Tommy Wiseau On Why James Franco Was Perfect For 'The Disaster Artist' | Los Angeles Times

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Juliet Janklow : This is some of the weirdest shit

Michael Holmgaard : It's funny, just by watching them speak side by side, it's clear that James is the most talented of the two Franco bros -It's like he is always in character! There is so much going on just by his mimic, and you just get carried away when he talks, much more than Dave, who comes off as a more straight up dude. Dave is still really good though, but not on the same leve as his brother ;)

cmasc966 : The only people that look comfortable on that couch is Sestero and J Franco.

Dan : I really like how tommy warmed up to james and it still seems that james is having a tough time shaking off his tommyisms as well.

justkallmekai : Wow Tommy's accent actually has improved, good shit Tommy.

Duarte Silva : Franco brothers are the future of hollywood, mark my words.

allieSunl : I love that Tommy's in on it. That he approves, I wouldn't like if they were hardcore goofing on him and him not knowing it.

FIFAFever : Seems like James Franco must've got so used to doing a Tommy Wiseau impression that he's starting to sound a bit like him

_cornelius : What kind of secret illuminati handshake was that 0:44 lol

Chad Logston : Is Franco still trying to get out of character here or is it just me?

easytopo : Tommy actually comes off a bit more normal here

TheKnittingJudge : So interesting that James speaks in slightly broken English, but only when talking to Tommy! Like their own secret Wiseau language.

Cam Will Thom : Franco even talks like him now, he leaves out words. He's become Tommy! Lol! Awesome.

MPSecare : This shit looks like its going to be funny.

JarAxe : So... Making this movie... That's how Tommy Wiseau is admitting that The Room was a bad movie?

Akshay Ramdaw : I think Tommy should be the poster boy for why you shouldn't do drugs 😂

penguinworm : James Franco is still in character when he talks to Tommy

townsjim : I like the chemistry between James and Tommy

Roasted Toast : Lol franco cant keep from doing the tommy accent throught the video

Amir Agarwal : If tommy makes a cameo, my life is complete

Scott Toomey : Most bizarre thing about this vid is when James Franco talks to Wiseau he slips into his Wiseau impression.

stonecoldku : I got this feeling that James Franco is going to get some awards for the acting or that The Disaster Artist is going to get some awards next year and for the rest of his life Tommy Wiseau is going to be bragging at parties or midnight screenings of "The Room". Saying things like "Did you hear that MY movie got nominated for Academy Award?" No Tommy, THEIR movie about your movie got nominated.

Nick Wilson : Greg didnt talk much. He was very busy...

Not Sure : Perfect for it, but shit IN it. He totally fucked the part.

Hingle McCringleberry : O h H i M a r k

diluteduk : I love how James talks to Tommy in broken English the same way Tommy talks

Yuriy Tsivka : Does Tommy not age?

Tom Riddler : I still understand why they're making a trash movie about another trash movie? Even commenting about it is weird.

Kate B : James doing Tommy's voice to Tommy is my asthetic

Cooper Hoover : One of the coolest moments for me was 2006, I was invited to James house, our girlfriends fell asleep on the couch and him and I watched "play misty for me" just breaking down the movie and talking about movies in general. Cool night.

Mary Owens : James is still kind of in character lol

del132 : James such good character actor. He talk just like Tommy, even after movie.

Jack lynch : Tommy sweating on the chin? Is it sweat or drool? I watched this interview and it made me feel JUST as uncomfortable as the movie "the room".

supremepwr : Franco's still rocking the Wiseau accent

Deadpool : Tommy's friend has aged well. Tommy on the other hand, just looking at him.... IS TEARING ME APART!

Stanley Hudson : James does a perfect impression of Tommy

Hunter Waswick : Sooo does he know his movie was horrible...?

Randyhall85 : @2:16 what a story James

davedave83 : Franco talks to him like him, which is weird.

Rasslin' Riffs : Anyone else notice this...or is it just me, is James still method acting here or is he talking like that for Tommy? He'll remove surplus words from his vocab like "I never give away secret" instead of "I'll never give away any secrets" - he's basically talking like Tommy to Tommy haha

ThePustulioFoolio : 2017 is such a weird fuckn year... we might be seeing Tommy Wiseau at the oscars

Mr. Tangle VS The World : Am I the only brain dead person who wants a Room 2? If anyone can top the absurdity of the first movie, it's Tommy Wiseau.

Kapov : I'm triggered by the manspreading here...

Chris Benson : Dave and Greg look more like brothers than James ever did.

anshul mehta : I am still not fed up with 'i did naaawwt jokes.i did naaaawt.oh hai subscribe button.

DominiqueCalique : 1) James Franco manspreading Tommy out of existence and 2) James Franco starts talking like Tommy lmao

Nathanael Murdoch : Does anyone notice how James changes his speech pattern in this video? One moment he speaks like himself the next he speaks like Tommy.

Matthew Stewart : This man is a treasure that we don't deserve. God bless Tommy Wiseau

Daniel Davis : Love how when James is talking to Tommy he naturally falls into his impression of him😂😂

Simon Frederiksen : Whenever I see that guy (Tommy Wiseau) I expect him to drop his wig, his glasses and yell "Ta-dah! Fooled you all, I'm actually an actor from Oregon! I've been playing this wannabe alien on and off since the late 80's and nobody has called me on it! Such a thrill, people!"