WIO#0047-"Inside Poop on NASA" America's Secret Space Program
This has got to be the most surreal youtube channel Ive ever come across Not just from its content but from its technical quality and mindboggling lack of attention at under 10k subs I give you Infochammel

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"WORK IT OUT" takes a candid look at interesting and unique occupations, who's unique nature is slowly revealed (wait for it) in order to give the viewer time to "Work It Out". "Poop Nasa" is an rare glimpse behind the veil of an active top secret NASA program. It features exclusive de-classified footage of the patriotic and extremely hardworking crewmembers of the secretive P-Sec program under the direction of Dr. Steven Pincher. Work It Out is produced by Polimar Bangoolzi InfoChammel West West, Monrovia, CA Previewed @ 2Wet Crew May 2018 for more info contact: Zary Mollibennegin Sr. Nighttime programming staff IC WEST WEST infochammel@gmail.com


SlurryJury : NASA has been trying to hide this s*** for years. Thank you infochammel for showing the American people the truth!

William See : for your health.

The RoGus : Incredible! I allways said that the space program was just a load of s**t!

PositivePyramid Programming : I am SO happy to see Fred Furner again!

Steve Young : The Chammeling of Info has begun

Deek : Large easy to read text would have been extra helpful

mumdidntraisenofool : I made the obvious choice and watched all infochammel videos twice

wideface : We need more Fred! #FREDFURNER2020

RadioRin : Come back to twitch


waterandafter : Infochammel on Roku? I'll be lost for weeks.

PositivePyramid Programming : YES! I love you, InfoChammel! You are the BEST! You brighten up my day! Thank you SO much for this life-changing Chammel! Thumbs up!

thedestroyer470 : Some excellent editing here. Kind of mind blowing. Especially if you've seen the original footage

Liam Anthony : 1:09 needed Jeff Goldblum.

Hugh : thank you infochammel i love you like raw sunshine

Maxim Kammerer : Thank you Infochammel, Infotainment can't get any better!

Oti : almost read info in the url, spooky

Wamfel : 👏👏👏

PositivePyramid Programming : Hope to see more videos soon! I LOVE THIS CHAMMEL! Please make more videos!

Wyatt Edwards : I was a completely emotionally unstable, mentally volatile individual. Now I am a completely emotionally unstable, mentally volatile individual who has been entertained and learned things in the process. Thanks, infochammel!

Kbnz 85 : What a masterpiece.

Josh VanValkenburg : Welcome back infochammel!

Brien Rullman : I am happy to see NASA work it out.....sooooo gooooood

ChickenNicker : You've done it again, another true documentary masterpiece on the difficulties of waste management. Congratulations Fred.

Brunoki22 : I'm actually wondering how did they make this look kinda real. Some interesting effects.

Chett Jams : this is the best poop ive ever seen

Alfred Light : that's one sick synthesizer that guy is playing

Churi : thanks Infochammel

Firesauce901 : ...*_WHAT?_*

What? Clucky : frick

Ultra404 : Nutty.

Ian's sad horrible excuse of a channel : This is why we didn't go to the moon! It's made of shit WE sent up there!

Scott Peltier : don't like it