5 Minutes with Colonel Kurtz - Apocalypse Now
5 Minutes with Colonel Kurtz Apocalypse Now

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"They train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won't allow them to write fuck on their airplanes because it's obscene! "


Ron G : The diamond bullet through his forehead represents the exact second that his mind snapped from the trauma of what he had seen and he became insane.

BEYOND MAD : Think about how much less surreal this would've been if Brando had done what he was told, or if the director was an absolute purist. Very strange.

Active Dynamics : Just picked up this amazing flick in wallmart bargain bin - 3 disc bluray, orig version, redux, hearts of dakrness + special features. Best $10 I ever spent... seriously...

africa93 : his head is never properly illuminated, representative of kurtz's broken mind

James Vasel : Capt. Willard is not drinking the Kurtz Cool aid. good for him

wheelinthesky300 : Sell the house. Sell the car. Sell the kids.

seal1 the dickless : Was Kurtz broken?? Or did he just finally awaken to the evil cruel tactics the VC/NVA used? And realizes this is what you must do to win a war?

juan bravo : "You have a right to kill me" says it with no hesitation. Already accepting death. Truly chilling. One of my favorite movies ever.

Robert Poole : This movie hit me like a diamond bullet shot between my eyes! The Genius...

1pilot2000 : A very true statement by Col. Kurtz about the absolute nature of war.

tomtomshay : if i had ten divisions of those men ours troubles would be over very quickly. true then true now

Mudder Fukker : One of the greatest works of Cinema ever. They should've never released the short version, Redux is the complete, true version. If you haven't seen the Redux, try to catch it.

ITILII : Brando was the greatest actor of all time....and he played Kurtz superbly, a brilliant man who saw far too much of the hypocrisy and evil of the so called leadership who kill by the millions, and steal by the trillions.... and rebelled against it, in his own way

BN Films : The editing, directing, and cinematography in this scene should definitely be shown and analyzed in every film school.

Jason Rhodes : Brando is the only man that could have played Kurtz.

kliphy10 : One of the best movies of all time .

Hubert Van Calenbergh : I've always wondered about the girl at 2:41. She's stunningly beautiful.

doorswhofan : Dig the girl's serious countenance from roughly 2:35 to 2:48. Now couple that with Colby earlier -- his vacant stare while fingering his gun. Amazing how Kurtz's complete control over their minds was portrayed.

mr. indian : doing brando's soliloquy for my oral interp speech and I am so nervous because this, to me, is the greatest 'rant' in movie history.

Oskar Zoroaster : On the road we were told not to stop- it was an ambush. An old man on a bicycle stopped and looked at us, he stared through my soul, I closed my eyes and let the thumpety thump be a memory

Andy McWilliams : This and the arrival scene is taken from Joseph Conrad’s novel, “Heart of Darkness.” Read it sometime. It’s about a mission up the Congo River to find a Mister Kurtz. “Mista Kurtz. He dead.”

My High School Spanish Teacher : 2 people think they can act better than Marlon Brando

aure sevas : Man Brando improvising this is truly a masterpiece. Such an actor to resemble "horrors" that we have all experienced. From getting abused to the full scale of murder and so many things that we want to remember and not ever wanting to forget. Like a diamond bullet and the genius of it all for men to do such things. What a way of life we all can learn from.

mark rush : back when films were legendary

tickyul : My all time favorite movie.....ever. Marlon Brando was a genius in this movie.

James Smith : Kurtz knows what's up. 😑😒

USAF DIRT BOYZ : To finally realize, when it's too late, that the person standing in your way was actually yourself - it is the saddest thing in the world.

John Nevola : This is one of my all time favorite films. Copolla showed genius in his capture of an insane war. Look at the reality after reading the Pentagon Papers. The whole thing was insane, and the poor guys sent there, as valliant as they were, were fightng in an unfamiliar trecherous enviornment, fightng The Vietnamese who fought all their lives, including the French who they defeated. And the reason for it? It wasn't because North Vietnam attacked Pearl Harbor. It was insane, and Copolla reflected it. Wow. Talk about movie making.

dvdragon : Viet-Cong. The Original Anti-Vaxx.

Ronnie Bishop : Brando plays insanity so well, because he was!

John Grenier : I knew one thing....my DA form 2404 had to be filled out correctly...correctly....and on time....

Roger Balcer : An analogy of Joseph Conrad's book Heart of Darkness !

Tiggy-Tay Unlimited : Jor-El survived the explosion of Krypton after all

KewlGuy98 : Watching this scene over and over again while working on my grad term paper on counterinsurgency. I can't tell if its working or not.

MAKE IT : " STELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Vinny Rose : Terminate.. with extreme prejudice

Paul Delaney : Legend

Marc Abramsky : There are some good thoughts here. Kurtz is describing what he learned in meeting the enemy on its own terms. Using their own methods to defeat them. Remember Vlad Dracul, when the Turks sent their front line first before the main army. Vlad defeated them and then impaled them on posts. When the main force came to conquer the area the first sight that greeted them were the thousands of men impaled on spears. The sight terrified the main force enough to turn back. Like anything significant, it is doing what others are afraid to do. History is riddled with such acts on both good and horrific levels. "For it is judgement that defeats us".One of the lines in the film that Sheen mentions is, "the Vietcong knew of Kurtz and they were terrified of him".

Jeffrey Richardson : This scene is a good example of the power of conditioning one's mind and soul to the breaking point...

Sam Spade : and that is the devotion the Christian cult want from their flock. Blind obedience to those pretending to be speaking for invisible gods (allegedly seen only by dead people). Example Doug Coe - Friends of Jesus - the Family - the organization who stared the National Day of Prayer who who preaches, Christians are wrong about Jesus. Jesus was not for the poor and really for the rich and ruling class. Doug Coe speaks to Navigators - 1989, part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn098XYE7pk

Kyle Ferris : Although Kurtz has clearly gone insane from exposure to traumatic events, he is incredibly articulate in explaining the ideology of extremism. This is the most dangerous type of sociopath... one that can logically explain his actions, and even convince others to join him in carrying out these actions. Willard’s steadfast morality and sense of duty are the only things protecting him from Kurtz’s influence. P.S. Marlon Brando was an incredibly talented actor!

J. T. : "Moral and without Judgment. It is judgment that defeats us." Liberals judge morality in their effort to avoid being Judgmental. Where are the strong ? How are the trusted ?

CelestialWoodway : The Dark Knight is not fit to wipe the ass of this movie.

psyclops9 : when will leonardo dicaprio play marlon brando in a stephen spielberg biopic? lemeknow

geraberl : "It's impossible through words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies".

dasboot19801 : SE Asia will drive you nuts. It's a very strange, corrupt place, with very unusual customs. An unstable person could come unhinged there very easily.

Luko Hevia : Couldn't have explained it better

simon griggs : What a prick.

simon griggs : EVER!