Gordon Ramsay's Huevos Rancheros Recipe

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WarlordRising : Hay-voh-s Rahhhcheros. LMAO.

Bethany Hunt : nicely seasoned *aggressively throws salt in*

Daniela Reyes : *juevos jrancheros* I love him

Central Coast Cinema : Those beans look dry af! Tienen que tener caldito...

Skandar C : A snoooty huevos rancheros connoisseur, I approve of this recipe. Sure he put his own twist on it, but the main elements are there. I’m sure it tastes fantastic. Many different variations of the dish exist.

AbsurdExistentialist : I've never had huevos rancheros like this but I won't knock it till I try it.

Wicked Amoeba : What did we do to deserve this man?! 😭

CHECK ENGINE : Looks like vomit ! 2:41

Casa Tequila SF : Huevos rancheros ¡no llevan cumin! No mames and no can tomatoes 🍅 need FRESH TOMATOES failed

Natalie Alfera : Jussst a touch of olive oil. Gus Johnson anyone?

Joel Bedoy : I'm from Mexico and to all the people, even Mexicans, people will tell you these aren't "home made" huevos rancheros and I agree with the "home made" but remember the most important fact, Ramsey is a top international chef so he will make this dish as a gourmet chef would do and put his own twist on it, so I think he has done it very good.

wolfgamer1 : Is this Hannibal season 4?

OnePiece Lover : it looks like a taco with a side of vomit

Chris young : What is going on with that quaf bud?

Oscar Wilde : That's not Huevos Rancheros, but it probably tastes awesome.

Alejandra Gonzalez : Not even close to the real Mexican huevos rancheros but I don't doubt that his dish is good! It's too Tex-Mex.

Yaren Red : Butter in eggs? Am I delusional?

the6thverd : every mexican " this arent heuvos rancheros". its a more professional looking huevos rancheros, relax.

Louis Thomas : I didn't scatter my beans in a relaxed manner and now my whole dish is anxious.

Gurosama Bltch : "Literally tap that egg" I wasn't actually expecting him to do it at first, but then I heard the "literally" and I knew he meant business.

Eduardo Medina : Good God, stick to other countrie's recipes! The moment you decided make a puree out of chorizo and everything else in there you lost me. Btw we don't really use bell peppers for a "home cooked" meal, we stick to serrano and jalapeños. I'm sorry but you failed pretty hard at mexican food :/

HBK Jesse : **GRINGOS RANCHEROS** I fixed the title Gordon! You’re welcome!

Carlos Santa : Those are not huevos rancheros. Those are some crap invented by him.

Paulina Jaqui : 0:07 What did he say 😂

Marian Angelita : Mexico say Nooo that isn't the recipe!

Youtube made me change my name : 1:50 Tomatoes from a can??? Never thought I hear that come from his mouth HOLY SHIT

Rodrigo Llop : DUDE! These are Huevos-a-la-Ramsey, not Rancheros.

Basic Stuff : I'm pretty sure this is not Huevos Rancheros 😂

Jesse Lopez : Swore Gordon was choking on the chile smoke lol, idk bout yall but the huevos rancheros I've had, they had the beans on the side or mashed up and fried Still looked bomb

Bicultural Familia : That's chorizo?? And then he blended it? 😱😱😱

Marian Alvarado : If those are huevos rancheros then I am Angelina Jolie.

danger oopsthatsmymiddlename : In the northeast we would have a bagel. In the south we would have biscuits. Midwest toast. Southwest tortillas. There is more to the US than New York 😉😁

Juan Ramirez : This will literally take me 3 hours to cook and I'm going to use every pan in my kitchen. Is it worth it? Probably not. Will it be good? Not a chance. Am I a pretentious douchy cook?.. Boys, turn on the stoves.

Oscar Villarreal : Aaaahhhhh! It was a salsa! Well done! You threw me off with the 1st dish? Yeah, you are on point, everyone does a different salsa though? Depends where you were raised in Mexico.👏 Gordon!

MrMustard2U : Gordon, How much did your Full Blown Hair Transplant cost you?

antonio ngo773618 : *nah I'll just eat cereal*

Paul P : 1:50 Give it the richness AND make it lighter

Dark Mountain Productions : There needs to be a super cut of every time Gordon says; "beautiful".

Jenny Ivanovna : These are not at all"Huevos Rancheros". I'm Mexican. 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

Chuck Schick : IT’S RAAAAAAWWW!!!!

sandrizzie ramirez : My dad is from jalisco and my mom is from Sinaloa.. this ain't no huevos rancheros

Charly An : These are “MAMADAS!”

Elimination : Gordon is ripped.

everlastingauraX : I am of Mexican descent and I have authentic food practically every week. While I enjoy them fully, I don't mind these kinds of spins on things. The one thing that did bother me was that he used canned tomatoes. I have never used canned tomatoes in a dish, always fresh diced roma tomatoes for sauces. I think the presentation is nice and I would still like to try it!

Victor Cotto : 'I want a little color in the beans..." -- they are BLACK!!!!

DV : Havohs ranchos. Ay no manches Gordon

Eduardo Abarca : Anyone else think he really has to pee?😂😂

Bicultural Familia : Just add cumin and chipotle...now it's Mexican! 😂😂😂

What is life? I'm shook : I love the way he says *literally*

Palider : But WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE??!!