Tommy Wiseau On Why James Franco Was Perfect For 'The Disaster Artist' | Los Angeles Times

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hipnhappenin : Tommy looks squished on the couch

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Shoulda got a smaller couch 😂🤦‍♂️

Omar Mostafa : You're tearing me apart Franco

Lavender Devil : I didn't know I needed this in my life

Aryan Maharjan खर्बुजा : 3:47 marry someone who looks at you like the way he looks at tommy

Abraham Rivera : Mark should have played himself,He's barely aged a day

Jaime Amunategui : oh hi doggy

LenardoDivina : this is so fucking weird

Maynardj : Tommy Looks Like he just got out of a hospital on Guerrero Street

Doutor Gori : After seeing The Room and read The Disaster Artist, it is so good to see Tommy, finally on that level. Hanging ou with actual Hollyood stars.

Jairo L. : in a few minutes bitch

JensForum : Has Tommy ever released a "Behind the Scenes" of The Room, with all this footage being mentioned?

TheFlickinCritic : I really don't get why people hate James Franco. He makes odd career choices sometimes with all his indie shit but he seems like a really great guy... loving the deuce and can't wait for this

Vincent J. Newman : I did not say this movie would be a hit.... IDIDNOTTTTT!!!!!..... oh hi YouTube!

Gustav Storck : Together they look like a transition from Greg Sestero to Tommy Wiseau

superphantom100 : Tommy actually talks like that I thought it was just a Chracter from the room.

Markcinemafan : the way they shoot this interview gives me anxiety....move it a little bit up pls....

Akarapong Boonrat : the room is actually fuckin brilliant... im not jokin... if u watch it multiple times u will knw

Дмитрий Киселёв : What is up with all these The Room jokes and quotes? Grow up, guys. It's really cheap to make fun of people's work like that. Really cheap cheap cheapcheapcheap

GiantSandles : I hope this wins Best Picture just for the fact that they might bring Tommy up on stage for it

Jaqen H'gar : Hahaha....What a story James.

Arado Ar234 : Lol 0:42 wiseu keeps on holding francos hand

Lance Lovecraft : Greg is radiant. My god why didn't they cast him in the film as Greg?

TheSoulCollector13 : Okay but James Franco man spreading on the couch and making Tommy and Dave have to be squished like that is great.

Roland Bat : Lol

tragoedia veritas : Should’ve gotten Mark Damon...sorry Matt Damon to play Mark

Justin Vill : Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!

Lizzy Chrome : If you read "the Disaster Artist," it's revealed that Tommy Wiseau has a very mysterious and secretive history, and Tommy Wiseau is likely not his real name. I'm optimistically thinking that this may be part of why he's able to handle his reputation from "The Room;" Tommy Wiseau isn't his real identity anyway, so it's less of a big deal if that identity becomes a joke. At least I hope that's the case. I love bad movies, and don't want to think I'm being mean to the director/writer/star/director by doing so.

Alex Mahany : James Franco on being Tommy: I did a bunch of weird shit listening to tapes and watching footage from filming. Dave on becoming Greg: We(Greg and I) had sushi and talked for 3 hours.

TRIBAL RA : Franco's mocking and talking down to Tommy. Greg Sestero does a much better impression of Wiseau in the audio book to be honest.

Ryan Milk : Franco is still in character talking like Tommy in bad sentences hahaha

Freedom Of Funk : James has been doing the voice for so long that he's still accidentally doing it

J Seven Account : This was hard to watch..poor tommy

masamune2984 : Random fact: Tommy Wiseau is actually James Franco in the future. He came back in time with his future money to make The Room, and then help with The Disaster Artist, the funds from which he used to make his millions that in the future allowed him to travel back in time to fund The Room and...well, if you've seen any of the Terminator films, you get it...

23stevenp : Calling it now , it will win an oscar and Wiseau will be given the oscar. It will be amazing

Titanic Truths : why do I feel like Dax Shepard would have been a better "mark"

Sanic : You did a good job, anyways how is your sex life?

ButterfleeEllie : James is such an asshole

Daijobustory : I don't know why Wiseau always looks wet.

Diego Diablo : This kinda made me feel sad, like the entire world just finds Tommy ridiculous, and on some level he must know it...

AcousticJuice : Wiseau > Kubrick

Tommy Wiseau : You are tearing me apart James !

Darcy D'artagnan : James is a fucking douche

David Lynch : It's kind of sad how Tommy has had to accept having to be "the clown" over the years as much as you know he secretly wants to be taken seriously. At least he's making bank.

404 9 : It's a shame that they couldn't get Rosie O'Donnell on the cast as Doggy but she kept shitstaining the couch

Secret Clown : Something is intensely bothering me about James Franco stealing Tommy's legroom.

Rapid Readers : It kinna makes me think that Tommy Wiseau made "the Room" hilariously bad _on purpose,_ so he could create the ultimate cult classic of all time. I mean if that's true, he truly made a masterpiece.

Vlad Nikitin : This is a great insight from the interview, very dense, their chemistry is so energetic, and Franco seems most mature, sincere and happy. He diffused Tommy's nervousness so easily, it's like he knows him better than Tommy does. No doubt that they did justice to the characters.

Reflexez : I must be picking up a different vibe because I'm smarter than you all , but just the way Greg and the Franco's are staring at Tommy as he talks, makes me pick up a super awkward vibe from the video. Kind of like they trashed Tommy aka made fun of him in the movie and then are interviewing him here trying to be "nice" but they look guilty. All that and Tommy's awkward forced responses make it awkward as fuck. Even in one other interview, James Franco said Tommy had to "unfortunately be in the movie", already implicating they didn't want him in the movie but it was one of his agreements. I think you people thinking this is all "fun" and they are "laid back" are dense as fuck.

Rainbowsalt31 : James Franco's ego lol