Gordon Ramsay's Huevos Rancheros Recipe

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Central Coast Cinema : Those beans look dry af! Tienen que tener caldito...

Adam Hlavac : I could listen to Gordon say "huevos" and "chorizo" all day.

santiagoeag : Mi abuela se está revolcando en su tumba.

Yahel : Respeto mucho su pedo de la alta cocina pero lo del limón a los frijoles si cmamo

Leonardo Mendoza : I like ramsey but his mexican dishes are extremely americanized

WarlordRising : Hay-voh-s Rahhhcheros. LMAO.

Juan Duque : Esos frijóles están asquerosamente secos

Natanael Celestino : Pa' cuando un huevito con catsup mi Ramsay? :v

MUNDOM316 : lmao! look at him using tongs to take the tortilla off of the grill like a puto.

Crabmaster : all the ppl talking about how he isnt traditional and im sitting here in horror as he uses a metal spatula on a nonstick pan...

Bethany Hunt : nicely seasoned *aggressively throws salt in*

Margil franco : Cocinas eso en mi casa y mamá te parte la madre dos veces JAJAJAA te amo Ramsey pero esos no son “huevos rancheros”

Elias TM : Me encanta la seguridad con la que dice huevos rancheros, pero no tiene idea de cómo hacerlos, ja ja ja

Triple 675 : Cowboy Kent Rollins channel for a good recipe.

huastek : Im Mexican, if i eat that 100% sure i will have Diarrhea

Joel Bedoy : I'm from Mexico and to all the people, even Mexicans, people will tell you these aren't "home made" huevos rancheros and I agree with the "home made" but remember the most important fact, Ramsey is a top international chef so he will make this dish as a gourmet chef would do and put his own twist on it, so I think he has done it very good.

daniiel panther : Tanto tiempo para unos pinches huevos rancheros jaajjajaja

Chino the Great : I can’t believe he used tortillas de la tienda 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ store tortillas are nasty

Casey Weaver : just $37.95...

Ross Banter : "I want a bit of color on these beans" .... trying to add color to black beans NICE!!

Mike Arredondo : Finally a gringo that pronounced tortilla correctly

Le Blue : Jajaja no se enojen El hace los Huevos Rancheros a su estilo !! Como si todos nosotros Mexicanos los hiciéramos igual.

Groove Keys : There’s no doubt this guy can cook but he sure as hell cant cook Mexican food...

Khristian Vazquez : We use jalapenos and serranos not bell peppers lol

AwesomeJackify : 1:45 is it just me who noticed the pieces of chorizo falling on the adjacent stove and it smoking!!!

Alef Ramirez : no jodas frijoles con limon rayado.

GetSherlock22 : Gordon: I'm a big lover of garlic. *adds one clove* Me: That sounds fake, but okay.

Bryan Ricarte : Señor Ramsey, I respect your try of huevos rancheros, with love a mexican that just had huevos con jamon.

pirri578 : Esta pinche marranada ni los Hondureños se la comen dirán que es para chanchos🤮

Brian Ortega : Eso va dar chorro

Jorge Herrera : Like si eres de México!!! 🇲🇽❤️

Martha Amador : If this wasn’t dish his he would be yelling at the person who made it the beans are dry af

Eduardo de Guerrero Osio V : This is the recipe for a real Huevos Rancheros: Ingredients Servings: 1 1 tomato 1 serrano chili. 1 clove garlic. (Mix all together and you will have your salsa) Salt and pepper to taste (or just salt, depends on you) 4 tablespoons of oil for frying. 2 eggs. 2 tortillas (fry the tortillas before frying the eggs and put them under the eggs). 4 spoonfuls of refried beans.

Uriel Tejeda : That's the worst Mexican breakfast I've ever seen I have a lot of respect for Gordon Ramsay but please don't say you know how to cook Mexican food when you're making that horrendous breakfast that has nothing to do with Mexican food in that white corn tortilla that it's not a real tortilla

Louis Thomas : I didn't scatter my beans in a relaxed manner and now my whole dish is anxious.

Carlos Flores : Resumen de los comentarios: Chicanos enojados porque nunca en su vida han estado en México, pero creen que la receta de su abuela es la única válida a pesar de que todas las familias de México tienen su propia receta de huevos rancheros.

Freckles McGee : Gordon Ramsay is great at butchering food. Especially words like Huevos Rancheros

blue feeling : Tengo que reconocer el hecho de que no haya utilizado algo así como queso cheddar

Chaspis : Luckily I am Mexican, I was fired from my job because the Country Club wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican menu had everything but being Mexican. The Chef is the Chef and if he says that the huevos rancheros have a tortilla rolled with beans and lemon, it is because he believes that the huevos rancheros should be that way. But with all due respect, those aren't HUEVOS RANCHEROS !!!!!

Justin Y. : Gordon must have become swole from dealing with all those restaurant owners on Kitchen Nightmares

Dustin Platt : I bet Ramsay moisturizes with Olive Oil.

Carlos Ortiz : Se pasó de verga el vato

suicide at best : Wth that is not Mexican eggs 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️who’s Mexican and just looking at him like wtf dude nooooooo 🤦🏻‍♀️

carlos rubalcava : No wonder Great Britan conquered the rest of the world. To find better food. Their chefs kinda suck.

Forman's Basement : The way he pronounced "huevos rancheros" should be a crime punishable by death

raul jimenez : Huevos rancheros WTF. Beans with lime and chorizo molido esta asqueroso como es posible que un chef de ese nivel no sepa hacer unos huevos rancheros chef you are fired

LιȥȥყღツツღKαɯαιι : My mom makes these all the time, And were Latinos!! ~~ayyyy

Brian Moya : That wasn't huevos rancheros

Rubendez Guitar Tips : Revoltijo de wevos rancheros mas bien, pero es simpático!!!

A Vsaucy Boi : Gordon got swole from carrying the restaurant owners’ asses on Kitchen Nightmares