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Darth Biomech : What actually baffles me in this, is that his wife RETURNED to him. Did she missed being beated and violated?

The Shed : I guess he just couldn't truly grasp his situation

Lord Hood : This is the reason why lobsters have tape over their claws

Sonny. : I'd beat the shit out of this freak if he tried to crawl up on me, straight up stamp his head in

Anahi Aguilera : Moral of story: If all those lobster dudes can get laid, then so can you.

Max Maidment : A guy with lobster hands has a wife and i cant get a text back?

Just Another Fanboy : Horrific abuser kills innocent man - house arrest Man hires a hit man to kill abusing father - life in prison You know, justice.


ThatDigitalChameleon : be disabled get away with murder... murder to save lives... go to jail... makes sense.

MrBackhouse36 : Ok so killing a man who threatened the health of you family gets you a life sentence, but killing a guy in cold blood gets you 15 year probation?.. ok american judicial system that makes sense...

DANNY M : grady should be put alive in a boiling pot of water then served with a side of butter to his family.

Imperial Drift : Im imagining this guy was flopping on the floor getting to his victim

Vasectomy Fail : lobster boy had a wife and kids, and i'm just sitting here all nice, generous, loving, fully fingered, socially awkward and alone.

patheticgirl83 : American Horror Story anyone?

ThePoorMansButter : Oh yeah, lobster boy gets probation for murdering in cold blood and is released back him to continue his abuse, but his family guys life sentences for finally doing something about it? Gotta uphold the integrity of the justice system aye!

J. Grimace : Can you feel it now Mr.Crabs???

Holland Carson : Harry is a victim. The justice system failed them all by letting him go home. ridiculous.

Korak Bhattacharyya : What the hell is wrong with the American Judicial system, "Not equipped to handle Grady Stills"? Just throw him into Solitary confinement , with just enough food to keep him alive, honestly, we need the High Sparrows (GoT it anyone?)

Samuel Schrader : So how does he play Xbox??

Saloz94 : a crab man beats his family for years and kills a man in cold blood gets off free, but those who took down the monster get time. Man the court system can really suck at times. If anything this monster death was to quick.

SpareSomeChange321 : After losing the Krusty Krab, Mr Krabs resorted to a life of crime.

Kayla Djeje : Imagine how disturbing it would be for a man to fling himself out of his wheelchair and viciously and quickly crawl at you.. jeez

Flo : "Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about" Ahhhhh....memories 👀

Jude Mcklunky Lewis : if he got of his wheelchair started crawling towards my id be getting my ass out of his house

Tokuijin : It speaks volumes as to how much of a sack of shit Grady was that no one would even go to his funeral, let alone carry his casket.

NeeCee Kittrell : Dude this guy is a demon!!! Sliding in the floor like that!!

Jahira Sterling : Ahhhh now i understand AHS freakshow lobster boy was based of this story 🙏🏾🤔👑

Der Jaeger : 2:46 BIG MEATY CLAWS!

Sarah Weese : his son is actually very nice. we have a few mutual friends on facebook who play magic card games together.

Powder : So an abusive, drunk, rapist gets parole after a murder and a couple of people that killed him got jail. Thanks America

Envious Green : Why not boil the Lobster Boy?

inFamousVonVirus : Bet his handjobs were interesting

Plgle Dyb : I've met the daughter she use to work at a pet store near my house in Florida

Kimberly Gawne : I should hope that if someone with ectrodactyly approached anybody here, you all would be decent human beings and give the individual some help. I actually know a man like this. Comes thru my drive thru on the regular, and HE'S driving. With his wife in the passenger seat and his kids in the back. Just because someone has a physical deformity doesn't make them a bad or a helpless person. I know Grady Stiles is the exception...hence this video. Just had to put my two cents in. :)

Justin Feddema : How could Grady even shoot a gun though?

Bitch : This isn't Mr. Krabbs or the Krusty Krabb

Naruto : Oh wow, so the man abuses women, and purposefully kills a man, possibly 1st degree style because he most likely invited him over, oh 15 years probation, HOWEVER, killing the man who abused the children and wife gives ALL of them jail time.

Discount Milk : *B I G M E A T Y C L A W S*

RebornBySin : this is what zoidberg would look like if he was human, and evil.

Miranda Killer : Being in the sideshow world I've actually met & talked with Grady Jr. Given his past he's a great guy & a great father.

Tommy Clark : When you have a condition like this and it's understood that your children have an extremely HIGH chance of having the same deformity, you DO NOT procreate and have children but rather adopt.  WTF was this guy doing pumping out children anyway?  People like this always pissed me off, whether they were good people or not.  "Oh, but Tommy, if someone has a deformity they still have the same right to have children like everyone else."  WRONG, it's a selfish act if you know your children will have these types of issues and will most likely be ridiculed throughout life.  The world it a very cruel place, but some people just don't seem to get that.

Emma Notman : how the hell did he shoot a gun?

agizzy23 : 90% of these comments are BIG MEATY CLAWS

Aiden Messenger : BIG MEATY CLAWS

Exalted Naava : For some reason I read the title as "THE KILLA LOBSTA BOY"

Thomas Bellardine : BIG MEATY CLAWS

Dawid Cz : I know its controversial but mutants shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, its just child abuse IMO.

The Scarlet Shepherd : what I find almost intriguing about this person is the fact that he views his deformity more as a power trip instead of a crutch. Most people with deformities usually live their whole lives with low self esteem, or strive to work past their conditions. This man is almost the polar opposite, and it seems like the money he earned of being a side show lead him to build up quite an ego and superiority complex. He view his appendages as a way to control people. Having drinking problems probably only worsened the situation. Not sure if this was in place, but aren't there any rules/laws/medical practices that prevent people with deformities/disabilities from having alcohol in the first place? It just seems like a bad idea to me, but I could be wrong

Yoshi YTP : We were at the circus Everybody was watching the show Somebody went out and found a killer. But it wasn't a killer, it was a Killer LOBSTER!. Killer Lobster. Killer Losbter Killer Lobster Killer Lobster

Fuck Face : I be like what you going to do with them BIG MEATY CLAWS!!?