Why So many People Get Trapped in Life

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Shiro Ai : Nice video! Feeling trapped, but can't really bring myself to change :?

Paul Deuchar : Nice Mate!

william badovinac : My loif is gud.

Tyson Zywiec : Stellar!

Astro Ananas : Thats a pretty cool video! Falling down is so hard but so worth it. The words are so inspiring so is the music. Do you have the names of the pieces of music you used in this video?

الحارثة السابع عشر Aretas : This is what drives people to fail and ruin their lives. People just live your goddamn normal and mediocre lives because you aren't geniuses and you have zero novel ideas.

PixelSheep - Technik on a Budget! : This is awesome!

Sarai Richter : WOW that's awesome

Rubina Merchant : Too much greed, hate, killing, oppression and injustice in the world. Waiting for Jesus peace be upon him to return as per prophecies. He will put an end to it with Gods Will and bring peace. Only then will people be free from this man made trap and be able to "live" a fulfilling life hopefully.