Who's idea was this ?
Who is beside Taco Bell

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I went to discount tire in mount Juliet TN. to get a replacement for my daughters car, what I experienced that day was crazy, funny, yet I'm still mad at the asshole who did this.


Toobula : A 100% TEXTBOOK example of why you should shoot in landscape orientation.

goldstanza Austin : grass looks good, who ever does the vertical edging it came out great

Francisco Navarro : That gold chain tho!

walkin dude : nice bleached spiky hair large gold chain combo.

Graeson Maddox : I blame Taco Bell

650jdb : This feels like I am in church, listening to a sermon. It's great.

cody crook : Hey mount juliet, tn... Im right next to there in gallatin js

Jehred Frost : this is pretty epic

RonUSMC : Thanks. I started to laugh when they said "next door to Taco Bell.." and you replied "I know!" haha.

MadJack GamingandFitness : Where the customers confusion is very validated.

goltoof : I like the way you talk..

Tim Pedersen : Soooo... did you get some tacos?

kaelside : This was so much funnier than I expected. Ha ha!

MickHornbak : Best. Accent. Ever.

Mur Doc : This sounds like a Southpark Cartman story.

epiphoney2 : Who's on first?

Snake Plissken : Google translate was unable to translate this video for me. I have no idea what this guy was saying.

BILLSTMAXX : The cool thing is.. You'll get screwed at both places... Go for taco

LockDOTspot : What kind of asswhole would do this?

33predsfan : Tire Discounters is really bad they offer more services but they do not know how to do them. Discount tire is the way to go

Pepe Master : I love how you talk

jsogman : I blame Dr. Strange for this

Jeffrey Fite : Almost every TireDiscounter has been built within a block of Discount Tires in middle TN. Their business model seems to rely on confusion. I work for the pipe supply company that supplied most of the pipe and fixtures in all of these locations. If you google TireDiscounter and look at maps, you'll see discount tire beside most of them.

Eric Ortiz : Kinda got a Mitch Hedberg vibe going on here

BLacKNesMonsTaz : hahahahahaahahahaaa thanks!

bcourter82 : Florida Man

FJ80Coop : Hahahahaaa!!

Jason Thomas : yea, but Who is on first?!?!

Jordan Link : Hilarious XD

chico1776 : This has made my entire day. Thank you.

Maindrian Pace : So who had the best prices?

nevr gvp : LOOKEN HEAR , BRO thats some funny shi@#* you really mad me LOL THAX I NEEDED THAT!! O YEA THAT GRASS LOOKen TIGHT.... you must be florida it looks clean there..

McCrissy1 : Golden

Fatlum Gajtani : There has to be an even funnier story of why that is. Feuding brothers?

rj31789 : Poor Zoning

Jimmy Cornhole : Someone sent the link to this video in a call of duty chat box with no context and I have no idea why

kick ODEON : lol thought he was black

Gabja : Someone should animate this and the speaker

netmatrix75 : Dude!!! You do not look like you sound!!!

Justin Rogers : I said damn it this is discount tire!!!!!! Lmao!!!

Scott Robson : The real surprise was at the end. I thought you were black.

TheVJProduction : of course he has frosted tips

8w9hf89hw : This must be half of the employees job.

Kenny x : That was funny.

Tay K The Comment Stealer : LMAooo TireDiscount DiscountTire wtf I'd hope they're along the same brand or something

Darko7 : Dat chain though.

Jeff Baker : I used to do drugs. I still do 'em, but I used to do 'em too.

Kyder Dogd : Hes a goof... don't even know how to hold a camera...

jazon345 : As opposed to an asshalf