"Furious Firefly" - Home Made Rubber Crossbow ROCKS!

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Icemaster 4311 : He seems alot happier than before i think he needed to go back to just doing the videos for fun and not for others a long time ago

rick james : "just like in the pub" he says... Then he throws one with enough strength to destroy a cork dartboard. Best dude to go pub hopping with, no doubt!

Kekker : you know summer is over when he doesn't wear those shorts anymore :/

zuioprt : "Just like in the Pub" :D Never seen anybody throw the Darts at lethal velocity ...

beckerm13 : Received my Jörg Sprave folder knife. Love it. Top Jörg quality. 👍

Shadow Rambo : It Smells like bacon.......i Need it

World Bodybuilding Archive : 7:08 If I was a bad robber passing this shed towards Jörg's house, the different types of projectiles stuck in it would make me think twice whether it's really worth it.

Christopher Hurray : This should be produced in masses. Love it. Please sell it in your shop... is this planned?

Florian Hof : Hey Jörg! Zeichnungen ab nach China und in den Shop damit! 😁 Damit wir dich mehr unterstützen können

Kevin C : My new favorite YouTuber thx for your dedication and hard work.

John Lee Pettimore III : "Bang!" Laugh. "Bang!" Laugh. "Bang!" "Bang!" Laugh. That's one seriously dead gelatin zombie. 😃

Ben lieberman : Honestly a straight legend

Seven Proxies : Furious firefly... Is that the cousin of the Noisy Cricket? :P

Dripzone : i wait for the rubber powered sniper rifle....

gerardo B : 9:16 of course gangsta style

Racer X : You should have these mass-produced in China

William Mancini : Please do a tutorial on this crossbow. Think it would be a great build due to its small size and thus lower cost of materials. Perfect.

Randy Sexton : Love the new format! Your happiness makes the videos more enjoyable.

ExtendedShelf : "Wütendes Glühwürmchen" Auf Deutsch klingt es eher süß als gefährlich :D

ngotuanbao507 A : You are a legend Joerg

William Hartman : This is one of my favorites you have made. Super simple and clean. Great job

Chris Chen : He looks like he can't wait to slap the ballistic gelatin in the video. Ha ha ha ha

BcA - Biciclind cu Axel : Making videos without the stress of stupid Youtube's Censorship must have the effect of Viagra ! :)))

TuTo_Dampfmaschine : Do you have blueprints ?

TheCsaknorrisz : What if you made one with the bullpup design?

Test Test : I would love to see something like a slingshot revolver using those mini bolts.

dag hoor : 360p squad

m.blacktree : The Furious Firefly is just begging for a box magazine. 😉

Fu Chen : I think you can sell a lot of these in your store. This is really cool! And you look happier and happier after going indie. God bless you.

Raymond Joyce : joerg uses weapons so its safer than him just throwing bolts

Booper : “JUST LIKE IN THE PUB”👌🏻👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Daniel Rühl : Es freut mich sehr, dass man dir den Spaß an den Videos wieder ansieht ! Bitte mach weiter so, es macht wieder richtig Spaß deine Videos zu schauen ! :)

World Bodybuilding Archive : The impact marks on that tree behind him clearly show that it's Jörgs garden :D

Jamal Tyrone : Oh we were all furious that firefly was cancelled! Thanks for naming a toy crossbow after the fact!

RNGeez_us : You made a beautiful repeating pistol crossbow. It is really nice to see you use rubber power again.

Tabby Lints : Joerg,"YOU ARE THE MAN"!!!:)

Heiss Heissenberg : That finish is absolutely great. Really adds character to the already furious "Furious Firefly". Great work!

Michael Kork : "It's looks really cool, and it smells like bacon"

Valentin Stoller : Hey Jörg hast du ein viedo darüber wie man den griff mit dieser Textur baut?

spider love : Vs. Kevlar and AR500/ceramic trauma plate armor

Falk Hauser : Jorgshorts now available! Link in description below

dsfadsfgafgf : Thats a wicked little home defense tool.

Sjiht001 : I see you are enjoying the sunny autumn aswell!

Gay For Brae : non monetised but still over 10 mins really is a habit

SLAV willis Almera : Lovely little crossbow nice rustic look great job joerg

mark james swift : It's good to have the old Joerg back, that is one beautiful (and deadly) pistol.

Derek Graham : Remind me to NEVER piss you off lol

PiezasLeyenda : You always creative !!! You make my life more happy

Mac STRANGE : Superb I plan to make a crossbow hybrid and transformable also for airsoft. Maybe I copy you the aesthetics 🌈