WIO#0047-"Inside Poop on NASA" America's Secret Space Program

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danehb89 : Sending our waste into space, for a cleaner world. These are the real heroes they don't want to tell you about.

SlurryJury : NASA has been trying to hide this s*** for years. Thank you infochammel for showing the American people the truth!

The RoGus : Incredible! I allways said that the space program was just a load of s**t!

William See : for your health.

RadioRin : Come back to twitch

Steve Young : The Chammeling of Info has begun

Deek : Large easy to read text would have been extra helpful

PositivePyramid Programming : I am SO happy to see Fred Furner again!


thedestroyer470 : Some excellent editing here. Kind of mind blowing. Especially if you've seen the original footage

wideface : We need more Fred! #FREDFURNER2020

Liam Anthony : 1:09 needed Jeff Goldblum.

mumdidntraisenofool : I made the obvious choice and watched all infochammel videos twice

PositivePyramid Programming : YES! I love you, InfoChammel! You are the BEST! You brighten up my day! Thank you SO much for this life-changing Chammel! Thumbs up!

Hugh : thank you infochammel i love you like raw sunshine

Oti : almost read info in the url, spooky

Maxim Kammerer : Thank you Infochammel, Infotainment can't get any better!

Josh VanValkenburg : Welcome back infochammel!

waterandafter : Infochammel on Roku? I'll be lost for weeks.

Wamfel : 👏👏👏

Bon : thanks Infochammel

What? Clucky : frick

Wyatt Edwards : I was a completely emotionally unstable, mentally volatile individual. Now I am a completely emotionally unstable, mentally volatile individual who has been entertained and learned things in the process. Thanks, infochammel!

Brien Rullman : I am happy to see NASA work it out.....sooooo gooooood

ChickenNicker : You've done it again, another true documentary masterpiece on the difficulties of waste management. Congratulations Fred.

Brunoki22 : I'm actually wondering how did they make this look kinda real. Some interesting effects.

PositivePyramid Programming : Hope to see more videos soon! I LOVE THIS CHAMMEL! Please make more videos!

Ian's sad horrible excuse of a channel : This is why we didn't go to the moon! It's made of shit WE sent up there!

Chett Jams : this is the best poop ive ever seen

Alfred Light : that's one sick synthesizer that guy is playing

Firesauce901 : ...*_WHAT?_*

Scott Peltier : don't like it