Steppin' on the Beach in 16 different languages

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Demolicious51 : 0:31 Haashashaashaasha tuttuttuu! Haashashaashaasha tluttuttuu! Haashashaashaasha tluttuttuu!

Georgia Dal : Happy New Year!πŸŽ† πŸŽ‡2018πŸŽ‡

CloudySkies17695 : So no one is going mention that in the Arabic one, it legit sounds like he is saying "I'm a sharkie"

Cringe Lord : How to make Spanish and Portugese people mad

White Screen : Greek, Hebrew, Chinese and Thai are hilarious!

MiniRunnera : Greek sounds like what Squidward sounds like in Polish *M I N D F U C K*

ThankSwalot : Wow the Hebrew one was surprisingly spot on

SkyUtubes : The Arabic one was the best one it made sense that he was saying different words unlike China which just said hashahshahahhs tutuutuoo

Psycho : That swedish version sounds like 2018 rappers try to imitate gunshots adlibs

FlufferCiro : 0:54 A Lady And A Frog turututu

Madame Jelly : No joke the Chinese one sounds like somebody trying to impersonate a chicken.

enderdavid_HD : 0:49 ich gehe am strand du, du,dudu ich gehe am strand rududu ich gehe am schtrand duo duo duoduo (ich gehe man strand rrrrruuuududu) komplet sentens (kompleter satz)XDXDXD

Saul Goodman : 1:17 "Allah shot it"

Blueberry Crow : well done Hebrew.

FlufferCiro : 1:30 Goodbye to thai say hi turututu

Caio Caos : The greek one almost made me depressed.

Maria 1920 : GreekπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Radovan Karadzic : Greek made my day

Cacetinho SedentΓ‘rio : russian one tho

c : 0:55 The hebrew one tried tho, pretty close

Loto974 : Je marche sur le sable TOUTOULOUTOUTOU

Rustman : It's funny with the Swedish one since "Knallar runt pΓ₯ stranden" can easily be mistaken for "Knullar runt pΓ₯ stranden" Which means "Fucking around on the beach"

Clovis Lowell : Greek was obviously the best one.


The Legend 27 : I made the Greece one my ringtone

the weeabster : the Greek one sounds like i have diahria

Julia S. : The greek sync never fails to give me a good laugh xD

lian300 : im from israel

CandyIsMyJam 2004 : Greeek

Oswald_Lucky_Rabbit : 0:34 *IS CHINESE SPONGEBOB A CHICKEN?*

Gato loucΓ£o : 1:00 is music for my year

μ™“μŠ¨ : 게처럼 κ±Έμ–΄μš” 뚜뚜뚜 γ…‹γ…‹

Miss Moustache : English French Portuguese Russian Spanish Chinese Italian Japanese German Hebrew Greek Swedish Turkish Arabic Korean Thai

Senpai Trash : Greek is the best, hands down.

DΓ‘niel Nadj : Happy new year!

allison pennington : 1:00 balls deep badaliila


Micaela Pardini : caminhando na praia tututu caminhando na praia tututu caminhando na praia turututu portuguese is the best

Jett James : Hebrew (00:54) is the closest sounding to English imo.

Xzannyfly : This helped with my language test!

Dog sim online : 1:00 I got diherria

reyes evan : The Russian one sounds like Pengu

Budder Shark : Why is the Greek one so different? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

AlohaMia : "Je marche sur la plage" omfg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

sebek fa : 0:18 R.I.P headphones

APEX_GAMER444 4 : For all you dumb kids..... the greek one is to long for him to sing he is saying stepping on the beach.....go get a life

A r e k u s u : My observations: 1. Lazy ass Greeks didn't even do the "doo-doo-doo" part. 2. Honestly, out of all of them, Israel had the best sync-up. 0:55 3. Wtf does Turkish SpongeBob have such an uncharacteristically deep voice? 4. The Arabic one...did he say "Allah"!?

Kodiak Gaming365 : What about me I'm canadian

KLT- MOBA & FPS - TV : Hahahahahahahaahhahahaha

AngryAdamFight : 0:43 this anime is the best