House Of The Rising Sun - Julia Westlin

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L Akaraka : Good song. It is very beautiful and wonderful. Thank you for the video🌹

superhunk1989 : This is a very, very beautiful cover. Love it soooooooo much.

Сергей Сульдин : желаю всем мира любви и счастья

Jeff Almeida : *Soooo calm and beautiful, like you Juu!!* 😍😍 Thanks God you are very well.. goood news! 😀 *Sing Flashlight from Jessie J, on the next video Juuuu!!*

MattRach : Wow! fiiiiiiiiire

Beyond Midgar : Please do Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru. A choral arrangement by you would be magical. I can guarantee you would get a HUGE influx of Kingdom Hearts fans.

Edward Webber : Everything is so pleasant to listen to ...a pleasure to hear all the words....MAGIC !!!

Collin Hauer : I Love That Song Thank You I look forward to hearing More from you Please if you can Sing Jolene by Dolly Pardon for Me😘😘😘

lord byron : I am more and more astonished by your every new acapella...this song is not so easy to cover and yet you do it with suche an ease :) I'm really glad that I'm following your channel :) keep being apsolutely briliant

Fil Orlov : Шикарно ))

Rick78 : Very Good!!! I like your voice^^ Greetings from Argentina!!

David MeShow : Love it Love it Love it!!! ;-))) You are a real Angel!

Emmanuel Livenais : Yeah! Absolutely fabulous!!!<3

Hades _1968 : Fantasy as always.any chance of doing “stairway to heaven”?

Branimir Fabek : I know what'd sound great sung by you. Sinead O'Connor: " Nothinng compares 2 u"! How about that? (Don't make me beg on my knees :-p !)

Cosmoslogic : You have just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snow tear : Wow keep going girl Love your songs ☺😉

Jeremi Vogel : Beautiful cover! I would love to hear you cover "The sound of silence" by Simon & Garfunkel, because your epic talent mixed with such a great song would be breathtaking!

Luiz Virgilio : Amazing, i love it.

Anton v.Stiphout : As always................perfect

Ludo 87 : Toujours aussi agréable à écouter , j'adore merci .

T Oakman : This is fantastic! I grew up on this as a small child but this arrangement is so haunting like it should be! Great work!

simoncroatia : Hi, Great singing, thank you for sharing it with us. I would love to hear you sing "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.

EleanorMae Lawson : Yaaaaaaaaaay

David Pumar : I love it

ultrasonic1966 : B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!

Grzegorz Tarczyński : Wow 😮 😍 amazing cover 🎶 👍 Thx Julia 👩 for this ♪ 🌹🌺♥️

Bob Shanks : An angel can sound so haunting. Stunningly awesome as always. Highlight of my week by far. I’d love to hear you sing ‘Everybody hurts’ or ‘Brighteyes’ theme from Watership Down.

Jeff Mills : This is one of my favorite songs. It's so lovely to hear your version.

Paul O : Nice job, House of the Rising Sun is actually an old folk song, The Animals did do the most popular cover though, for now at least..

Ryan Smith : Simply amazing!! David is a bad ass on that guitar. Perfect match

Mihaly Csontos : Dear * J * U * L * I * A * ! Beautiful and nice ! ;-) Bravo !!!

Jean François Jeff : The voice is always excellent, the accompaniment too .Bravo still a nice performance, it's not the one I prefer, however, what do you think amazine grace!

danuta kaszmir : Julia - you have an incredibly beautiful voice ... I can listen to and listen to and enjoy your covers ... my congratulations ... best regards ...

Able Flounder : I hope you're feeling better again; I can't tell by your singing and acting. This cover comes with a lot of feeling. Love your dress BTW.

Bruce Lie : Julia westlin Your Absolutely beautiful, Have amazing voice & One of a kind your Awesome ♥♥ :)

Truth Seeker : I Love it Julia and David!!! :) I really like this version :). I sure hope to hear you cover "The Sound Of Silence" :) I know you would do a great job on it !!! :) Thanks y'all (I'm from Texas in the United States) :)

mas2477 : Beautiful! The sound has filled my room to the last corner. Thank You! SUB of course :)

Matt Wilson : Absolutely fantastic cover. The tap with the boot was a very nice touch.

radarw64 : I sooooo LOVE it! My mom used to sing all of us kids to sleep to that song in the '70s. I am very glad you did not do the version where the guy is screaming lol. also the boot effect was very creative.

Sean Wilson : -but can we get lyrics?- wait, never mind. you said "there is a house in New Orleans" 😅 (i thought it was Sin City 😕)

Alydar : Julia: "A Million on my Soul" - with your amazing ability to harmonize and acapella talents, you would ROCK that song! You two are awesome!

rendlemans : Another awesome song you knocked it out of the park "HOME RUN" Can I suggest another song "Bob Dylan Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

Magyckman : Beautiful all around!!! Thanks for posting it.

08221944 : As always great, thanks for the video! Great rendition of this song. Heading up girl!

Pedro Pascua : An incredible voice for a wonderful song, floating over a cristal clear arrangement.....just usual ;-) Thanks for sharing such a beatiful sounds with the world.

kevinlortie54 : Y’all did this old classic justice. The vocals are choice (as always), but the guitar and the keyboard added a wonderful flavor too.

andrew armstrong : Hauntingly beautiful 😉. .how about the Elvis version of You Don't know me....recorded for the Movie Viva Las Vegas. ...a Brilliant song. ...have a listen 😉😎

Aimee's stories : i wish you made cover .. of one of BTS's songs ♥ try - singularity -

Christian Rodriguez : Another great cover 👍keep them coming !