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Mariusz Stach : This voice is better than the original voice

Adam's origami Productions : Cool I like your voice

Jason Ryder : I’m sure those balloons did wonders for our oceans and every penny well spent 🤦‍♂️

Homeslice Brice : 25% of comments about the balloons and 75% about the voice

ADZY 9090 : Ohh thanks for warning me I was just about to go to my garage, grab 1.5M balloons and do that

Sush b : Why you people wast so much money to pollute environment rather then help with same money to clean ocean's or do something good.......

KyraandMe : Just paused the video to say that releasing that many balloons upon the world and the many ecosystems they will effect is disgusting.

godfatherNYC : Unbelievably bad idea. Why we do this to the earth is just sickening. Great video though, thanks.

Zai Zai Sandwich : Nice just ruin the earth even more Oh yeah and kill all the marine life ☹️

L O L : *never release 1.5 million balloons* Yeah...I never thought to...

Poop 7667 : Bollution

Bitch Lasagna : not like I was planning to release 1.5mil balloons into the air tomorrow or something

#Mind Warehouse : Thanks for watching!

NinetySevenTill : Canada still hates us for this lol

Thylo YT : Thats how Pollution started

Itzayana Cortez : Do they know there KILLING 😵 the 🐟🐠🐋🐡🐙🐬🐚🐍🐢 in the ocean cuz of the balloons eaten by the INNOCENT BEUTIFUL ANIMALS ive have HOPE in MYSELF that they will see what they do to the POOR CREATURES UNDERWATER and think WOW ill try NOT to do this again and tell ppl what happens when u throw all that plastic to the sky and it falls in other propertys. Them sayin WoW HOW BEUTIFUL...YEA IT WILL BE MORE BEUTIFUL IF U STOP DOING THIS WORTHLESS EVENT! ✌✌✌

RYAN BOTKIN : I think they all need a 3000 dollar fine for littering

GAMING MACHINE (tankionline) : Fun fact: did u know that the sound your stomach makes when u are hungry is not actually to warn u about hunger, it's actually the sound of clearing the last bits of saliva and other gases and bits inside your stomach keeping it clean and healthy for us next meal

blamo ' : *never release 1.5 million balloons* well there goes my sunday plans

AKA DA AKA : the title of this video should be "Top Stupid things you can do if your wealthy"

Matthew Williams : About the 8:hour drifting record... forget the fuel. What kind of tires were they using, that could withstand 8:hours of drifting. My guess is that the tires were probably what finally gave out.

Khyram : And the amount of plastic released into the environment......For what - a record?

Tank Yt : I live in tanzania... that and you are pronouncing the name wrong

Derryl WhyYouBully.mp3 : amazing voice i liked it #AMAZINGVOICE

Ofentse Mwase Films : I'm gonna release 2 Million balloons. I wanna see something.

Jaheem PMWJHS Glasgow : Your Voice Isn’t Bad You Should Become A Co Host

Suwan Cruz : Ummmmm pollution

Sean ONeill : ‘Reads title’ - damn that’s next weeks plans out the window!

Calvin W : This voice is so much better! Please do it more often.

Bway Eazi : Am at Tanzania 🍕

Nina Hartmann : It's nice to hear something different for once. Although I like the "standard" voice, your's is great too. Maybe upload a video with your voice once in a while? :D

Toby Macarthur : Thats not how you pronounce Tanzania


JusTCM /The Command Block Minecart : Great the ballons fell on the ocean how are fish going to survive!!!!

Always Karen : Ohh so that's where all the balloons I see come from in the air 🤔

Dragon King : After the balloon incident now we are non a shortage on helium. Lol

Rani Malka : Cool voice 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

kristo k : im sure that pizza was very cold !

Light Apollo : No wonder why Woolworths doesn't have any plastic bags..

cool lyrics : now that I look at it, it was a brilliant idea!🎈🎈🎈🎈

Funk Every day : Those balloons that were in the ocean turtles 🐢 whales 🐳 sharks 🦈 and pretty much sea life would eat the plastic and workers try their best to not ruin nature and the ocean 🌊 we care about Mother Nature and I love the world as it was before pollution and throwing garbage into the ocean and bad guys shootings at schools and kidnapping Edit: oh come on I written this 1 month ago and the only like I got was my own like COME ON Edit 2 months later: thanks for only three likes I appreciate the health for the animals and my likes

Poptarts- : Yes because I woke up this morning, right? The first thing I thought was to let 1 1/2 million balloons into the sky. Darn, now I can't do it. :(

Light Apollo : Seen all the World Records, except for the last one.

• AshieDaBerry • : *CONGRATS!* You just killed Marine Lifes. And ruin Earth! *GREAT* Job!

GhostBoy 2 : you cant beat the original voice over

HAHA FUNNY:3 : Yeah this year I can’t wait for that marine life no longer existing! You shouldn’t do that u just messed up the environment. God that’s stupid

Happy A : Well there goes like 100 years of us trying to help the environment.

Red-Rook : Dammit, where's the balloonbs?! T3T

marker999 MT : Volvo Is King.

Calen Joshua : Your voice is better than the original voice