The Aquaman Poster is Awful

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Shoe0nHead : 1998 windows screensaver tier

SladeBallard : I don't like DCU movies, but I work in graphic design and you'll be amazed at how much we use stock pictures (some of them free, some of them paid) for promotional images.

Wolver Derp :P : well, people are still going to watch it to know how awful it really is

Mudkip971 : I think this poster is amazing... ...because it shows the quality of the movie without even watching it.

Celestial Dragon : Now we just have to wait for Lava Girl to show up in the next trailer.

NintendoWolf : Shit I didn’t know Shark Tales was getting a sequel.

Smart Alec : ...every poster ever that has animals and stuff use stock images. That's why stock images fucking exist. I'm sorry but this feels like it's grasping at straws, like I think this movie will be bad but it's such a stretch here. The pose is fine and the background sells his powers. If you're going to criticize the poster for something I suggest criticizing the poor contrast: it's all blue. That's why Aquaman's suit should be orange: because it contrasts against blue and makes it look appealing.

Gnarwhal : If they're the Tommy Wiseau movies of the superhero genre, then wouldn't that mean they'd be fun to watch?

Connor R. : the goddamn orcas are mirror images of each other

Adam May : “Omg they used a stock image” yes because they were supposed to use real sharks

DammitSinged : _Aquaman lookin like he's about to drop the biggest rap album of 2001_

StillNoPickles : Does anyone else think this actor is horrible for aqua man? All I can see is Khal Drogo. His character feels nothing like a super hero, let alone aqua man.

Patrick Fitzgerald : I mean, the posters not great, but that doesn't really affect the end product. Remember Black Panther? One of the most highly praised Marvel movies of all time, released earlier this year? Look up the first poster for it. You'll find an amazingly shit-tastic picture of a completely CGI background and throne for T'Challa, with Chadwick Boseman's face seemingly slapped on in photoshop. All I'm really trying to say is don't judge a book by its cover. If everyone had done it for Black Panther, they would have missed out on one of the best movies made in the MCU.

Brandon Christopher : Why so much hate tho?? Thor had an average poster...Spider-Man homecoming poster was mediocre but that didn't mean the movies sucked. Too much shit talking bruh

Tangerine Bean : The videos fine and all but you don't understand the point of stock images

BattleUp Saber : Well at least the Moist Meter for this movie will actually be *moist* .

Raytist : I love how people are saying "they couldn't take a photo of a real shark" but are ignoring the large budget DC has for these movies, and they could make a realistic 3d render.

RoSeGod : The poster honestly looks "OK" you're overreacting, the poster just looks fine, not really bad, it's just simple.

iwnl Nahz : Trailer came out a few days after this video and its awesome compared to the poster. Lets not over analyse the poster and summarise the entire movie to being shit just because the the previous DC movies was shit imma be honest. Im hoping the DC solo movies like WW wont flop like Justice League and BvS

Muffin Wizard : Of course it uses stock photos! That’s what they are for! Do you think they should have just gotten a picture of the dude chilling with sharks? I’m not saying that D.C. makes good movies, but this guy is retarded.

Varinder Bhandal : Can’t wait for the Mermaid Man movie.

Ö _ : So they tried to get rid of the Stereotype of Aquaman being lame, yet somehow made it worse. Like, at least if he had the original costume it wouldn't look like they're trying too hard...

Prynceofthecity : You’re just a hater relax bro

Night Phoenix Productions : So what, u expect them to use pictures of sharks that they took themselves?

RMC : Uhhh a lot of film uses getty images and shuttershock, even Marvel uses it and credits them at the end credits

EdenOVA : CG-I want to die

Calvin Gates : Dude it’s just a fucking poster and so what if they got a stock image it’s not like you can have him actually stand near sharks lol. I honestly was expecting them to maybe show all the main characters in the poster but hey

OAJKing : I liked all the movies except suicide squad and justice league. Aquaman and shazam look promising though

Tactical Absol (Covert K9) : 4:01 Wtf? That sentence had me laughing for a while

Rorschach Daws : Mcu fanboy smh.

Just An Edit : Don't compare Tommy Wiseau to that fishy crap.

69000 subscribers with no videos? : While it may seem lazy, this is actually what stock images are used for. You think they actually are going to take a picture of a guy next to a shark

BigBoyFresh : I don't like DC movies at all, but I'm pretty sure Getting Images was created for stuff like this, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't get a man posing in front of real sharks

Saahil Rachh : "You can't count The Dark Knight Series. It's a Nolan series. That's cheating" 😂😂😂 So negative! You're like a 9-year old mavrel fanboy

juan hallett : Gee, for some one who isn't an Aquaman fan and hasn't had th3ir child hood ruined, you sure do go hard to prove your invalid point. Oh hey bro you ARE aware of the purpose of stock photos , right?

The Campfire : The Aquaman pose looks like a 90's hip hop magazine photoshoot.

Yoo Hoo : And why exactly Wonder Woman is "only good DC movie"? Because Rotten Tomatoes said so?

Luke skywalker : Maybe you dont understand this but, when you're fully underwater you dont actually look wet. Also it was jason mamoas choice to wear those pants

Carlos Estrada : Comparing to marvel movies? Those pieces of shit are the standard?

Bill Ratchet : You do realize this is what stock images are for?

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss : Aquaman? more like awkwardman

S M : Really? U complaining about how Jason looks too wtf he can wear those pants its a comic book movie omg u want everything too look so realistic including the sharks, u probably don't even complain about the bad Marvel posters or the clothes they wear because its Marvel and don't care about realism there

Ethan the gamer : did you saw the aquaman trailer?

Jacob 0 : Unpopular opinion: Jason Momoa isn't a good aqua man

Ser Brando : Wonder woman wasn't really a good movie either. Being a little bit better than the others doesn't make it good. Just saying.

Dr Shaym : They also duplicated the swordfish.

Nuno And only Nuno : What... what do you think stock images were made for? Shits and giggles?

Donte' McKinney : I'm starting to think it's becoming a trend to hate DC

Kristian : I know I'm late but big homie this was just a teaser poster. They released a kick-ass poster like the next day in their defense lmao

Muzammil Baluch : You said everything I expected you to say. Bet you like WW because you just wanna join the bandwagon. This wasn’t even the official poster, it was the other one. Nonetheless, bet you’re eating your words after the trailer and now are gonna dickride DC like Marvel because you go with the meta