Were South Africans better off under apartheid? Trevor Noah.

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Hannodb1961 : Very balanced and fair answer. South Africa is being oversimplified, and it has been ruined by people who insist on simple answers to complex questions.

Nirav Ramdarie : We weren't "enslaved". We were economically restricted where we couldn't even share spaces with other races. Otherwise crime, job opportunity, education everything was better during the apartheid time was of a better standard in terms of living

The aussie patriot : Crime and corruption sky rocketted to the point where most white cops were fired and the new black police became corrupt criminal's and so former white police formed security firm's and are the only effective response security organisations in the country. laws and policies that would effect whites forced wealthy and middle class whites from the country causing economic downsyndrome, violence and crime also went up causing more poverty and more wealthy and middle class flight. Infastructure is now lagging behind and south africa will soon look like an entire third world country.

Lunga Thyobeka : did you hear she visited soweto most white south africans have never set foot in a township.

Wendy De Freitas : Maybe paradise for you Trevor but we were " locked" out , we can't work in our own country not even menial jobs , if we say anything then hell breaks lose. I think every country is going to start " understanding" what happened during Apartheid as their countries are threatened by uncontrollable immigration from Africa as they start to see their numbers decline and Africans rise, they will realize the threat that your socialist ideas bring to a Christian country. How you want to be number 1 and you don't want to share its not your nature. Africans are tribal and consume smaller tribes. You talk of land theft but your people are the ones who murdered and destroyed smaller tribes and the natural inhabitants of South Africa the Xhosa and Zulu are not indigenous to South Africa. You don't have any claim. But the wheel turns and us Afrikaners are people of the " land" we will survive and thrive. Zim, Zambia . Tanzania ., Congo and on and on shows what will happen to the African. I have no idea why the African American thinks his African brother will welcome him they don't like it when you call yourself " African. "

Obakeng Mokhua : Free!? What freedom is he talking about!? We are economically disadvantaged and enslaved! Show me black business in South Africa and I will reward you, I detest people that go to the West’s first world countries and then claim national pride of the cesspool that they escaped from! It’s double speak at the least and very deceiving.

Thomas Harrison : Yes it was

Dean Human : This guy is lost

Helena Nickerson : What Trevor Noah fails to mention is that the only thing that changed in South Africa is the colour of the slave master.

Cheetah Cheetah : don't understand Trevor. how is apartheid compared to enslaved? nobody was enslaved...they were apart..... thought that was what it mend?  was SA not devided into 13 homelands with its own presidents, each with Universities and schools and own military?

Matthew James McMaster : The answer is yes it was, seeing my country failing is a shame...

Wendy De Freitas : What does Trevor know he was born in 1984 , his born a crime is a joke as the then immorality act was abolished in 1985. I a white South African lived in a multiracial, cultural neighborhood during apartheid. One half of my family was marching and getting arrested and the other half were doing border duty and getting killed. To the majority of South Africans it was about fighting the communist not the black man but the black man had gone over to the communist side. Many black people fought in the SA Army. Trevor is not an authority on so called apartheid.

Billy Murray : It was better because native Africans are incapable of developing their own successful nation. It has never happened and it it never will. I personally think whites should have just let them be. We both would have been better off.

Maurice Harting : Trevor Noah is a typical left wing liberal. South Africa under apartheid was economically much better for everyone (whites, coloureds, and blacks) while it was a discriminatory system based on race. When apartheid came to an end and blacks moved in positions of power the economic pie became smaller the black population became worse off economically. Now they are blaming the remaining whites for their current economic hardships and force whites off their lands and force whites to sacrifice their businesses as if somehow that will solve South Africa`s economic downturn. South Africa will become like so many other african countries where blacks rule ... a place of economic and social turmoil where few can enjoy life without hardship. Socialism has not worked, will not work and cannot work economically for the tax burdens will only increase while the economy shrinks! By the way, I have lived in and went to school in South Africa for a couple of years in Durban and Mooi River and so I have seen what went on under Apartheid, both the good and the bad.

Thomas Harrison : Bantus are not even native

Drikus Diamond : If you want an informed opinion don't ask a moron like Trevor Noah. He is a phony. He knows nothing about politics or anything else that matters. He is willing to be bought for money to promote the liberal agenda. And if you don't remember, let me help you. All the late night hosts and their "informed" declarations that mr Trump would loose in a landslide. The rest is history. Dont waste your time with these people, they are all phony. Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Trevor Noah and the whole bunch. Just adding, I did not listen to Trevor's answer because I don't care. I am not interested in hearing the opinion of somebody who practically only has a big mouth, no knowledge and trying the be a politician and a clown at the same time

Comedy, Music, More; Life : Who made that infra-structure for that small percentage, Noah? Not the people who can't do it for themselves and who need someone else to do it for them, whether it be whites or Chinese.

Nela Botha : The politicians are better of I know that for sure

Gideon Horwitz : My family in South Africa would beg to differ the story's I hear from them I was there in 2016 it's was no rainbow nation no post racial paradise Trevor has the privilege that he's now living in America to spout pro anc bullshit they have destroyed my country and its difficult cause my family supported the anc till 2009.

Theodore Williams : It's like adults who say things were better when they were kids with no responsibilty living under their parents roof

Shit Eater : Stats for apartheid are better than they are under democracy in South Africa simply because back then black people were a large working population who were not looked at as citizens so yes they had low unemployment simply because the large unemployed black population were not being considered.

Deus Dex : Whites are regularly being raped tortured and murdered on their own land in South Africa and state enforced affirmative action has only served to increase incompetence and corruption in business and the government. Apartheid was awful but what has replaced apartheid is arguably worse and is killing South Africa and the few competent and capable people left there.

Michelle Sands : But, they built those things for themselves, the " minority" he's speaking of. The government is far worse than anything whites have ever been, this government murders everybody not only white farmers. They also keep aid money for themselves, the whites at least shared everything, that's why the down fall of S.A.

Benjamin r : The infrastructure was not designed for a minority it was designed for all citizens the Bantu were not citizens they were invaders.

Nick-141 : Very intelligent man. I like his way of thinking.

Jaco Botha : Apartheid was not better than today. It was a system designed to let the different cultures govern them self (the bantu states that was implemented) and it ended up being a racist system of segregation. Rather be a poor free man than a rich slave. However, the ANC didn't make it any better either. They fought for freedom and they think they are still fighting. The majority of the whites voted for this change to happen and after the famous yes/no vote it was decided to go ahead and free Mandela. After that they quickly realize that they have a rich country in the palm of their hands and thus the corruption started. It crippled the infrastructure very badly. They overtaxed employers and thus employees had to go. I had to let my maid go because I was forced to pay her a minimum wage I couldn't afford. I also work for a salary. They have it in their power to make this country an economic powerhouse in Africa but the majority of them was trained by Marxists in Russia and thus their economic views will never change and it will push towards a socialistic system that has been proven to fail even if it sounds wonderful on paper. The only thing that was "better" under apartheid was the infrastructure. We had schools that worked, hospitals that gave free health care, a police system that worked and because of capital punishment, crime was at its lowest. But the people wasn't free. It is sad that today in "freedom" so many of them actually long back to a system that enslaved them just so they can live, eat, be educated, be healthy and have a job despite of their dignity. Apartheid will never return but I hope that the younger generation will notice that the only way to economic freedom is to dump all the discriminatory economic laws, alleviate taxes in order to stimulate investment and that will ensure more jobs. It worked for America, it can work here as well.

bobi carl : Trevor Noah escaped to the United States and now is a apologies for the Marxist ANC

John m : Every south African i know is mad and i know they are hurting

Nuf Said : Trevor, wake up yr coffee is cold.....stop lying to the public......

Nice-oscar : South Africans were slaves to who? Do you know that parents in Botswana and neighbouring countries moved and worked in SA during apartheid? SA economy was booming with jobs and 100s of universities and education. Tall Skyscrapers, world class highways, agriculture, engineering and technology. The awesome stories my father and my uncle use to tell us about SA were amazing. Today, I fear just stepping 1 foot in SA.

johnny de beer : yes, a comedians opinion on RSA is just about right, fits in well with how the country is now governed.

Houws Houlinou : Why is it that someone needs to give you a fishing rod to fish. No one owes you anything.

Black Sun Rising : Yeah they were so "oppressed" they had their own states and got millions from white taxpayers and still insisted on taking everything. If it was "reverse Apartheid" now the whites would have their own state and peace. Forcibly mix everyone together and everyone gets screwed, as Europe and the US is finding out today. The reason Apartheid fell wasn't because it was too closed, it was because it became too open.....allowing the blacks entry through the dompasses, funding them, building for them, allowing infiltrators into the NP. Its the NP's fault though, for not sticking to their segregationist principles and thinking they could appease communists. Moral of the story, give but a little and they'll take everything. Communism 101

Aron Lipshitz : Apartheid was just about gone by 1987, Trevor Noah was born in 1984. Most laws had been ignored for many years and were abolished in 1990. Thus no South African has experienced Apartheid for 30 years. Noah was nine years old when an ANC government took power and began plundering the country to reward its leaders and cronies. It is hard to see what credibility this so-called comedian with his two jokes actually has to talk on the subject.

Cheetah Cheetah : basically every gov dept is now bankrupt.. list goes on and on... but please all the countries that forced this country into this direction with sanctions.... come to the rescue.... u were so clever... SA was the strongest economy in Africa feeding all sub sahara...with a Rand almost as strong as us$.  now 15-1....  everybody quiet...?

DENNIS EVA : Anc destroyed the country. I was born in Zimbabwe, fled to s.a. to escape the violence, now here in s.a. i am wondering where can i go now ?? It's only a matter of time before the day of the punga.

lala lova : Short answer: No. Long answer: No.

Rob Moore : These white liberals are unaware of the real world around them and they treat minorities like pets.

Braaidude : I don't have a problem with discrimination. I hate everyone equally.

AltRockLover : Trevor will make a fine communist.

Herman Fourie : I struggle to grasp why the majority that is in south Africa did not build there own infrastructure. It's the old thing. Let's blame shift. How is it that a minority can build a infrastructure but not the majority. When the wars took place years ago the blacks and whites were apart. Why did they not stay that way. The black were never captured and enslaved. They choose to be enslaved. They could have done there own thing. Swaziland in south Africa is a prime example. They decided to keep there tribe as they have done always. They are in south Africa but is completely separate from south Africa. If people look at a map they will see exactly what I'm talking about. They operate like they are a country on its own. Just asking.

Raheem Rahman : Talking loud and saying nothing

Marius Herbst : no matter what he says or what anyone says.The fact is the government is not able to run the country...They were not made slaved

Joe Soap : This turkey is as biased as they come on US politics why would anyone believe anything he has to say on any other topic, he has zero credibility!

rodwell muparutsa : Apartheid was never a good system . Only whites who has a privileged position during that time long for apartheid. How does one long for such a system

The Anarcho–Nazbol Inquisition : Yes, yes they were.

Leo Bat : Where do the tools to fish come from in the first place?

Hansi135 : It's simple question, there is a simple answer: The factual truth is the whole country was unfortunately much better off under apartheid. By the way Trevor Noah keeps saying people were enslaved, but slavery was already abolished on 1 December, 1834. Oh yeah and I think I should become a fisherman now because then I will be able to live forever...

Conchita Mendez : Actually this sensation, "we had it easier when we were not free", is something very common in post-communist Europe too.

Veziley Kerzoyayev : I knew Trevor Noah won't be able to answer her properly and he'd lose every debate with a White South African any day.About the fishing quote this the real scenario in South Africa. Black South Africans want all the fishing tools owned by White South Africans of which they worked hard for and if the black South Africa still won't be able to catch the fish then they'd blame it on white South Africans