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Millennial Angst Slime

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Jabroni Mike shares the recipe for Millennial Angst Slime while oversharing his thoughts and opinions. *This is a work of satire! (Mostly.)* Jabroni_Mike Highlight Channel: Jabroni_Mike Full Streams: Twitch: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Channel Art By Living Tar Jabroni Mike Intro Graphic by Piergaming


Jabroni Mike : So i seen some arguing in the comments. I should leave it up to interpretation but I feel like i might not have done a great job of getting my idea across. I ended it the way I did to express that sometimes we (millennials yea but not really exclusively) get so focused on how the world is against us that it distracts us from what's in front of us. And what we're likely to do is blame even that on something else, because sometimes we have a hard time accepting that some of our shitty situations are our own fault. At least I know I've been guilty of that. Now, none of this is to say that any of what I said earlier in the video isn't true - I absolutely believe most of it, and i get pissed about it - but the boomer vs. millennial shit is obviously a very nuanced topic, and in the video I am both simplifying complex things and exaggerating simple things for comedic effect. As to whether I am "bashing" anyone, the answer is no, i was trying to make something that people could laugh at while seeing something of themselves in it. Except Mike Rowe. I was absolutely bashing Mike Rowe. (Honestly nothing against Mike Rowe. I remember once getting annoyed because I saw an interview where he was talking about how working for free is essential for breaking into an industry, and I despise that whole philosophy. IMO people should be paid for their time and labor, end of story. But I agree with him on some other shit, so whatever.)

Firecat1311 : as an angsty millennial pile of slime, I support this video

Buntime : Is Mike going to be ok

uthertheking : 5 Ways Millenials Ruined Slime.

JojoEatsFlan : Millenial fucking icon

PokeCatTH-P : This video was absolutely hysterical, I was laughing so hard I cried. Your video ideas are super creative and funny (even with the mix of reality) and I can't wait to see more

stupify97222 : Ahh the quality content that I subscribed for. Beautiful.

King Toasty : I've never been hit with reality while laughing so hard

TheMH06 : Uncle Mike's gonna have a hernia at this rate :(

Crust : Mike, didn't work because you didn't add salt. You need at least 5 sprigs of salt

86 : Glad to know that you're feeling good

WiteNite : If you just stopped spending money on avocado toast, you could afford a house and car by 25. Smh

Sick2day : Stir whip stir whip whip whip stir, come on, all together now, MAKING SLIME CAN BE FUN, STIR WHIP STIR WHIP WHIP WHIP STIR BANG BANG

Martha Smith : This is my soul in video form. Thank you.

S0ci0stan : I can't explain why, but hearing Mike rant is pretty relaxing for some reason. That's not to say I'm not in a similar position because believe me, I'm pretty much fucked six ways from Sunday. It's just nice to hear from someone with conviction every once in a while.

Real Meat : I feel like mike is trying to tell us something


Ivo Nandakrithe : Mike, pls rember.

MissIzayaCupcake : Mike you showed us how to make slime, but can you show us how to make a slime girl????

TommyButtz : The voice of a generation

Vinny Bentley : Mike please we're worried

mitsk2002 : Looking at the comments, it seems to me that there are the people who are in the same boat and can relate, and then there are the people who are not in the same boat and are all "Whoa, calm down, dude." Unaware financially privileged asscunts.

Nebbys : Need more 💿HOLO💿(promises that boomers did not keep) Thanks for wasting $5 a week on worthless lotto tickets instead of giving me any sort of college funds, dad.

George Wilson : 21st Century Blues Why is it that civilized humanity Can make the world so wrong? In this hurly-burly of insanity Our dreams cannot last long.

Will Fox : I fear for Mike's mental health.

Flame Heart : hmmmm that noose is looking pretty good right now

NuclearSmellZone : I was so confused until i realized i have a chrome extension that changes "millenials" to "snake people"

Skinny McGee : it's rare that I immediately rewind a video to watch it again but that's exactly what I just did


Mugiwara Lee : This is the most accurate video on YouTube I think.

David Little : Mike, are you okay?

Iramel : i know this is almost last year but you merely forgot to add depression ( eye drop solution) it really brings it all togehter

Dragan232 : Oh shit, Mike Rowe's opinion was great *Double* *oh* *shit* the "mental health defense mechanism" was beautiful

Grape Nuyo [Hastagazpatcho] : Mike are you okay buddy

Blockistic : This is legitimately beautiful art.

pee mcpoopants : dude sounds like the dad from F is for Family when he yells 😂

Luxray Volt 989 : I'd be laughing if this weren't so true

Spooky Boy : ...thank you reddit

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GreenJacket : What is it with Mikes? -Jabroni Mike -Mike Rowe -Mike Love -Mike Stoklasa -Mike Mattei -Mike from Red Vox

atur chomicz : Wow in europe my situation is completley diffrent

Brave SJ : What's wrong with Mike Rowe the only thing I've ever heard of him doing besides TV is some scholarship program for trade schools and advice on not getting a bachelor's degree in underwater basket weaving

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