Rock Band 2 Expert Vocals: Snow FC Attempt While Being Buried In Snow

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*Sponsorship*'s Rock Band videos are sponsored by: RockBandParts - Roadie Music Game Gear - *Links* Facebook: Twitter: Stream: Homepage: *Video Notes* I call these types of videos Rock Band literalisms, where the challenge or theme of the video is defined by or related to the title of the song. The first one I ever did was Peace of Mind while being distracted. Pain wise, this was quite a bit harder than the bullwhip to the back video I did for Pain And Pleasure (which was removed from Youtube). I really should have been able to keep from missing, but the pain literally took my breath away at the start. Eventually, most of my body went numb and I was ok, aside from worrying about frostbite, lol. It took about an hour and a half for the feeling to come back to my belly. I definitely would have liked to go for the FC again, but it was just too dangerous on this one. Anyways, hope you enjoy the video! *Video Credits* Starring: Stephen F. -- Shovelers: Uncredited By Request Camerawork: Tyson C. --


Nedyah74 : Man, that shows dedication. While, freezing, suffering, and rushing to the bathtub all he can say is "Check The Score" Awesome!!

Walla Walla Bing Bang : my body reacts similarly when i jump in a pool without getting wet slowly first

DrummingManiac1 : shivering makes for a good falsetto =)

QuestionablyLoudVulture : "What I've Done", All of your previous attempts rolled into one super-challenge.

Bassman75 : hahahahahaha

KFXG : shit man.were you ok after this?

MarkyMark4341 : @GuitarHero3471 Smoke on the water could be him bong ripping in a flaming house :P and singing

Nettacki : i thought the snow in the song refers to crack cocaine, not actual snow. lol

Thomas Bassist : you could also do Panic Attack when you have a Panic Attack :P

Jacob Mundaca : Try Through the fire and flames, while running through the fire and flames. Try Cool for Cats, while in a room full of over 100 stray cats. Try 21 guns, while being shot at by 21 guns. Try If 6 was 9, while doing 69. Try what a horrible night to have a curse, while performing a satanic ritual. Try They're red hot while eating red hot chilli peppers.

Enzait : Omg dude that is not natural

Hawknite : epic

jayfatha : You should try Hanger 18 while getting probed ;)

Nightmare Lyra : Try FCing ...And Justice for All while in court for beeing driving to fast! :D

Jeff Allen : Visions while on LSD Battery while being pelted with batteries Shoulder to the Plow while plowing Bodhisattva while attaining Nirvana

Zach Logan : next ones you should do are: - Hammer Smashed Face (I advise not to do this one because you kinda need a working jaw to sing) - They're Red Hot (sing "they're red hot" after eating a Habenero pepper) - I'm Shipping up to Boston (don't actually ship yourself to Boston, just sing it while in a crate) - 13 Steps to Nowhere (sing "13 Steps To Nowhere while walking blindfolded)

ssuralingon : :D haha You are awesome man!

Jake Thompson : I've gon an idea. Band on the run (Live) While running.

greenzoid2 : ride the lightning while being struck by lightning is next right?

Mister Bread : Thrasher whilst having an epileptic fit.

BloodFrost6 : you look like a snow man

mechamind90 : Probably not "Laid to Rest". I'd say "Are You Dead Yet" since it actually has pitch in it. You left out "New Fang".

HoaboaFredrik : Thats so crazy! I like it.

Broke Dick : Bill, seeing you do these incredably stupid things just to give us a laugh out of it, just makes it all seem so much stupider then the initial Idea, which in turn, makes us laugh. Don't kill yourself trying to do this one day!

johnes96 : 6:06 xDDDDDDD

daniel55645 : dude ur just awesome. everytime you do a vox vid its always creative. my fav so far was pain and pleasure though

zman962005 : lmfao the snow ball in the balls

KayVahn : @streetsmarts990 but its cool

dana0697 : lol ur rly crazy xD

Ryan Nordquist : awesome

Elisa184O : so crazy but i love how ur always creative with ur vids.

iMeThoD : Being pelted by an ice-ball in the groins...Priceless. haha

Bradley Murray : 3:11 HAHAHAH

Ness1228 : Best ending EVER.

jason coden : you should fc painkiller while taking painkillers

KamiKazen : FC Aqualung while drinking the most water that you can?

Jonathan : I started screaming, "Get out of there! Get of there you idiot! Get out of the snow! Oh my God you're going to die!" halfway through.

Kurt Lutz : How bout Hammer Smashed Face while smashing your face with a hammer? lol jk, please don't do that, because I know you would.

Tim Tran : you, sir, are the most original man i have ever seen

Deathblade25 : 6:08 lmfao!!!!!@!@!@!

gothiclysm : LMMFAO.... nice nuggie shot! I hope you're ok.

Ben Hoerlein : now this is a true badass right here lol

Lalo Cuenca : jajajajaja 5 starrts!!! JASJAJAJAJa

Keagan Combs : redo crocodile rock in a swamp surrounded by crocodiles?lol

Thomas : should've done trapped under ice :p x) or maybe twilight of the thunder god xD while getting tazed =^p

ullerman002 : getting your head smashed with a hammer and play hammer smashed face:D:D:D

chaoscontrolASH : painkiller or a panic attack next? lolol

n00beastSH : what about painkiller vox fc after taking heroin?

Richard Carter : FC Ramblin Man with some old guy rambiling about his childhood.