Tommy Wiseau On Why James Franco Was Perfect For 'The Disaster Artist' | Los Angeles Times

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hipnhappenin : Tommy looks squished on the couch

Roland Bat : Lol

Judd Leyva : rip tommy's balls franco man spreading his family into obviation.

aum deoli : this video came out on sept 11. it has 11k likes. it has 111 dislikes. whoa... that's a lot of 1s.

alan jackson : Tommy Wiseau makes James Franco look like a completely sane person.

Cameron Amoils : I've always appreciated that Tommy seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Absurdi TV : I hope they include the pat where Tommy suggests there being a scene where he has a flying car and he flies it off the rooftop. When asked why? He replies, "I don't know maybe Johnny is a secret vampire?" Brilliant.

Daniel Davis : Love how when James is talking to Tommy he naturally falls into his impression of him😂😂

WallFlee : Jammy Franseau

sunshinendaisies : Greg is so quiet lol

Juan Don Nadie : Greg looks umcomfortable/bored

Noctem0_Rebel Gamer : I wonder if Tommy noticed that James was makin fun of him in this? it feels like it.

Anthony Delorme : James talking to Tommy is like a a grandson and 80+ year old grandparent where you try to understand what your grandparent is trying to say and fake smiling and saying a lot of "yeah"s

Miss M : I love how accommodating Dave is. From the way he sits to the things he says.

Rylo Q : 1:14 James Franco is turning into Tommy Wiseau lmaooo

Underleaf76 : James Franco is still in character with his broken English and the movie is already wrapped up, or has James become Tommy?

daddydangerous20 : James' body language is a bit abrasive. I mean I know Tommy Wiseau was a joke but come on that doesn't mean you treat him like dog shit. He might be an inferior artist but just imagine the ridicule and humiliation he went through after the movie. So give him a break maybe? Also Can you cut out that manspreading geez.. He needs to sit comfortably too...

Dent Haru : Get buzzfeed on this james franco manspreading on tommy wiseau

Archer : I don't see how James was disrespectful to Tommy in this interview...

Sunday Replay : Not a word from Greg?....The author of the book on which the film is based? There is more to this interview, right?

RickLeeofAtlanta : The best actors have to identify with their characters in order to play them. James Franco just seems like he's being a jerk to Tommy, who I think is being a great sport about this whole thing. Also, how far does Franco need to man spread his legs?

KuraudoSutoraifu7 : Wow he has that stupid duchebag haircut and sweater and is one too. Reminds of this asshole from work. Should have given Tommy a throne to sit in. Not all cramped up.

Dillon.P : Oh Hai mark

Secret Clown : Something is intensely bothering me about James Franco stealing Tommy's legroom.

Brahma Graphix : The Tommy Laugh 4:00


Bruce Wayne : Greg is awesome.

TheSoulCollector13 : Okay but James Franco man spreading on the couch and making Tommy and Dave have to be squished like that is great.

AND WE DANCE. VLOGS : Shoulda got a smaller couch 😂🤦‍♂️

salvador Diaz : James taking all the room man spreading, lol... Hey James, close ur legs

Gerard Deane : Tommy seems like a genuinely nice guy

Josue Guillen : Mark hasn’t aged one bit

SlideRSB : Sounds like James Franco was mocking Tommy a little bit during the interview. 😁

Omar Mostafa : You're tearing me apart Franco

Freedom Of Funk : James has been doing the voice for so long that he's still accidentally doing it

MachadoSwag : Greg and Dave look like a couple

Mary Owens : James is still kind of in character lol

Steven Wody : Beautiful on so many levels... Heartfelt stories like this deserve to be at the Oscars & I've never heard anyone publicly compliment James on Sonny as he so well deserves! XD So interesting that it was Tommy.

GoodWill Gaming : Stop manspreading James, Tommy looks squished

Legosrock9 : I love how you can obviously tell that James Franco is still recovering from taking like Tommy non-stop

Robert Keane : James Franco is lowkey a dick to Tommy

Garron Helm : I feel so sorry for Greg. He wants to taken seriously as an actor but he'll forever be linked to this abortion.

Ignacio SA : So am I the only one who notices that James Franco takes almost half of the couch and Tommy Wiseau has to shrink into a tiny space at the right edge?

Sean Ngui : Dude I want tommy wiseau at my party

tha boogs : Franco sound like asshole speak like Wiseau.

Unusual Enigma : I like how he almost said money lol

Arado Ar234 : Lol 0:42 wiseu keeps on holding francos hand

Didntwanttomakeauser : So Tommy don't notice that James talk bad like him on purpose?

NOT So Average Joe : Jesus what is with all the hate comments? Franco seems like a totally chill guy and you can tell he likes and respects Tommy a lot I have no idea why people think he hates him and was disrespectful. The reason he slips in and out of the Tommy voice is because of his method acting. He talked like him for months so he hasn't lost it yet.

Ryan Hartwell : That's pretty cool they get to talk to each other afterwards.