Why Internet Piracy is on the Rise Again and how to Fix It

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The Bevan Ward Show : G'day cobbers. Let me know what you think of the video and what other first world problems you'd like me to solve.

Maybe Rayy : I hate it when I can't watch something just because I live in Australia. By the time you can watch something over here you've already had it spoiled for you online.

Dane Jordan : Hululu

B. Winky : How do you not own a DVD player?!? I understand DVDs are poop quality and not worth the money... But you don't have any PC or Gaming console that has an optical drive?!? Seriously the Wii could play DVDs

Coffee and Nuance : Excellent video, as always. Some of the best shows and movies I've seen are unavailable in my country. This will eventually get sorted out, once someone figures out how to make more money from it. Bevan- are you using plugins like VidIQ and TubeBuddy to explore how others are tagging their videos to get the most traffic? These free services can really help you learn the best practices for how to label, tag, and title videos for the best chance of showing up in the algorithm. I tell you this, because I think your videos are great and I want them to be seen by a wider audience. If you have any questions, hit me up.

Kataroku : You can also borrow movies and TV series boxsets from your local library - for free, even. Won't help you much without a physical player though.

Asher Burns : Solid points, mate.

dbrownsd : It's not as much about the cost of Neflix or Prime, of the fact that some shows I had to pay per episode. I quit pirating because Netflix and Hulu made it more convenient for me to get the content. Sure I lost some, but I was overall OK with that. Now I'm paying $15 / mo for Netflix, $11 / mo for Hulu, whatever we want to split from my prime membership for that cost.. Oh, want the new Star Trek? Add $8 / mo for CBS's streaming service. Now Disney is starting to pull their IP from streamers ahead of starting their own streaming service. Several other networks are starting to look at their own service. Next thing you know we're looking at paying more for all these different streaming services than a high tier cable package, and the management of all those different accounts, and the convenience / cost factor is gone. The industry did it to themselves. Ahoy matey.

Baron Blueberry : Love the video and love the content here. Looking forward to more and seeing what else you will put out. Can you attempt to solve the issue of rising rental prices due to the lack of housing thanks to the increase of AirBnB conversions or lack there of.

Raitis Veinbahs : How exactly is thepiratebay.org down?

Abdullah Sediqi : When people pull their movies off Netflix I refuse to pay for it since they are being greedy

humanix : "These are sites you definitely shouldn't go to.. without a vpn" I lol'd

Josh Brandyberry : I will never subscribe or give money to a streaming service that forces me to watch ads once the show has started. HBO NOW is a bit different because they have some creative ads for their own programming for the first minute or so, and I can skip past it. If I were to watch Game of Thrones Season 1 right before Ned lost a head, but it cut to commercial.... *aneurysm*. I would pirate it all day long every day. Instead Netflix and HBO NOW do it right enough that I'll pay $15 to watch those releases as they're released and without ads. Lol... on HBO Now.... they are going to lose a shit ton on money if they don't get a GoT replacement after season 8 if over.

WXSEDY : I think you're missing a bigger picture here (not to be punful). You don't seem to want to acknowledgement a fundamental known fact when it comes to a free economy - supply and demand. Quite simply, these "unreasonable" rates will continue and probably even get worse as long as there are people able and willing to PAY them. Remember: You can't legislate common sense. You can only legislate consequences when people fail to use common sense or allow nature to take it's course (& let them go broke to where they CAN'T pay). So what are we "reasonable" people supposed to do about it? Impose laws/rules/mandates on prices that someone like you (or me) says is reasonable? No! About the only "solution" is to shame people who pay those over priced amounts in hopes that they use what little common sense they might have and stop paying (and perhaps not allow monopolies to exist too). Though I'm pretty sure there will be considerable blow back when any shaming begins because no one wants to admit or be exposed for being stupid -- nor turn off those (needless) electronic drugs! And when you think about it, how stupid is it to stare are a glowing box for hours on end anyway? I might even say, think outside the box! Because thinking inside (the box) is not made for thinking.

Macario Patrick : What is this guy talking about? I don't remember piracy ever being on the decline.

kikowatzy1 : "Wait between 3 weeks and never", LOL that's hilarious =)

gusugsugus : wait.. you use a vpn to illegally stream it, when you can use the vpn to just buy it from amazon us? huh?

Annie Edison : never pay for media.

Litteral Shoe : hate living in a developed country and having worse Internet than Africa

SuperWolfkin : But your computer can play dvds. You can ripe them.super easy with handbrake and.then plex to your.tv. I vehemently disagree with you suggestion that you needed to buy a dvd player -------------- Online prices for digital episodes are insane and renting digital sucks. Blockbuster let me rent for a whole week now I only get 24 hours. It's insane.