!

CHAVEES : Queria vê uma luta dele com yuri boyka kkk

Sebastian Hine : If that guy did hit Ip Man's wife he wouldn't of been walking out he would been dead.

G Ks : That was too good

Ravishankar Sharma : Judo, Karate, Taekwondo born in India but now struggling and not able to find a recognition. Other side Chinese, Japanese and Koreans accepted it and today they are known for this like they invented these fighting skills. Point is rather than saving our culture, traditions Indians are busy in India's boring political drama, Bollywood and Cricket.

BOSS KING : oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Blue Gamer : มวยไทย&มวยจีน

Night Hunter : Nothing like muay Thai 💓

Jayden Chian : Who wishes to see Berandal ( the raid) vs Ipman