Roger, the Stan Lee Experience
Roger the Stan Lee Experience

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A medley of some of Roger's bits.


9/9/99 It's Thinking : Had to come back here after hearing about Stan Lee's death lol.

MikeGee : Happy Birthday Jack Kirby!!

SilverSupernova : That's the moment I knew Cloak & Dagger would be a hit.

Raith : I like to believe that everything coming out of Roger's mouth is 100% accurate and how it happened.

Gage Peruti : RIP Stan Lee. The real Stan Lee.

Flappo Spammo : jack kirby ftw a true creative genius and legend

Brandon Patterson : RIP Stan Lee

dplocksmith91 : @ Matt Reinstetle: Ditto.

Matthew Connolly : R.I.P

Matt Reinstetle : Whenever I see Stan Lee making a cameo in a Marvel movie, I always think of "So I'm banging Jack Kirby's wife...."

Evergreen6991 : I thought it was a bagpipe...

electrojones : I understand that Stan is circling the sewer drain now. I hope Jack is there to kick his ass up over his head. Son of a bitch.

joshnickerson : The only truly entertaining thing to come out of X-Play...

lohengren : "So I was bangin Jack Koiby's wife"

MandalorianCam : Does anyone happen to remember the Comic-Con song from one year's Comic-Con coverage? It went something like "comic-con, comic-con, collecting crap until the dawn"

Arran Seel : 7 people were getting kicked in the balls

PlanitReality : I wish this was funny, I love the concept.

Polaryoda1 : @StLRedbirds10 u r soo right this was when xplay wanted to be funny

TheSupersaiyan2012 : That description of a birthday card from 0:11 to 0:30 ... that seems like the perfect way to break someone's spirit into a million pieces. It's funny as hell though.

Playervid ZeroZeroFour : I still watch X-play, AOTS , Ninja Warrior, Feedback, Soapbox and thats about all. The shows are just fillers, and not even good fillers. They either show cops or old movies(some of are good and some arnt). What happened to the shows like cinematech , Electronic Playground and Judgment Day. G4 still has some good shows but it lost a lot of what made it what it is today.

Kyle Plante : @tawheedullah Exactly it's perfect, the only reason this is so funny is because Stan Lee is nothing like this at all.

LadyOtacon : @Jayrich20 by banging Len Wein's wife?

LadyOtacon : @donzaloog1400 you're not missing much.

bluefurr : sorry I deleted it I re-added you, yeah sure I can do that, I watch it at least everyday but now our Comcast is being really messed up, but the only thing they've done is make a music video for there 1000 episode. There was rumor that they are going to do more skits but so far nothing. I will thanks.

Jmt1000 : @bluefurr Yeah, tell me if they do anything good, Because i won't and can't watch it. So, if something funny comes up, if you have the time. Give me PM, here i'll add you.

bluefurr : HAHA thanks haha I wish that X-Play does more skits as well.

Jmt1000 : @RockinOcarina Yup, Makes me wanna Cry, but unlike all of you, i have Hours and Hours upon years of Recording of Xplay, Cinematech (However you called it, Also the original one, not the Nocturnal Crap) Filter (Original) and Icons. Ahh i wanna cry now... Man Judgment day was good too.

Jmt1000 : @bluefurr Agreed!! You sir are a great person.

Jmt1000 : @blckng Haha, Well the Idea of this, is that Stan Lee steals the persons Idea's while interacting with them in daily life, and if you think this is an insult to Stan Lee, I believe Morgan opens up with "Stan Lee wouldn't return our calls, nor did we make any. SO we got the 5th best thing! It's Rodger the Stan Lee Experience, Not Stan Lee, But an Inaccurate Simulation" It's called topical Humor

ledsith : i hate that f..ktard "hurler" . that idiot thinks he's funny . 20 mins a show must be REAL hard for adam & morgan , because thats the ONLY reason they would need three people on that show !

bluefurr : X-Play needs to do more of this instead of dumb Blair Herter reference. Seriously do they need two people on the same network name Blair..No come on X-Play become funny again.


donzaloog1400 : This is so fucking awesome!! I used to love this show but I haven't watched it in over a year.

SmakTurd : fucking awesome.

TastyYumYums : so funny I wanna favourite it every time I watch it

Jake Codemo : This when xplay was funny i love this stuff

bleeduntildeath : what happened to "so we took him out back and sodomized him with a flagpole..... and THAT'S how we got the idea for dr. octopus... true story

Chris Axberg : steve ditko's trademarked ivory handled switchblades huh?

jesuslizard1408 : same here i miss the god old days with funny sketches and great shows,now xplays turning into another aots,without any fun

Oblivion Hymnist : I have great memories of X-Play, and what G4 USED to be. I can't watch it anymore, for more than one reason.


elrapido5150 : More or less.

Manny Allen : terribly bad taste, but still hilarious!!!

vega92 : lol is he really like that?

1galactus1 : hehe very funny

Schattenkirk : Definitely my favorite of the various X-Play characters. Just how completely exaggerated and unlike Stan Lee he is. Good stuff.

sceinceguy : lmao, get the patrick stewart clips also

HorrorClaus : POST MOAR PLOX There's at least two other segments of Roger the Stan Lee Experience from X-Play. Try to get those, I remember they were even better than this one.

Christopher Quinn : R.I.P. Stan