"Furious Firefly" - Home Made Rubber Crossbow ROCKS!

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Kekker : you know summer is over when he doesn't wear those shorts anymore :/

Icemaster 4311 : He seems alot happier than before i think he needed to go back to just doing the videos for fun and not for others a long time ago

Ejuice Vaper : 'technique just like in the pub'... Proceeds to throw with the force of a cannon

rick james : "just like in the pub" he says... Then he throws one with enough strength to destroy a cork dartboard. Best dude to go pub hopping with, no doubt!

zuioprt : "Just like in the Pub" :D Never seen anybody throw the Darts at lethal velocity ...

Shadow Rambo : It Smells like bacon.......i Need it

beckerm13 : Received my Jörg Sprave folder knife. Love it. Top Jörg quality. 👍

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive : 7:08 If I was a bad robber passing this shed towards Jörg's house, the different types of projectiles stuck in it would make me think twice whether it's really worth it.

Florian Hof : Hey Jörg! Zeichnungen ab nach China und in den Shop damit! 😁 Damit wir dich mehr unterstützen können

Kevin C : My new favorite YouTuber thx for your dedication and hard work.

Christopher Hurray : This should be produced in masses. Love it. Please sell it in your shop... is this planned?

Dripzone : i wait for the rubber powered sniper rifle....

John Lee Pettimore III : "Bang!" Laugh. "Bang!" Laugh. "Bang!" "Bang!" Laugh. That's one seriously dead gelatin zombie. 😃

Seven Proxies : Furious firefly... Is that the cousin of the Noisy Cricket? :P

Ben lieberman : Honestly a straight legend

gerardo B : 9:16 of course gangsta style

Michael Daury : You should have these mass-produced in China

Randy Sexton : Love the new format! Your happiness makes the videos more enjoyable.

ExtendedShelf : "Wütendes Glühwürmchen" Auf Deutsch klingt es eher süß als gefährlich :D

A-Ray阿叡 : He looks like he can't wait to slap the ballistic gelatin in the video. Ha ha ha ha

dag hoor : 360p squad

William Mancini : Please do a tutorial on this crossbow. Think it would be a great build due to its small size and thus lower cost of materials. Perfect.

ngotuanbao507 A : You are a legend Joerg

TheCsaknorrisz : What if you made one with the bullpup design?

dsfadsfgafgf : Thats a wicked little home defense tool.

Dampfmaschine : Do you have blueprints ?

Fu Chen : I think you can sell a lot of these in your store. This is really cool! And you look happier and happier after going indie. God bless you.

Raymond Joyce : joerg uses weapons so its safer than him just throwing bolts

Test Test : I would love to see something like a slingshot revolver using those mini bolts.

Elefanten Jagdverein Tötet was Trötet : Also wenn du so normale Dart Pfeile wirfst , bekommst du in meiner Bar nur ein Beton-Dartboard :D

BcA - Biciclind cu Axel : Making videos without the stress of stupid Youtube's Censorship must have the effect of Viagra ! :)))

William Hartman : This is one of my favorites you have made. Super simple and clean. Great job

Daniel Rühl : Es freut mich sehr, dass man dir den Spaß an den Videos wieder ansieht ! Bitte mach weiter so, es macht wieder richtig Spaß deine Videos zu schauen ! :)

Jamal Tyrone : Oh we were all furious that firefly was cancelled! Thanks for naming a toy crossbow after the fact!

AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive : The impact marks on that tree behind him clearly show that it's Jörgs garden :D

Stephen Rock : Furious Firefly is totally sweeet!!! Jorg what happened to the Colab with Adam Celadin? it would be a great one to see the Dane axe and maybe some ballistic gelatin!!!

m.blacktree : The Furious Firefly is just begging for a box magazine. 😉

Toastbrot : Pls sell a diy slingrifle set

Sjiht001 : I see you are enjoying the sunny autumn aswell!

Michael Kork : "It's looks really cool, and it smells like bacon"

RNGeez_us : You made a beautiful repeating pistol crossbow. It is really nice to see you use rubber power again.

Endymion, the Master of Memes : I can see Jorg reviewing a sex doll and in a snickering manner say, "Let me show you it's features."

CosimusPrime : It smells like bacon😂

Heiss Heissenberg : That finish is absolutely great. Really adds character to the already furious "Furious Firefly". Great work!

Blood wolf games : “JUST LIKE IN THE PUB”👌🏻👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Max Lageder : Like if Jörg should build the spear of leonidas grom the game Odysseus assasins creed

Onkel Sam : ..und wenn man denkt noch geiler geht nicht mehr kommt Jörg mit was neuem daher.... wird echt nicht Langweilig mit dir . Sag ma Jörg - bringt das überhaupt noch was zu supscriben ??

SLAV willis Almera : Lovely little crossbow nice rustic look great job joerg

KillerCat : Schönes Video :D Wie sieht es eigentlich mit dem "Lungentrainer" aus? Kommt der bald auf den Markt oder muss man sich noch ein wenig gedulden, bis man seine Lunge trainieren kann.

jose paolo Aranda : You should send some of these killer darts to Adam Celadin for testing distance