Gordon Ramsay's Huevos Rancheros Recipe

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Bethany Hunt : nicely seasoned *aggressively throws salt in*

Central Coast Cinema : Those beans look dry af! Tienen que tener caldito...

Oscar Wilde : That's not Huevos Rancheros, but it probably tastes awesome.

Romanisaac : I’m literally from mexico, lived here my whole life. And this dish is fantastic. I love that he put his own twist on the recipe without sacrificing the original ingredients. Sure they’re not your abuela’s traditional dish but hey, for a British man to make such a good attempt, he deserves mad props. On behalf of Mexico, i applaud Gordon. And despise all you fake mexicans who are actually mad. I can guarantee only the ones who dont live here have this kind of “BUT ITS NOT REALLY MEXICAN”, attitude. Yeah it isnt really 100% authentic but neither are you. And any REAL mexican who LIVES here would applaud this dish

Alfred Best : You’ll be arrested in Mexico for serving this!

WarlordRising : Hay-voh-s Rahhhcheros. LMAO.

Victor Cotto : 'I want a little color in the beans..." -- they are BLACK!!!!

hozeyy : Yooo I’m high as shit trying to cook

Casa Tequila SF : Huevos rancheros ¡no llevan cumin! No mames and no can tomatoes 🍅 need FRESH TOMATOES failed


Mike Arredondo : Finally a gringo that pronounced tortilla correctly

Carmelo pearman : All these Latinos getting triggered that he cooked it his own way

DV : Havohs ranchos. Ay no manches Gordon

pimpovic2 : I love Ramsey, but this looks like kaka. Chorizo in the sauce, and black beans? No thanks.

wolfgamer1 : Is this Hannibal season 4?

Swamp Pappy77 : bagels are for Yankees. toast for most southerners

Sergio0Oo : this is deeply sad, real mexican huevos rancheros are light years from this weird confused version of a mexican classic

Denisse Rosas : I'm mexican and I understand why you guys say this is not 'real' huevos rancheros but tbh those that really matter? I mean there's no official recipe for this dish, everyone has their own version; of course the recipe is not the same in comparison to Mexico - I'm refering to the freshness(?) of the ingredients - so let's say it's just a variation, also remember that he's not from Mexico - obviously - so he has a different taste. Let's just appreciate the fact that he acknowledged our food, I personally get really happy when someone tries to cook Mexican food, even tho is not the 'official' recipe and I myself make my own versions of different dishes from around the world...so... Anyways, I'll definitely try to make this recipe some time around this week, looks delicious.

Esmeralda De Leon : If my abuelita was still alive she would have smacked you with that tortilla. Not huevos rancheros it’s an interpretation

Joel Bedoy : I'm from Mexico and to all the people, even Mexicans, people will tell you these aren't "home made" huevos rancheros and I agree with the "home made" but remember the most important fact, Ramsey is a top international chef so he will make this dish as a gourmet chef would do and put his own twist on it, so I think he has done it very good.

Eduardo Abarca : Anyone else think he really has to pee?😂😂

Raul Huerta : The way he says huevos rancheros hahah

Marian Angelita : Mexico say Nooo that isn't the recipe!

high school : Mexico is part of America.

Justin Y. : Gordon must have become swole from dealing with all those restaurant owners on Kitchen Nightmares

everlastingauraX : I am of Mexican descent and I have authentic food practically every week. While I enjoy them fully, I don't mind these kinds of spins on things. The one thing that did bother me was that he used canned tomatoes. I have never used canned tomatoes in a dish, always fresh diced roma tomatoes for sauces. I think the presentation is nice and I would still like to try it!

London Boy : OK Gordon, perhaps you are the most talented, famous Chef in the world but those are not the real Huevos Rancheros. Is a lot different and you must learn how's the real Huevos Rancheros are made. I don't doubt your skills and I guess those eggs taste good but there's not always right how you try to cook dishes from another countries.

Lostboy Lopez : I remember the beans were refried. And a real salsa. These are gringo huevos rancheros.

kopes28 : ummmmm no thanks.

Louis Thomas : I didn't scatter my beans in a relaxed manner and now my whole dish is anxious.

FLOX Austin : Gringo huevos rancheros

Camilla maldonado : Huevos racheros is almost made like that but Honduras way

Yaren Red : Butter in eggs? Am I delusional?

Lu Cmacho : Yeeaaaaahhhh...those arent huevos rancheros

A Vsaucy Boi : Gordon got swole from carrying the restaurant owners’ asses on Kitchen Nightmares

Bonny bearmomma : Has a mexican i have to say WTF. Frijoles with lemon...😭😭😭😭😭

eswin rivera : okay , now my mom can start a mexican hell’s kitchen with this 💀💀

Suzi SaintJames : Oh, Gordon! Only grill your tortilla with butter not oil! You are really missing out! ❤🌅🌵

Baby Snowflakes : Looks good but definitely not what huevos rancheros are 😂 you can’t change the entire recipe and still call them huevos rancheros wtf

Forman's Basement : The way he pronounced "huevos rancheros" should be a crime punishable by death

Dano Xkrak : 0:07 The best moment!!! 🤣😂

DJ - Ai Lun KuraiOki : Definitely NOT Huevos Rancheros.... some one needs to say it ... sorry Mr. Ramsay... think this time you are absolutely W-R-O-N-G

Kenny Rodriguez : I'm Mexican and all you need to make huevos rancheros is eggs, jalapeños, tomatoes and onion. Keep it simple man. What is that dude?

Danny Erives : Este guey... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Shayan Givehchian : Does any one else hate when recipe videos have the ingredients chopped and ready in bowls? The prep work and knife skillls is what makes it interesting

Os : Looks good Gordon but those are NOT HUEVOS RANSHEROS.

John Connor : You forgot to add your final touch to every dish : : Worcestershire Sauce : : lol.

Grim Lock : Why does he look like he’s upside down all the time

IQ Cheetah : Órale prro que buen tutorial

Setser Man : Great!