MISHEARD LYRICS - Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
Amazing dose of misheard lyrics here Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter

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The quintessential misheard lyrics song! A true 90's classic, this may be one of those rare songs that NOBODY has ever really heard the true lyrics!!! It may even be a mystery to the band!


Damien Cross : Anna Nicole's mama said that I don't wanna see Anna fall down again... Holy shit that is funny

1979WSchamps : Make me fries...

lukescholar : This is probably my all-time favorite YouTube video. I go through phases of it. I'll watch it a bunch, go a year or two without, then rediscover it and start the cycle all over again. I'd love to see more new videos similar to this one.

Matthew Maida : even if I sung this song with the correct lyrics at Karaoke or somewheres....I'd still say the line "Make me fries."

liljgoneman : If you don't laugh at "potato wave" you're fundamentally damaged beyond repair.

Gideon Waxfarb : I think it's funny that if you Google 'make me fries', this is the first link that comes up :)

Wayne Grinnell : "Make me fries"..... I fell off my couch. Lmao

Gaudy Geeky : I am proud to know that this classic video has been on for an official decade. #PotatoWave2017

Benjamin Button : "Make me fries"... brilliant!!

Chris Maniotas : make me fries!!!!

Chad'z Beer Reviews : Potato wave? I always though it was "my big ol' wang"

Latisha Loftis : Potato wave......I'm crying... lol

Donny Glass : I don't know why they suntail nails either

The1andonlyAbber : When he said "I don't want a whale in a box or a bag" I just completely lost it

bluebird : This song is currently playing at the local pub and I can't help but think of this video as I laugh to myself.

Sydney Jane : "I don't know all the words...yet." Bloody hilarious, this!!! LUV IT!!! XD "Potato wave."

Connor Young : Wait, you mean there are actual serious lyrics to this song?

DJPsychoDTM : "Make me fries"

ANDREW CHAPMAN : make me fries,,,,,,,

Bernardo Salles : potato wave LOOOL

Granistar Gaming : If you made more vids like this of this quality. Then my friend you could have it all. well done!!

kid heartz : This strongly implies that the song was about a man receiving a letter about his brother dying in a war. It was just three days earlier at Madison Square Garden that Vedder sang “I don’t know whether my brother will be coming home in a box or a bag.” It’s widely known that Vedder modified the lyrics for live versions of the song, so it’s unclear whether this was the meaning all along or if it changed over time. But it’s now commonly accepted that “Ledbetter” is a strong anti-war song about the pain of losing a loved one in a war, with their soul reduced to a letter and a coffin. or a body bag. What do you think is the true meaning behind “Yellow Ledbetter”? Visit Full Site

dquaidman : Still one of the greatest things on YouTube ever

Daniearp : Quick question for native english speakers, do you sometimes find it hard to understand songs by nirvana or pearl jam? I speak good english but I'm not native so I was just wondering that

Cipher Disinic : I seriously had tears streaming down my face, and could not breath - from laughing so hard. The person that made this deserves a Nobel Prize and to be a multi-millionaire. A million thank yous - to whoever made this.

Tara Lee : Thank you! You've made my day!

TheSilentCosmonaut : I always have this lyrics in my head whenever I hear yellow ledbetter. 

1C3 P1CK : This song will never be the same for me again!

Fred Zinsser : I'm guessing this was intended to be a joke or spoof on the song. Eddie Vedder admits that he changes the lyrics and meaning of the song when he performs it, but he wrote the song with one story in mind, which he told at a concert in Newark, New Jersey on August 7, 2008. He asked if anyone had any questions, and a fellow asked what the lyrics to "Yellow Ledbetter" were. Instead of going word for word, Eddie simply told the story of the song. The song was written during the first gulf war, when "Papa Bush" was President, as Eddie calls him. The story is about a young Grunger kid, all dressed up in his flannels with the long greasy hair. His brother goes off to fight in the war and gets killed. He gets a letter that comes in one of those yellow army envelopes and learns of his brother's death. So, all upset, he decides to go out and walk it off. On his walk he passes by a neat, middle-aged or elderly couple sitting on their front porch having some tea, and he sees that they have an American flag out. He gives a wave, because he feels like he relates: "The flag, my brother, you know..." But they don't know, of course. They don't know what's underneath the grunge and the long hair. All they see are the outward appearances, and they don't wave back. The song has changed its meaning over time and Eddie changes the words to suit whatever is on his mind. (thanks, Graham - Morrisville, PA)

Paul Montgomery : Oh sweet baby Jesus! XD It took nearly seven years for me to stumble upon this video. It was worth the wait because that was hilarious. I probably would've held it out as some level of rock blasphemy in '90s, perhaps merely amused in '07, but watching it today when I just wanted to revisit the song made it great. Splendid!

Jan McIntyre : Brilliant! You have given me bursts of laughter. And finished so kindly with that sweet photo of dear Eddie. Thank you! Jan

Luka Radulović : Make me fries, lol

halobuckner : Anna Nicole's mama said that I wont wanna see Anna fall down again..LOL!!

PearlyJamx : "I don't know all the words... yet". Gotta love how Porch was circled & pics of Mike were shown during his solo :)

JenniK : lolololololol, omg I'm dying! :D

bruce livingston : I still have no idea what he really says in this song, if it comes on the radio, I sing these lyrics.

Jasmina Mon Pont : Potato waves and make me fries hahahahaha xDDD

Ski : why so many dislikes? I cannot stop laughing

Scott Dunlop : "Make me Fries". HA

lewis brierley : "make me fries" .... then the solo starts that's great haha

VelvetBlack : This just makes me so happy lol...regardless of the countless times I've watched this video!

christopher killam : I love Pearl Jam, but this was a good laugh. "make me fries." lol. Keep it up, misheard lyrics guy.

Roxanne Courtmanch : Nicely choreographed video, love the sound!  Thank you so much!

thakrak : That end: I don't know all the words... yet...

Stephen Weathersby : ....Also, on "Betterman" we used to think he said, "can't find the buttermilk"

StreetSpeed10 : I can only see these lyrics in my head when I hear this song. Been like this for years now lol.

Rex2212 : Brilliant by any measure.

theoriginal68niou1 : These lyrics work better for karaoke than the real ones do.

vedderclone : MAKE ME FRIES!