2nd 1st Farewell Their Fallen Comrades With A Huge Haka

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TJ LSU DAD : There are no words to describe this - and I from New Orleans where we make funerals an event. This is the most powerful show of respect and love I have ever witnessed. Thank you for exposing me to this beautiful culture.

shekel goblin : Respect from Australia, our Kiwi brothers!

Elvis Calzone : When they go silent, that's when it really hits you.

Слобода Или Смрт : First time in my life that I see haka,on the first view it was confusing and have to say taught it was primitive. But looking at it over and over again I started to feel emotions,energy and pride of haka. This is not just some huga/buga chant how it is represented on TV. I am from warrior people too and I have huge respect for tradition and amenities ,beautiful to see guys continuing centuries old rite of ancestors. Greetings and respect from Serbia.

Ioan Edwards : Was it not Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington who said of his men; "I don't know what they do to the enemy, but they frighten me to death"? Had to watch this again today, I lost my father this morning, he was 87. R.I.P. Dad. Sorry we don't do the haka in Wales, you would have deserved one!!

MrOnionterror : I wish we had something like the haka in British culture. It seems like a good outlet for grief, something physical and formal that lets you shout at the top of your lungs. Also obviously an amazing send off.

grant lionello : I also sent friends home in boxes when i was in Afghanistan with the 2nd CEB, United States Marines in Helmund and Kandahar provinces. Watching this video makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and tears come to my eyes !! It is obvious to me that these men come from a warrior culture where fallen soldiers are given the proper respect, not to mention one fantastic sendoff,  and although I never met a New Zelander while in the service, I have a profound respect and admiration for them. I would really love to see the haka of other NZ branches/divisions.

Jacob Goss : respect from TEXAS US Army 1997-2006 2 Iraqs - lost many of brothers out there

Khaleesi : Not from NZ, but I can just sense the emotion behind this. Almost made me cry.

Michael A : Wow, gives me chills, almost have no words, but... *THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR DEFENDING THE CIVILIZED WORLD AGAINST DARKNESS* Respect from BRAZIL

nick kohai : It's sad reading the comments especially the ones that talk about the White people in the haka I'm a proud Maori of tuhoe and Ngati kahungungu in saying that nz is a racially diverse country and it shouldn't matter what colour our troops are just as long as they do wat is asked wich is not to question why but to do or die like any other soldier so respect to all New Zealanders and especially to our defence force rip to our fallen May God be with you

Edward Finnemore : I feel very humble having just experienced this amazing show of respect. WHAT A PROUD PEOPLE YOU ARE   NEW ZEALAND...RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT

Derek Collins : Now THAT is how you send off a comrade. Amazing stuff.

Spencer Grange : Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. For them who give there life. You will never be forgotten. You will forever walk among us.

United Computers : It is no wonder that we Australians are proud to have New Zealanders as our friends in peace and our comrades in war. With ANZAC day approaching, I found this video moving.

Matthias Kopp : Wow! This display of deep respect sent shivers down my spine and i sheaded tears. The more hakas i see, the more i feel impressed by your history and the power of your nation. I wish, i'll be able to see a true Haka once in my lifetime. All the best from Germany.

themanclaw2 : Wow! When you usually watch group chants or dances, it all seems artificial. This was the exact opposite. I saw raw emotion in their movements and sounds; true passion in reverence of the fallen.

Christian Santana : this would be the best response to Westboro bapstist church picketing

Серж Смайлов : Real warriors.

AKF Nielsen : You dont need words for this... Just look .. And feel

Andrew McLaren : Two details really hit me ... one guy kneels at the front right corner of the hearse, his hand on the bonnet as the crowd come forward. And the escort in the ghillie suit - silent, still, an impassive cipher, but armed and ready ... keeping guard over his mate.

JCmacDavid : My dad was a warrior, US Special Forces (Green Beret), I wish we had something like this for our warriors. Taps is haunting and brings up many emotions but the Haka is the way to send a warrior off.  My dad worked with the New Zealand special forces and great respect for them.  When you have a warrior culture you get warriors.

Stu W : oh man whos cutting onions in here?

Tharsis Rise : This is a very primal fear that this strikes in me.

Leopold M Llonch : Thank you for posting this poignant and very impressive tradition. I'm a U.S. Army veteran and have worked with the New Zealand SAS in the past. You have my highest respect and admiration.

AJ Othwal : Much respect to Kiwis from Indian Army. Till VALHALLA.

David Houchen : how can people dislike this there showing respect to there fallen keep fighting the fight from an ex British serviceman

Neal McBeal The Navy Seal : What gets me is the heavy silence when they are done. So much power. Sends chills up my spine. What a send off for this soldier.

Raymond02ish : I am an American Soldier that spent time with crib 21 in Bamyan, Afghanistan. They showed me nothing but respect. I also gained so much respect for their Army and Soldiers. May these fallen warriors rest in peace. May god bless my New Zealand brothers and sisters in arms.

paul davies : i respect  you  all , from a  welsh person !! just watched  it again , and  cried !!  the quiet at the end is breathtaking !!

Officer TNation : The NZ Army Has The Bests Hakas

Jodi Hodgetts : Teaching my Joey Scouts about the Haka this week as a part of our "Round the World in one term" program... while it would have been easy for me to show them the All Blacks at the beginning of a game, I specifically looked for this video. The level of intense emotion makes this a far more powerful teaching tool and will stick in the minds of my young people far longer. Thank you NZDefenceForce for sharing this beautiful and personal moment with us all. Jodi "Froggy" Hodgetts AJSL 1st Penguin Scout Group, Tasmania

Cellar Door : New Zealand may you never ever change!!

Dave Curtis : Overwhelming. New Zealand soldiers are legendary for their loyalty, strength and bravery in battle. You can see why.

FinleyMcB : I've watched this a dozen times but tonight I'm tears. I live away from NZ now and I miss my people. I understand what something like this means and it's truly beautiful. Incredible.

spasjt : A most excellent way to release all of one's emotions in a fitting, honorable and powerful way.

Joel Whitaker : Let this lot do this, weapons in hand, in front of ISIS and there wouldn't be a problem any more.

José Matos : New Zealand might well be the best nation in the world. Thank you for being you.

Juan Ramon Cedeno : True Warriors showing respect to their fallen brothers. Thank you for that video, it hit me hard. God bless.

chiten tb : I know I should be studying but I can't stop watching one haka video after another. such an awesome tradition.

Ken Flask : Proud people and a fitting send-off

Jamac007 : Farewell fit for any king!

Lucian Dinu : Respect New Zealand from Romania

Illyria : In Albania we have a similar warrior war cry called "Gjama e Burrave", meaning "Terrible event of men".

Nick R. : Respect from an ARMY 11B, Infantry vet. You guys have an incredible brotherhood.

HypHypHyp : Chills down the spine. So primal and intense. 

Agnese Balsamini : That's pure energy. Every funeral should deserve this precious thing

dbauernf : FML this makes me cry every single time. Respect guys.

Barry Leach : I am a veteran of Viet Nam...and I'm crying like fking schoolgirl. God you New Zealanders have so much to love about you....I wish my fking nation had the unity and love and spirit of you...I pray..long after all the great idiotic powers of the world have destroyed one another...I pray New Zealand rises and teaches the world how to live in harmony.

Sassy Sasquatch : New Zealand shouldn't be fighting in foreign wars and having their men die